Is Titanfall 2 Worth It? – Impressions From The Tech Test

is titanfall 2 worth it

Many people are wondering is Titanfall 2 worth it, as what we’ve seen from the game so far has been impressive, but lots of people are still doubtful of it, due to how the original game flopped after it had been hyped up so much. Will Titanfall 2 set right all of the wrongs in the original game, or will it wander down yet another diminishing footpath?

Throughout this article I will highlight some of the most attractive features of the game, as well as negative features, and then I will give my overall verdict on whether I think Titanfall 2 is worth the money. Whether you’re completely new to the franchise, or if you were playing the original game right when it came out, this article should give you a pretty good idea on whether this is a game for you.

By the way, Titanfall 2 will be available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC!

Titanfall 2 Will Have a Dedicated Single Player, Unlike it’s Predecessor

To many people, the original Titanfall felt like an incomplete game for the $60 price tag that it had. There was only a multiplayer mode, of which a story line was somewhat integrated, but this wasn’t anything like a proper single player mode.

A recurring point that you’ll hear me talk about is that Respawn (the developers) are very passionate about implementing what their fans want. Therefore you’ll see that a lot of the things that fans requested in Titanfall have been implemented in the next game – and one of these is a dedicated single player mode.

Check out the Titanfall 2 single player trailer here:

As you can see in the trailer, the campaign focuses on Riflemen Jack Cooper and his Titan, suggesting that the campaign will put a large emphasis on trying to make us emotionally attached to the game.

Footage has been released of the single player that shows some stunning environments that you’ll play in during the campaign, and since the game will run at 60 FPS, you can expect Titanfall 2 to be visually spectacular.

Furthermore, many of those that have had hands on experiences with the single player campaign have said that each of the missions has a unique purpose and feel, so you’re not doing the same thing over and over again, which gives me some real confidence. They also said that the campaign really capitalizes on the slick movement system, with lots of scenarios to use it effectively in.

There’s also some funny moments in there as well, which is always good! Overall I’m left feeling very positive about the campaign, but will large the amount of work that developers put into the campaign have an adverse effect on the quality of the multiplayer?

If you’re interested in learning more about the story of Titanfall, click here.

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Maintains the Same Core as the Original

The Titanfall 2 multiplayer definitely feels similar to the original and “maintains the same core” as the developers put it. After all, it wouldn’t be Titanfall otherwise, would it? This means that for those of you that enjoyed the original game, you’re bound to enjoy this one also.

However, some people have been concerned about whether Titanfall 2 will be too similar to the original – my verdict on this matter is that yes, it is essentially the same core game, but it has a huge amount of improvements which I think will make it into a much bigger success and a more enjoyable experience.

There Will Be So Much More Customization Within Multiplayer

One of the biggest failures of the original game was that there was so little customization within the game – there weren’t many weapons etc. and you unlocked everything pretty quickly. So things got boring pretty quickly!

However this time around, Respawn haven’t made the same mistake. They’ve emphasized that there will be a much larger variety of customization available and that it will take a really long time to unlock everything, keeping players interested for a long time.

Here is how one of the developers put it:

“Not only do we have a breadth of different abilities, weapons, unlocks, customization – like all kinds of things. It’s gonna take you forever to unlock everything in this game. There’s a really really deep and very interesting progression system”

In the multiplayer Tech Test, we only got to see a small number of the weapons, abilities etc. that will be available in the full game, but I can tell you what exactly you can customize combat-wise for Pilots and Titans.

Pilot Combat Customization

For Pilots, we know that you can customize:

  • A tactical ability – these range from a grapple hook, to stim, which provides you a speed and health boost.
    Titanfall 2 character customization

    Titanfall 2 character customization

    These are used to give you a specific tactical advantage within a game, hence the name ‘tactical’ ability.

  • Ordnance – these are basically different types of grenades, such as your standard frag grenade, electric smoke grenades and a gravity star that sucks in all nearby objects, including pilots!
  • A primary weapon – the primary weapon types are as follows: Assault Rifle, Submachine gun, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and Grenadier. There were only 1 or 2 available weapons for each weapon type in the beta, but there will definitely be a lot more in the full game.
  • A secondary weapon – you can either choose a pistol or an anti-titan weapon as your secondary.
  • Weapon mods – these provide bonuses such as extra ammo, or give you the ability to shoot while running etc.
  • Kit – you have two kit slots for your Pilot, which provide you with boosts such as faster health regeneration, or the ability to hang on walls etc.
  • Boost – the boosts that were available in the Tech Test was ‘Amped Weapons’, which increases the damage of your weapons and ‘Ticks’, which are drones with go up to enemies and self-detonate,

In other words, there is a lot of Pilot customization!

Titan Combat Customization

In Titanfall 2, there will be a total of 6 different Titans, each of which have different weapons and abilities available to

titanfall 2 titan customization

titanfall 2 titan customization

them. These are the combat related features that you will be able to customize with each one:

  • Titan Kit – just like the Pilot kit, this provides a boost to the Titan, such as  increased effectiveness in auto-mode, or an additional dash.
  • Titan Specific Kit – these are boosts that are unique to each titans.
  • Titanfall Kit – provides bonuses to the Titan for when they land in the game, such as a dome protecting the Titan when it lands.

Furthermore, each Titan has specific weapons and abilities that you’ll be able to use in combat, including a special ability which can be used when you have acquired enough score as a Titan.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the customization options are fantastic! You could argue that you should be able to customize the weapons of the Titans, but the counter-argument to this is that it makes each Titan more specific to a certain role.

Also, we can expect to see a lot of cosmetic customization as well. Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment said that you’ll be able to change nose art, camos, outfits etc., so there’s that to look forward to!

The Fluidity of Movement is Exceptional

Hands down, Titanfall 2 has the best advanced movement system I’ve seen in any game. Movements such astitanfall 2 movement system sliding, wall running, double jumping and grappling all make the game very fluid. I love how you can chain these movements together to perform advanced maneuvers.

For example, you can grapple onto a wall, run along it, double jump as you detach from the grapple and land into a dashing slide. Generally, I’ve always preferred boots on the ground games a lot more than ones with double jumping etc., but Titanfall 2 is definitely an exception to that for me.

One thing I would criticize about the movement system is that there weren’t all that many wall running opportunities on the maps I played on, but that doesn’t concern me too much. But damn, the maps look spectacular!

What Game Modes Will There Be?

There hasn’t been an official statement regarding all of the game modes that will be in the final game, however we know 3 of them from the tech test.

In the original Titanfall, you couldn’t actually play a multiplayer game mode that didn’t have AI in it, but luckily that has changed in Titanfall 2.

  • Bounty Hunter – A 5v5 mode where you kill AI in waves in order to gain credits. At the end of each wave, youtitanfall 2 game modes can deposit your credits at a bank, with then add to your teams’ score. Also, if you kill an enemy player, you take half of their credits that are on them! This game mode also involves Titans, and sometimes there are cash bounties set on Titans. It’s basically a twist on Attrition from the original game!
  • Amped Hardpoint – a 6v6 mode where there are 3 capture points on the map and your team acquires points for holding them. Furthermore, if you stay on a capture point for long enough it becomes ‘amped’, meaning that it gives you points at double the rate. There are Titans on this game mode also.
  • Pilot vs Pilot – in other words, team deathmatch with no Titans and no AI.

We can expect to see 3 other game modes in the game, as on the Titanfall Website there are 6 slots under the heading ‘Modes’, as you can see on the screenshot.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see game modes like Capture the Flag and Last Titan Standing return, as they were pretty successful in the original. We can also expect to see new game modes introduced throughout the life of the game, as that is exactly what happened with the original.

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How Does the Combat Feel?

Combined with the movement system, I think the combat feels very slick and compliments the fast-paced nature of the game. As I mentioned earlier, there are several different weapon classes, meaning that the game is open to numerous playing styles.

All of the different boosts and abilities available really add a lot of depth and tactics into the combat. Obviously I can’t really criticize the weapon balancing, because I’ve only played the pre-alpha version of the game, which of course the weapon balancing isn’t going to be perfect on. However, I did find the R-201 Carbine assault rifle to be pretty overpowered. But like I said, that will all be sorted, which is exactly why they have Tech Tests!

As for the Titans, I think they’re a core part of the game. They essentially dictate the play and will dominate all combat in the area. I noticed that the both the Titans and the anti-titan weapons seemed a bit weaker than they did in the original game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it makes them less over-powered in a sense.

However, my only concern is that people will just leave their Titans on auto-titan mode and not actually use them themselves (I certainly found this to be very effective). But I’m sure there will be more balancing on this!

A really cool feature is that you can grapple onto enemy Titans and rip out their battery, which basically takes a chunk out of their health. You can then use this battery on friendly Titans to give them a health boost!

is titanfall 2 worth the moneyThere Will Be No Ranked Mode on Release

I’m pretty disappointed about the fact that there won’t be a ranked mode on the release of Titanfall 2, because it strikes me as a very competitive game and I think a ranked mode to take advantage of this would be great.

Maybe there will be a ranked mode somewhere down the line, as the developers will be focused on making sure the game is running smoothly and that the weapons are balanced at first. Respawn always listen to their fans, so if it’s a highly requested feature, we could well see it at some point.

All Titanfall 2 Game Mode and Map DLC Will Be FREE!

That’s right – all game mode and map DLC will be completely free, as the developers didn’t want to split the community into those who had the DLC maps and those who didn’t. Good on you Respawn!

Although there will only be 6 game modes and 6 maps upon launch, we can expect a lot more to release in DLC. In the original Titanfall, there were also only 6 maps on release, but another 9 were introduced through DLC. Hopefully this will be the same in Titanfall 2!

However, this doesn’t mean that all of the DLC will be free. After all, free DLC is going to cost the studio money, so of course there will be stuff like micro-transactions in the game. Details haven’t been released on this yet, but I suspect it will be things like camos and boosts that will be for sale for real money – I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where you have to pay for new Titans and weapons.

The Final Verdict – Is Titanfall 2 Worth it?

So here comes the big question – is Titanfall 2 worth getting? If you’re open minded to the concept of Titans and like playing with an advanced movement system, I strongly recommend this game to you. Heck, I’m not even a fan of advanced movements systems and I’ve still loved my time with the game, so that says a lot.

The game feels extremely smooth and looks graphically stunning – as long as Respawn provide a solid single player experience and enough customization options, I can’t see Titanfall 2 letting you down. If you’re totally new to Titanfall and are worried about whether you need to play the first game in order to understand the story behind Titanfall 2, you don’t need to. It has some correlation with the original game, but isn’t a direct sequel, so you’ll be able to understand what’s going on, even if you have no previous knowledge of the game.

Playing with friends will give you an even more enjoyable experience on the game, as some of the game modes are very team-based orientated. However, I played the Tech Test entirely by myself and still had a great time.

So is it worth it? Yes.

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Feel free to leave any questions or thoughts you have down below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!


  1. I agree, the movement system is amazing and the grappling worked flawlessly. And the graphics were pretty good for a *Pre alpha* . Good post! 🙂

    • Glad to hear that you’re on the same wavelength as I am, Jack! The tech test did actually get a pretty critical response, but I’m glad you’re supporting the game! And yes, it was only a pre-alpha version we must remember!

      Do you intend on pre-ordering the game, Jack?

      All the best,

      • Not sure at the minute, with Battlefield 1 beta on the horizon we’ll have to see.

  2. I was not interested to buy Titanfall 2 at all, but after reading your review I’m thinking about giving it chance especially because it won’t have correlations between it and the original as you said. I was planning to play it last weekend but the internet was horrible and the testing would have been closed when the game finish downloading. Did you try the Battlefield Beta yet? I’m currently playing it and I really suck haha. What other games coming this year that you’re excited about?

    • The Titanfall 2 Tech Test did get a widely negative response from a lot of people, but that’s mainly because they’ve changed things from the original game, which some players aren’t fond of. However, for players new to the series, like myself, this doesn’t really matter.

      It was a really fun game to play and despite how highly I rated it here, I still would make it your #2 priority game for October. I have been playing the BF1 beta a ton and I think it’s amazing, so that’s my #1 recommended game at the moment. Top tip: use the heavy tank!

      I would only get Titanfall 2 if you have a load of spare cash lying around, because since you didn’t get chance to play the Tech Test, there isn’t an assured chance that you’ll actually enjoy it. But hopefully I’ve given you a pretty idea of what it consists of and whether this is a game for you!

      I’m looking forwards to the COD XP reveal tomorrow, because I believe IW does have potential, despite all the hate it’s been getting – but I think this is largely due to the fact that Activision aren’t listening to us, as the community has made it clear that they want a boots on ground non-futuristic game. There’s also Gears of War 4 which comes out early October.

      Thanks for your comment!


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