What is The Best Medic Weapon in Battlefield 1?

what is the best medic gun on battlefield 1

The medic is one of the best classes within Battlefield 1, due to its variety of weapons and access to vital abilities, such as reviving and healing. However, in order to play as well as possible, you need to be using the best guns available – so what is the best medic weapon in Battlefield 1?

In this guide, I’ll be walking you through what the best medic guns are in every circumstance and how you can use them as effectively as possible.

If you’re still that guy using the starting weapon, *cough* NOOB *cough*, then you definitely need to pay attention.

The Best Weapon to Use Depends on The Circumstances

When it comes to deciding what the best medic weapon is, it isn’t just as simple as me telling you a name and then you’re set. Battlefield 1 throws all kinds of situations in your face; destructible environments mean that no game will ever be the same.

Just because a gun works well on a map one time, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will the next. This means that you need to be able to evaluate the situation and make the best choice accordingly, which is what I’m going to try and help you with on this guide.

There are certainly the better weapons on the medic class, but it’s difficult to come to a conclusion on which is the best.

So why is this?

Every gun has its strengths and weaknesses, which goes without saying. In my opinion, the medic class is the most versatile class of all, as it has weapons that are effective at short range, and others that are much more effective at medium to longer distances. On the other hand, with the assault class, for example, the guns are pretty much all only effective at a short range, so they are much easier to compare with each other.

Therefore, when you’ve got weapons in the same class that are good at medium-long distances and others that are better at short distances it’s much more difficult. Let’s say a short range medic weapon was more overpowered than all of the other guns in the class, this might make it the best weapon in the class overall. But not under all circumstances.

It would perform the best short range without a doubt. However, when you venture into those medium/long range gunfights, it’s not going to be as effective as the medic weapons are better at those ranges, even if it’s the best overall weapon in the class.

Therefore, the best medic weapon to use depends on the range that you use it at, as some perform better in certain circumstances than others.

The Selbstlader M1916 – The Best DMR at Medium/Longer Distances

The Selbstlader M1916 is a beast of a gun, regardless of which variant you use, but I would recommend the Factory in Selbstlader M1916 Factorymost instances. It’s a consistent 3 hit kill, which is as good as the medic weapons get. The problem with other medic weapons that can also produce a 3 hit kill at longer ranges is that the magazine size is very restrictive (5-10).

However, the Selbstlader has an insanely large clip of 26 rounds, which blows nearly every other DMR (medic weapon) out of the water. It even has a relatively quick reload time, taking just 2.37 seconds if you have bullets still left in the mag.

The rate of fire isn’t great, sitting at just 225; you can’t spray it. However, when you’re using it at medium/long distances, this actually isn’t a bad thing. The recoil causes a small jump after every shot, so it’s best to take a shot, wait for the sight to go back down and fire again. This way you’re going to be as accurate as possible.

You only need to land 3 shots, regardless of the range – sometimes even less if you land headshots or if the enemy is already injured. This makes it extremely reliable and means that you can take out loads of enemies without even having to reload. Even if you had to fire 5 shots for every kill you got, that’s still 5 kills per mag.

This graph from Symthic shows the damage at varying distances with the Selbstlader and you can see that it’s consistently a 3 hit kill. It has the best minimum damage per shot out of all the medic weapons, at a whopping 35 damage – a lot of DMR’s don’t even have a higher damage than that.

selbstlader m1916 damage

This makes the Selbstlader an excellent choice when engaging in medium/long range gun fights, especially when using the factory variant. I personally like the iron sight the best, and it recovers 50% faster from recoil than the Marksman variant, making it a better option in my opinion.

However, the Selbstlader can start to struggle at closer ranges when it comes up against guns with a much faster fire rate. It can still work well if you’re accurate enough to land your shots, but if you encounter a decent player at point blank who’s using pretty much any weapon designed for short range use, you’re going to lose the gunfight 3/4 of the time, unless you land some lucky hits.

Therefore, you should try and keep away from close up encounters with this weapon.

Instead, if you’re needed as a medic but need a weapon that’s more suitable at shorter ranges, here’s the solution.

The M1907 SL Sweeper – The Best Medic Weapon at Short Range

The M1907 SL Sweeper is by far the most dominant DMR at short range. With the joint highest maximum damage of 42, a large magazine of 21 and the option to fully-auto makes it an absolute monster.

It can perform a 3 hit kill up to 30 metres (assuming there are no headshots), just like the Selbstlader, except you can fire this a lot faster. After this range, it is 4-5 hits to kill, so you shouldn’t be using it if you’re going into areas where you’re going to be engaged in medium-long range gun fights.

m1907 sl sweeper damageThe recoil pattern is pretty ugly, making it difficult to use at longer ranges. However, at closer ranges when it’s very easy to land shots, this isn’t a big concern. The fully automatic option will allow you to drop enemies extremely quickly if you land your shots – and even if you miss a lot, the large magazine should have you covered.

However, it’s important that you focus on trying to connect each of your shots instead of just panicking and hoping for the best.

In my opinion, a downside of this weapon is that the iron sight sucks. It’s pretty chunky, making it harder to be precise with your shots, unlike the Selbstlader.

Also, like I mentioned, the recoil pattern isn’t easy to compensate for, as it’s very wide. Take a look at the comparison of the recoil pattern of the Selbstlader and M1907 below:

what is the best medic weapon on battlefield 1

The Sweeper’s recoil pattern is both vertical and horizontal, whereas the Selbstlader is mostly just vertical, making it a lot easier to compensate for, as it’s easier to predict the recoil. This reinforces my point of why the Selbstlader is great at medium-longer distances, and why the sweeper isn’t.

How Do These Weapons Weigh Up Against Those From Other Classes??

Now you know the best medic weapons to use at different ranges, but how do they perform against weapons from other classes?

I would argue that the Selbstlader M1916 factory is the strongest at competing at medium ranges in the game. The effectiveness of the assault weapons severely diminishes outside of short range combat, ruling them out of competition at medium range.

LMGs can certainly be effective at this range, but their large amounts of recoil will make it difficult for them to land the kill in the time it takes someone to fire 3 shots with the Selbstlader, meaning that even they will struggle.

I would say that the only real contenders are the iron-sight snipers with a sweet spot within the range of 40-80 metres, such as the SMLE MKIII Infantry. This means that a chest shot or above within this range will result in a one shot kill. However, it takes a very skilled player to use these effectively; if you miss your first shot with them, a decent player using the Selbstlader will be able to take you out before you fire your second shot.

Also, the iron sight snipers are pretty weak outside of their sweet spot range, so the Selbstlader is more versatile overall and is easier to use.

On the other hand, when it comes to close range weapons, the M1907 Sweeper has some big competition; the assault class. Against the likes of the Hellriegel, Automatico and shotguns, the sweeper isn’t as dominant. I would say that it has the advantage in between short and medium range, but will generally be at a disadvantage when it comes to those point-blank encounters.

It may not be the strongest close range weapon, but medics are always going to be needed in encounters such as these and the Sweeper can definitely hold its ground.

Please Feel Free to Leave Any Questions or Feedback in The Comments Section Below and I Will Be More Than Happy to Get Back to You!

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