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Will Black Ops 3 Be Good? Impressions from the Beta

will black ops 3 be good

The question that many of you will be wondering about at the moment is “Will Black Ops 3 be good?”, as you need to know whether this next Call of Duty game is really for you.

In this post, I will try and answer all of the questions that you might have about the game, but if there’s something you’re still not sure about, please do not hesitate to leave your question down in the comments section at the bottom of the post!

The Movement System – What is it Like?

I think that the movement system in Black Ops 3 is more alike the movement system in Black Ops 2 than it is with any other Call of Duty, which on one hand isn’t surprising, as the game has been developed by the same company, but on the other hand one would probably assume that it would be similar to the movement in Advanced Warfare, since Black Ops 3 is to be the most futuristic Call of Duty yet.

Yes, Black Ops 3 does have even more complicated movement than Advanced Warfare, but it is a lot more subtle, as you can see in the video by Call of Duty below:

Okay, so now that you’ve seen all of the new different types of movement in Black Ops 3 from the video, I’ll explain to you how exactly they work and why I think they are a brilliant addition to the game.

But before I jump into explaining the more complex features of the new movement system, you’ll be glad to know that you now automatically have unlimited sprint in Black Ops 3!

The Power Meter – The Way of Limiting Your Movement

Before you start thinking that all of these new movements could be really over-powered, as they call of duty black ops 3 thrust metercould just be constantly used, I’ll tell you about the power meter.

Basically, the power meter limits the amount of these special movements that can be used in a short space of time. This is shown be a small white bar which appears on your screen; if it is full, it indicates that you are able to use special movement.

After it runs out, it will re-fill itself in a matter of seconds, which isn’t long, but it prevents excessive using of jumping and sliding etc, causing most of the main combat to be based on the ground.

Nearly everybody that I have talked to that has played the Black Ops 3 beta agrees that the special movements are not similar to the Exo movements in Advanced Warfare and are not an ‘essential’ part of the game, but more like an addition. They are mainly used to get around the map quicker.

Thrust Jump – (Not an Exo Boost)

Do not get this mixed up with the Exo boost from Advanced Warfare; it’s no where near as extreme.

A cool feature about the thrust jump, is that you can decide exactly how high you can boost (within proportion). On the Xbox for example, the longer you hold the ‘A’ button for, the higher you will go, but the limit as to how high you can go is still a lot lower than Advanced Warfare, and the boost itself is slower.

Few gunfights take place in the air as a result of thrust jumping, as most gunfights take place on the ground instead! In my opinion, I think the thrust jump is a big improvement from the Exo boosts in Advanced Warfare.

The Power Slide – A Bigger and Better Slide

I’m sure you guys all know what the regular slide is, as it was in both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. To be honest, the power slide in Black Ops 3 isn’t all that different.

However, I believe that you can slide for a little longer than you could in the past Call of Duty’s and you can also slide sideways and backwards, which is the most exciting thing about the power slide in my opinion.

It does use the power meter as well, so that it can’t be used excessively, which helps to balance the game.

The Wall Run – Yes, Just Like Titan Fall

The wall run is definitely the music unique movement ability that has been in Call of Duty so far, butwill black ops 3 be good we have seen it before in Titan Fall.

However, unlike the wall run in Titan Fall, the feature feels a lot more smooth in Black Ops 3, as walls aren’t just there for the sake of being there and it really does help to open up even more ways of getting round the map and flanking your enemies, thus making gameplay more exciting than ever!

A cool feature about the wall run is that you can fire your weapon whilst doing it, which can be really useful, but on the downside, there is no cover whilst doing a wall run, and if you fall, you will fall to your death.

Movement Chains – Cool Movement Combinations

Another thing that I love about the Black Ops 3 movement system is that there are some really cool movement chains that you can use.

What I mean by this is using one movement feature that then flows into another. For example, you can do a thrust jump, which then lands into a power slide, or you could do a wall run which then goes to a thrust jump.

Especially in competitive play on Black Ops 3,  I think these movement chains could prove to be vital. It is important to remember, though, that there is still the power meter and therefore using these movement chains may not always be possible, depending on how full your meter is.

Also, you wouldn’t be able to do a big thrust jump and then land into a power slide, as a big thrust jump will temporarily empty your power meter, so it’s all about using the appropriate movement combinations depending on the situation that you are in!

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All New Specialists – Completely New to Call of Duty!

call of duty black ops 3 specialists

Specialist character called “Spectre”.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer, you are required to play as a specialist character each

game! There are a total of 9 specialist characters to choose from, each of which have their own special ability, special weapon, unique voice and a background story. I suspect they may also have some involvement in the campaign!

However, when playing as a specialist, you can only use either their special weapon or ability, not both! Special weapons or abilities only last a short amount of time, but they recharge as the game goes on, so you can usually use them a couple of times each game!

When I first heard about specialists in Call of Duty, I must admit, I was feeling a bit sketchy, but I think Treyarch have generally done a great job at implementing them into the game. I think they really do a good job of introducing more strategy and fun to the game, although, in my opinion, a couple of them need to be nerfed!

If you’re interested in knowing what some of the specialists can do, here is a video from TmarTn explaining them:

Intricately Designed Three-Lane Maps!

Despite having only seen 4 of the maps in Black Ops 3, I am already very impressed with them and can’t wait to see the rest!is black ops 3 worth buying

The graphics on them look beautiful and more realistic than we’ve seen before in any Call of Duty and I generally really like the designs of the ones I’ve seen so far. My personal favorite out of the maps we’ve seen so far is called Hunted!

Also, for the first time in Call of Duty history, you can now participate in underwater gunfights, on maps where this is water, such as where the waterfall is on Hunted. Trust me when I say this – they’re awesome!

Treyarch have also said that most of the Black Ops 3 maps are designed to be three-lane maps, meaning that the gameplay generally funnels down three pathways, which sounds good to me, as these maps are generally known to be good for competitive play and often turn out to be fan favorites!

Furthermore, I’m sure many of you will be happy to know that Nuketown will be returning in Black Ops 3 as a pre-order bonus, with some alterations made to the map to suit the new movement system in Black Ops 3!

Zombies Returns – What Will Change?

Zombies will of course be returning to Black Ops 3, which is great since is it such a fan-favorite mode and is a lot of fun!

Zombies in Black Ops 3 will of course bring new maps, new characters, a new story line, new weapons and new perks. But they’re all things we’ve seen in zombies in the past two Black Ops games. Will anything be new?

will black ops 3 zombies be goodThe ‘Gumball Machine’ – Random Power Ups?

This mysterious ‘gumball machine’ that we’ve seen in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombies trailer has finally had some details leaked about it!

Although we do not yet know how exactly you can get these gumballs or whether you can choose which ones to get, we do know that each one provides some sort of special ability.

For example, here are a few of them:

  • Sword Flay – x5 multiplier on melee damage. (lasts 5 minutes)
  • Stock Option – Do not need to reload weapon. (lasts 5 minutes)
  • In Plain Sight – Zombies will ignore you for 10 seconds. (Can be activated once)
  • I’m Feeling Lucky – Spawns a random power up. (Player activated)

You can check out the rest of the power ups that have been leaked in the Black Ops 3 zombies gumball machine here, if you want a look at them yourself.

I think the gumball machine will really open up a lot more tactics into your standard game of zombies, as well as it being a bunch of fun! Some of the power ups that you get from it are certainly better than others, so I would assume that the better ones such as ‘In Plain Sight’ will be harder to get, or that there will be a random system as to how you get them.

As a whole, I’m feeling really positive about zombies in Black Ops 3!

Summary – Will Black Ops 3 be Good?

Now that you’ve read about the main aspects of the game, I’ll summarize the main pros and cons of the game to help you decide in your eyes whether Black Ops 3 will be worth getting!

The Good

  • Great Movement System
    A new exciting and balanced movement system, which introduces a whole new level of ways to get around and tactics to employ, whilst still focusing the main action on the ground, just how we like it.
  • Specialists Increase Room for More Strategies and Excitement
    Specialists provide LOADS of cool special weapons and abilities to use, which can be used to gain tactical advantages over your enemies, making Black Ops 3 the most strategical Call of Duty yet! Specialists also provide tons of excitement and fun, whilst opening whole new doors for competitive play!
  • Weapon Customization is Better than Ever!
    Black Ops 3 introduced ‘Gunsmith’, allowing you to create your own weapon camouflages and apply them to different parts of your gun! Also, you can now have up to 6 attachments on a weapon !
  • Better Graphics than Ever!
    The maps on Black Ops 3 really look great and the feel and look more realistic than ever.
  • Zombies is Coming Back with a Bang
    There are tons of new features coming to zombies in Black Ops 3, one of which is the gumball machine, which provides tons of power ups that you can use to your advantage. I’m really excited for it!
  • And TONS More…
    There are of course new guns, new equipment and pretty much new versions of EVERYTHING to look forwards to.

The Bad

  • Some Stupid Specialist Abilities and Equipment
    There is a specialist ability called ‘Rejack’, of which you can activate just after you are killed, so that you can come back to life. Lots of gamer’s are complaining that this is upsetting their gameplay. Also there is the hacking equipment, which allows you to hack enemy scorestreaks and take them yourself; personally I think this is too overpowered. But remember, this may all change, since these impression are only from the beta!
  • No Aim Assist While Sniping
    Although this isn’t necessarily a bad feature about the game and some players like it, it is unquestionably harder to snipe without aim assist present and this will annoy a lot of players, since sniping is very popular among the Call of Duty fans. On the other hand though, you can just see it as another Call of Duty, another sniping technique!
  • It’s ANOTHER Futuristic Call of Duty
    Many players are upset by the fact that there is going to be another futuristic Call of Duty, as they prefer the way Call of Duty used to be – simple movement!

So based upon these points you should be able to form an opinion on Black Ops 3 for yourself and judge as to whether you think Black Ops 3 will be worth getting.

However, I certainly think Black Ops 3 is going to be great, for reasons that I have already explained. If you look at my bad points about Black Ops 3, they’re nothing in caparison to the good points; as a whole, Black Ops 3 just looks like a spiced up version of Black Ops 2!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments down below! 


  1. Hi James,

    Very cool and informative review! I think I will sooner or later try out the Call of Duty games, they just look awesome and fun to play! I love how detailed your review is, it really helps beginners like me get a holistic view of the game before even playing it.

    Should I play Black Ops 3 first before playing the older Call of Duty games?


    • Hi Gin, I’m glad you found my post interesting!

      If you’re looking to start playing Call of Duty, it’s probably best to start simple, before the likes of Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare, so that you can get used to the basic movement first. I would start with a game that is the first one in it’s series, like Modern Warfare or Black Ops 1 for example, because the campaign mode always follows on from where it left from the last game (in the same series). However, if you’re not all that interested in the campaign mode, then you could just jump straight into Black Ops 2, before you get a taste of Black Ops 3!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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