Will Battlefield 1 Be on Xbox 360/PS3?

will battlefield 1 be on xbox 360will battlefield 1 be on xbox 360

If you’ve been hesitant to upgrade to a next-gen console, I bet you’re wondering will Battlefield 1 be on Xbox 360/PS3. I doubt you’ll have had high hopes anyway.

Battlefield 1 will not be featuring on last-gen consoles and don’t expect any shooters coming out in the future to be on last-gen consoles either; their days are gone. Battlefield Hardline may have been on last-gen, but Hardline wasn’t really an ambitious game in general and there wasn’t really a graphical revolution of any kind.

However, Battlefield 1 is definitely going to set some new standards in the series; such standards that the likes of the Xbox 360 and PS3 wouldn’t be able to handle. If you’re still serious about gaming, now is the time to upgrade to a next-gen console, or else you’ll simply be left behind. I mean, who would want to miss out on BF1? (It’s gonna be a hell of a game)

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  1. Indeed its going to be a hell of a game and i will need a hell of an update to my pc :/

    • An update in the sense of having to upgrade it, or just the massive amount of space that the game will take up? Either way, it’s gonna be worth it. Do you currently have EA Access, as can play up to 10 hours of Battlefield 1 before it come out 🙂 A single month costs about $5, and if you want, you can refund your money after you’ve played enough.


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