Is The Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Worth it? (Year 2)

is the rainbow six siege season pass worth it

It’s been a while since Rainbow Six Siege was released now, but content just keeps coming. So is the Rainbow Six Siege season pass worth it in 2017, or has the game already died out?

RSS is a unique game in the sense that it actually has two season passes. There is the ‘Year One’ edition and the ‘Year Two’ edition, each of which includes a year’s worth of content, but all of the content for the ‘Year One’  edition has now been released.

There is little point in getting the Year 1 season pass now because the main benefit of it was that you would get all of the new operators for free a week before everyone else. However, most people by now already have them from purchasing them with renown, so there isn’t really much point in buying the original season pass anymore.

There is now the option of buying the ‘Legacy Operator Bundle’, which included all of the operators from season one, but this will cost you 2400 credits. In my opinion, don’t bother. But listen up to what I have to say about the Year 2 season pass.

Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass  ‘Year 2’ Edition – What Does it Include?

For $29.99, here’s what you’ll get with the Year 2 edition of the RSS season pass:

  • 1 week early access to 8 new operators split across 4 seasons (Spain, Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea) – other players have to purchase with renown.
  • 600 R6 credits
  • Exclusive headgear, charms, and uniforms.
  • 2 extra daily challenges*
  • 5% renown boost*
  • 10% discount in the shop*

*Only until February 8th, 2018

Here is the schedule for the release of the DLC expansions:

However, as you might already know from playing during the first year of the game, you can actually these DLC operators without paying any real money. Instead, you’ll be able to pick them up for 25,000 renown each, so if you want all 8 of the DLC operators coming this year, that’s 200,000 renown in total.

But how long does it actually take to get 200,000 renown?

Well, Ubisoft said that on average it takes around 25 hours of game time to get 25K renown, so:

25*8 = 200 hours of game time.

Holy shit.

However, this doesn’t take into account renown acquired from daily challenges and renown boosters, so realistically the average time is probably slightly less. Although you might be thinking that you’re never going to get the chance to put that many hours into a game within a year, that might not even matter.

Here’s why.

Buying 8 DLC Operators Costs a Lot of Renown – But Who Said You Need Them All?

Truth is, not all of the DLC operators that are coming out are going to be better than the ones you’ve already got. I suspect you already have a solid selection of operators that you resort to, so it would have to take a lot for a new operator to get into your ‘starting line up’.

Therefore, only a handful of the new operators are actually going to benefit you. You don’t need them all.

As soon as an expansion comes out, just hop onto YouTube and do a little research into the new operators and from there you’ll be able to make your mind up.

My point here is that you don’t really need the season pass, even if you do want to get some of the new DLC operators. Besides, what if you bought the season pass and then most of the new DLC operators didn’t suit you? That would be a waste.

And did you know that there’s actually a third way of buying operators in Rainbow Six Siege?

Introducing R6 credits.

Comparing The Three Ways of Buying New DLC Operators in 2017

  1. Purchase one for 25,000 renown (25 hours of game time)
  2. Get them all a week early with the Season Pass ($29.99)
  3. Purchase one for 600 R6 credits ($4.99/£3.99)

Therefore, what I would recommend doing is using your renown to purchase the new DLC operators that you think will actually benefit you. If you play enough, you might even be able to get all of the DLC operators this way.

However, if you only manage to get a couple of the new DLC operators using the renown you acquire and you really want another DLC operator that had just come out, that’s where you could use R6 credits.

You need 600 R6 credits to buy a DLC operator, which is the equivalent of $5. If you just do this once or twice, then that’s no problem and all and this way you’ll have saved a lot of money.

But is the season pass a viable option under certain circumstances? What about the other bonuses that come with it?

Let’s discuss that now.

The Other Bonuses that Come with the Year 2 Season Pass are Junk

Besides the 1 week of early access to each of the upcoming DLC operators, the year 2 season pass really doesn’t offer much value at all.

Since you’ll automatically get the new operators, the renown boosts and extra daily challenges are pretty useless, as you’ll only really be able to buy cosmetic stuff with it, unless of course you still have Y1 DLC operators to unlock.

Again, the 600 R6 credits you get can be used for getting a Y1 DLC operator, but that isn’t much use if you already have them.

If you care about the cosmetics within the game, such as camos and charms etc., you’ll love the season pass. But for me, that kind of stuff couldn’t be less important.

rainbow six siege season pass junk

However, there are some circumstances under which it’s definitely a viable option to get the season pass.

It Might be a Good Idea to Get the Season Pass if…

  • You’re a competitive player and therefore getting the operators a week early would be a big advantage.
  • You make YouTube videos/articles and want to be fast to produce content on the new operators.
  • You’re obsessed with cosmetics
  • Or if you just love the game and feel like your $29.99 would be better invested in RSS than anywhere else.

Personally, I doubt I’ll be getting the Y2 season pass, as I’m already comfortable with the selection of operators I have and I can use renown to get the operators I want.

For example, I just unlocked one of the new operators called ‘Jackal’ with renown, as he has pretty powerful weapons and a very interesting ability.

So hopefully this gave you a better idea as to whether you should get the Rainbow Six Siege season pass and now I’ll leave the decision up to you!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


  1. I am thinking of getting it, as I didn’t have year 1, and have only unlocked 3 of the first years. Waste of Money?

    • In terms of value for money, the season pass isn’t great. However, if you love the game and have the funds for the season pass, then for the sake of $30, you might as well go for it. The fact that you’ve only got 3 of the Year 1 DLC operators suggests to me that you don’t play enough in order to get all of the DLC operators purely with renown.

      But remember, there is always the option to be a single DLC operator for $5/£4 and if you just do this a couple of times and unlock the rest with renown, you’ll save yourself $20 that way.

      However, if unlocking the operators a week early is a big benefit to you, then the season pass might be a good idea. Besides, if you’re a massive fan of the game, why not support it? The Year 2 DLC operators we’ve seen so far have been very good, so that suggests the upcoming ones should be as well. After all, if they make the DLC operators good, more people are likely to buy them, so they’ll make more money.

      It’s not a waste of money as long as you know that you’re going to stay interested in the game for another whole year!

      • Thanks I think I will, shame you can only buy it through the Xbox store.


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