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Is the Black Ops 3 Season Pass Worth it?

should i get the black ops 3 season pass

Hey Call of Duty fans! Wanna know is the Black Ops 3 season pass worth it? Great, because I have all the information that you’ll need to make that decision for yourself right here. The Black Ops 3 DLC is expensive, but does it offer enough content to shine through its big price tag? Let’s get into it.

What Does the Black Ops 3 Season Pass Offer?

Just like the past Call of Duty games, the Black Ops 3 season pass provides 4 separate DLC packs. However, the important thing is what they offer. Each map pack will consist of:

  • 4 multiplayer maps – these will either be completely new or re-makes of previous Call of Duty maps.
  • The possibility of a new zombies map. We know for certain that there will be a zombies map in the first DLC pack the awakening, called Der Eisendrache.
  • The possibility of DLC weapons. Although not yet confirmed for certain, I am sure we will see at least a few DLC weapons within Black Ops 3.
  • The possibility of gumballs for zombies – there will be 4 new ones in the Awakening DLC.

Also, if you haven’t got The Giant zombies map already, you will get that with the season pass as well.

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The Awakening DLC – The First Black Ops 3 Map Pack

The Awakening is the first Black Ops 3 map pack and will be available on PS4 on February 2nd and a month later on Xbox One and PC (bear that in mind Xbox One and PC players). I’ll briefly walk you through the maps that the Awakening includes to help you form an initial opinion, or you can watch the video walkthrough down below:

Gauntletblack ops 3 awakening dlc map pack

Gauntlet is the first map in the Awakening DLC and takes Treyarch’s classic three-lane map system to the extreme. Down one lane of the map, it is set in a jungle environment, down another lane it is set in an icy environment, whereas the third lane is set in a ‘rainy urban city’. This map is definitely something different and is unlike any map that we’ve seen in Call of Duty before.

Splashblack ops 3 splash map

Splash looks like one of the most fast paced and fun maps in Awakening. It is set in an abandoned water park, in which you can go down several water slides, which all meet up in the middle of the map. Personally, I’m desperate to play this map because I’m eager to see how the water slides turn out. I imagine that it will be pretty chaotic and I think that it will be one of the fan favorite maps in Awakening.

Riseblack ops 3 rise map

Rise is said to be the most classic and competitive Call of Duty map in Awakening. Treyarch think that it has potential to make it onto the eSports mix-up and it is clearly a map that they are proud of. It is set on a construction site, which has a variety of combat ranges, including a big choke point on the middle lane, where all of the lanes meet up. There is also underwater action!

Skyjackedblack ops 3 skyjacked map

As you may have guessed, Skyjack is a re-make of the fan favorite map ‘Hijacked’ from Black Ops 2. However this time, instead of being set on a boat, it’s on a plane! I imagine that it will be pretty similar to Hijacked, but will have some wall running opportunities implemented it, as well as some other features adjusted for the new movement system. I am particularly excited for this map, as I’m sure many of you are too!

Der Eisendracheblack ops 3 der eisendrache

Der Eisendrache (yes, another German name!) is set in a medieval castle, which is about 50% bigger than The Giant. It is the 4th chapter in the zombies story line and Treyarch said it will give some satisfying conclusions, but will also introduce some more puzzles. This suggests to me that there will definitely be more zombies DLC maps! As soon as Awakening comes out, Treyarch will have already released 3 zombies maps, which is very impressive.

Overall, I think that the Awakening maps look fantastic. In fact, they look like some of the best DLC maps that I’ve seen in CoD for a long time.

How Much Does The Black Ops 3 Season Pass Cost?

I did say at the start of this post that Black Ops 3 DLC was expensive. Each separate DLC pack costs $15, so if youis the black ops 3 season pass worth it were to buy them all separately, it would cost you $60, which is as much as the game costed on release day, but with the season pass you get a discounted price of $50.

Black Ops 3 is currently selling for $40 on Amazon, so the season pass costs $10 more than the actual game, which is very off-putting. However, before you decide against getting it just yet, think about it for a moment.

Without any Black Ops 3 DLC, there are 12 multiplayer maps and 1 zombies map. On the other hand, with all of the Black Ops 3 DLC, there are a total of 16 multiplayer maps guaranteed and there will most likely be 4 zombies maps. Therefore the amount of multiplayer maps you will have after all of the DLC has come out will be more than double and the amount of the zombies maps you have will most likely have quadrupled.

It doesn’t sound quite as bad if you put it that way. Let’s assume that there will be 20 multiplayer and zombies maps combined in the Black Ops 3 DLC. That’s only approximately $2.50 per map, which is acceptable. Bear in mind there will probably be DLC weapons as well, so the price isn’t as bad as you first thought, right?

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Is the Black Ops 3 Season Pass Worth it?

The Black Ops 3 season pass has a hefty price tag, but comes with a lot of content. How do you decide whether it is worth it or not?

Firstly, you need to remember that players on the PS4 will be getting all of the DLC packs a month earlier. Therefore, if you’re playing on the Xbox One or PC, then you’re going to have to have the patience to wait a month. I would only recommend getting the season pass on Xbox One or PC if you really love the the game and want to stay on top of the platform that you’re playing on and like playing in MLG tournaments etc. Otherwise, I wouldn’t say it is really worth it for the Xbox One or PC.

However, with the PS4 it’s a different story. Since PS4 players get access to the DLC first, this gives you all kinds of advantages. For example, if you’re a competitive player, then you can get access to the maps first and start getting used to them right away.

Furthermore, if you have a gaming YouTube channel, then you can make videos on it straight away, which would be really beneficial to your channel if you have one.

In conclusion, I would say the Black Ops 3 season pass is definitely worth getting on the PS4 if you enjoy the game enough, but on the Xbox One and PC I’d only recommend getting it if you’re happy to wait an extra month for the DLC.

Use some of that left over Christmas money to go and grab the season pass!

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