Rainbow Six Siege Review: Is it any Good?

In this Rainbow Six Siege Review, I’ll be discussing what exactly the game has to offer and whether it’s worth your time and money. Rainbow Six Siege brings strategy, tactics and communication to a whole new level and is a ton of fun to play, but is that enough to shine through its limited content and lousy servers? Let’s get into it.

What Does Rainbow Six Siege Have to Offer?

In terms of the variety of game-modes and content, Rainbow Six Siege is rather limited. First of all, there is a single-player mode called ‘situations’ in which there are a total of 10 missions, each of which you play as a different operator in (I will explain what operators are later) and have 3 objectives that you should aim to complete. Although these are good practice before you head into multiplayer, as they help you to get used to the mechanics of the game, they get pretty tedious and are not very exciting to play.

Terrorist Hunt – The Next Step Up from Situations

The next main mode which is available to play in Rainbow Six Siege is called Terrorist Hunt, which we have seen in rainbow six siege terrorist huntprevious Tom Clancy games before. In Terrorist Hunt, you have the option to either play ‘Lone Wolf’ (by yourself) or with up to 4 other players. Also, you can choose a difficulty level from normal, hard or realistic.

Once you head into a game, you’ll be faced with a random game mode and map, so you never know what may be round the corner with Terrorist Hunt. Also, you will either be attacking or defending; usually when you’re defending, you have to hold off a few waves of bots, which can get pretty intense, especially on the harder difficulties and on your own.

However, I have found that attacking is usually much harder. The first time I went on a game of Terrorist Hunt, it was on a map I had never come across before and I had to plant a bomb in a house filled with god-knows how many enemies. To make it 10x worse, there was this thick yellow gas everywhere, making it very hard to see the enemies. Every time you walked into a room, you would have no idea if you were safe, or if there were a couple of enemies waiting round the corner. I love that kind of suspense!

Although Terrorist Hunt can be quite a lot of fun and will definitely present you with a challenge and strain your strategical thinking to the limits, it is only against bots and therefore can get a little boring after a while. It’s Rainbow Six Siege’s multiplayer which holds the true treasure.

The Most Strategical FPS Multiplayer of 2015 Without a Doubt

Rainbow Six Siege blows the average shooter game out of the water when it comes to strategy and I’ll explain why in the next few paragraphs, but first, you need to get a decent understanding of the game before I start rambling on about something you’ve never heard of! So now I’ll briefly explain what the multiplayer offers.

The Multiplayer Game Modes – Are There Enough?

When you go onto multiplayer, you’ll either have the option to go onto the ‘causal’ or ‘ranked’ playlist. They’re both

rainbow six siege hostage

Rainbow Six Siege Hostage

the same, but ranked play is even more competitive and you can only go on it when you have reached at least rank 20.

All matches are 5v5, all follow a no-respawn policy and consist of an attacking and a defending team, rotating each round. At the start of every round, the attacking team go on controllable drones for 45 seconds to try and find the location where the enemies are based and where the objective is. You either win the match by killing the whole enemy team, or by completing the objective, depending on what the game mode is. Although you cannot select the game mode that you want to play individually, matches do rotate between the game modes automatically, which consist of:

  • Secure the hostage – the objective for the attacking team is to extract the hostage that the defenders are trying to defend. If either side kills the hostage, they lose.
  • Secure the area – the defenders have to defend a designated area, whereas the attackers have to try and overrun it. If the attackers have more players in the area than the defenders, they will start to capture it and will win if they do so.
  • Defuse the bomb – the defenders have two bombs sites to defend at which they have planted bombs at; one man in the attacking team will carry the defuser and can place it around the area of either of the bomb sites. There is a timer set as soon as it is planted and the defenders have to destroy the defuser before the time runs out, or they will lose, or of course they can just prevent the attackers from placing it in the first place.

In a way, it’s a good thing that you can’t choose which game mode you want to play separately, as this keeps the amount of players on each game mode balanced. However, I do strongly feel that Rainbow Six Siege should have at least a few more game modes in it to mix it up a bit. Lack of content variety is in my opinion what lets down Siege the most, but luckily, the game modes that it does offer are all very good. Yes, all 3 of them.

Character Customization in Rainbow Six Siege is Great

In your typical shooter, character customization usually goes as far as selecting your weapon, your attachments and a couple of grenades. I was impressed with Black Ops 3 introducing specialist characters, which for the time being really stepped up character customization in shooter games. However, Rainbow Six Siege impressed me even more.

Selecting an Operator

rainbow six siege operators

Rainbow Six Siege Operators

First things first, you have to select an operator. There are 5 special forces units, consisting of: SAS, FBI SWAT, Spetsnaz, GIGN and GSG 9, each of which have 2 attacking and 2 defending operators, meaning that there are a total of 10 attacking and 10 defending operators to choose from.

Each of the operators have either 1, 2 or 3 primary weapons, 1 or 2 secondary weapons, 2 or 3 gadgets and a special ability available to them. The special abilities are brilliant features in the game and are one of the main reasons why Rainbow Six Siege has so much strategy within it. For example, there is the operator Blitz, who has the ability to flash people with his riot shield, or there’s Sledge, who can smash through walls with his sledgehammer, or even Tachanka, who has a deployable mounted LMG. The options go on!

Now you might be thinking that the limited number of weapons available to each operator  is a bad thing, but if you think about it, it really isn’t. In fact, it just raises the level of strategy in the game even higher, because when choosing an operator, you’ll also have to think carefully about which weapons and gadgets they have available to them, not just their special ability.

For example, you may find that one operator has a special ability which isn’t quite as effective as the others, but has a very effective weapon, or at least a greater weapon choice. In summary, I think character customization in Rainbow Six Siege is very well thought out and fits very nicely into the game.

If you’d like to see a video going through character customization, you can check this one out:

Destruction is at its Very Best in Rainbow Six Siege

Furthermore, a feature in Rainbow Six Siege that massively impresses me are the interact-able maps. And by that I don’t mean that there are just a couple of walls that you can break down; by that I mean you can destroy any breakable surface, and I’m being serious!

Whether it’s a wall, the floor, the ceiling, a barricade, you name it! Rainbow Six Siege has very few limits when it comes to destruction. One of the gadgets in a game is the breach charge, which you can use to blast through walls, or you can smash holes through walls with the but of your gun. The destruction mechanic in the game is nothing short of superb.

rainbow six siege destruction

The Actual Gameplay – What is it Like?

Rainbow Six Siege is a slow paced game due to the fact that you only have one life and therefore every move you make has to be a careful one. However, don’t let that convince you that the game is not fun to play; in fact, sometimes it can even be more nail biting than even the fastest paced games out there. If I had to describe the Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer gameplay in two words, they would be intense and realistic.

It does take quite a few shots to kill someone in Rainbow Six Siege – I would say the time to kill time is similar to rainbow six siege reviewBattlefield’s, but perhaps a tiny bit longer. However, if you hit the enemy in the head with a bullet, they’re dead straight away. Also, there is no health generation, which again, adds to the sense of realism in the game.

When worst comes to worst, you can get some games which you could describe as ‘campy’. For example, you do get some people that just lie down in a corner from the word go and getting killed by them is very frustrating. But unlike Call of Duty and games as such, it is a lot easier to play against campers in Rainbow Six Siege, using the destruction mechanics etc. so it isn’t something that you should particularly worry about.

Play with Friends as Much as Possible!

As I have already explained, Rainbow Six Siege is a very team-based orientated game and the experience is 10 times better when you’re playing with some of your friends, since communication is absolutely vital. If you’re communicating with your team and the enemy team isn’t, that automatically gives you a big advantage.

If you don’t have any friends that are intending to get Rainbow Six Siege as well, then maybe you should think twice about getting it.

The Rainbow Six Siege Servers are Very Unreliable

Rainbow Six Siege is a really great game, but is often held back by its servers. Honestly, some days you find yourself waiting to get into a game longer than you are actually in a game. On one day, it took me AN HOUR to get into a game, and that was when my internet was working completely fine.

Then after what must have seemed FOREVER you eventually get into a lobby and your heart races with excitement as you are lead into thinking that you might actually be able to play a match tonight! But then the screen freezes. I like to call it the ‘screen of death’.

Luckily for you guys, after the recent patch, the servers are a lot better now and it usually doesn’t take longer than a minute to find and get into a game. Also, the screen of death is a lot less frequent, but I guarantee that you will still get the odd issue, at least.

You need patience to play this game.

No Single-Player Campaign – But Does it Need One?

To many gamers, the single-player is the most important part of a game, as it resembles the story and influence rainbow six siege campaignbehind the game, and is something that you can just chill out by yourself doing.

Therefore, the fact that Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t have a single player campaign has instantly discouraged a lot of gamers form getting the game, which I can totally understand. Again, the fact that the game is campaign-less just reinforces the point I made about the the game having a lack of content, which is something that lets it down a lot.

Although I definitely think a single-player campaign would have been a great addition to the game, Rainbow Six Siege is a prime example of showing that a game can still be great without a single-player campaign. ‘Boring’ is a word that I have never used to describe the Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer, because every match is different and you have no idea what to expect.

Do you really need a single-player if you have a multiplayer which you can play as much as you want without getting bored? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourselves, but I think Siege manages well without one.

Summary – Should You Buy Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is a highly intense and strategical game, which is a ton of fun to play if you like tactical games, rather than just ‘running-and-gunning’. It is a prime example of a game that is great, but could have been phenomenal. It is especially fun when playing with friends and is the ultimate game for you if you want something that requires a lot of team-work and thought, but is still a load of fun.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a casual gamer and you just like to chill out when playing video games and not have to think too hard about it, Rainbow Six Siege is probably not the game for you. Also, if you mainly care about the single-player on games, then this game probably isn’t for you either.

However, if you love multiplayer and want something a little tactical than the likes of Call of Duty, I would recommend giving this game a try!

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Thanks for taking the time to read my review and please feel free to leave any questions or comments you have down below!


  • Strategy is implemented into the game brilliantly
  • The destruction mechanics are stunning
  • Operators allow lots of character customization
  • Excellent for playing on with friends


  • Lack of content variety
  • Let down by poor servers
  • Not as fun to play by yourself
  • Games can sometimes be very slow paced


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