Is The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Worth it? This is What it Offers…

is the battlefield 1 premium pass worth it

In this post, I’ll be discussing is the Battlefield 1 premium pass worth it by breaking down exactly what it offers. Let’s find out whether what the premium pass offers is worth the increase in price.

However one thing to bare in mind is that the first premium expansion content will be released in March, which is absolutely  AGES away from the release of the game – but I imagine you will get at least some stuff before then, such as battlepacks.

Therefore, unless you’re an absolute Battlefield addict and you want the premium pass no matter what, I would advise you to wait closer to March until you make you decision.

The Premium Pass Doesn’t Come Cheap – It’s Gonna Cost You an Additional $50

After the news that we’d be getting a free DLC map in December, I had some hope that we would be hearing about more of the same. However, details were recently revealed about premium showing that the complete pass for it will cost a whopping $50 (nearly as much as the game itself!).

(You can get it for $46 here).

But let’s be honest, we can’t be surprised. With the expected huge number of people that will pick up Battlefield 1, EA wouldn’t want to miss out on such a big marketing opportunity, so from a business perspective, they’re doing the right thing.

Let’s take a look at what’s actually included in the premium pass for this price.

You’ll Get 2 Week Early Access to Each of The 4 Expansion Packsbattlefield 1 premium maps

If you buy the premium pass, you’ll be able to play each expansion pack 2 weeks before they are available for purchase separately. This shows that EA are really trying to encourage you to buy the premium pass, rather than buying the expansion packs individually.

In each expansion pack there will be a total of 4 maps, making 16 in total, which is a decent amount. One of the DLC packs is called “They Shall Not Pass”, which is a famous quote from the French General during the Battle of Verdun, as he was telling his troops to hold their position and not let the Germans past. Therefore we have a pretty good idea that the Battle of Verdun will star in the expansion pack!

New Game Modes and Operations

For those of you that have purchased BF1 premium throughout the years, you would have probably been expecting there to be new game modes included in premium. Although we don’t yet know the details of what exactly the game modes will be, we can take a guess by looking at premium game modes from previous Battlefield games.

These were some of the DLC modes from BF4, for example:

  • Air Superiority
  • Capture the Flag
  • Carrier Assault
  • Chainlink

Our of those, I highly suspect that at least Air Superiority and Capture the Flag will feature in BF1 expansion packs, as they will both fit in with the theme of the game and are pretty popular.

On the other hand, operation mode is a continuous battle across multiple maps where the attackers have to push forward, and the defenders need to hold them back. These sound super cool – whether operations will be entirely premium, or whether there will be options to play them without premium, we don’t yet know.

New Vehicles and Elite Classes

If you get the premium pass, you’ll have access to vehicles that regular game-holders don’t have – of course I expect these to come out with the expansion packs, so you’ll have to wait a long time to get them. We don’t have any details on what these new vehicles may be yet.

The same applies for the elite classes – I expect to see an elite horse class in the DLC, as well as a few others. I just hope they’re not too overpowered so that the game doesn’t become ‘pay to win’.

is battlefield 1 premium worth getting20 New Weapons – That’s a LOT

Damn, that’s more weaponry than a lot of shooters have in total! This gives premium pass holders the opportunity to get an advantage over other players by effectively utilizing their exclusive weapons. All it takes is a couple of overpowered guns and there you have the premium pass players in the driving seat of the game. I just hope it doesn’t turn out this way.

We don’t have details on what the weapons will be yet, but I imagine there will be new ones in each class and they will release in each of the different expansion packs. I will update this article with any new information that is revealed! Let me know if you have any ideas on what the new weapons and vehicles might be.

14 Battlepacks Every Month, as Well as 14 Unique Dog Tags

From Novemeber, Battlefield 1 premium pass holders will receive 14 battlepacks every month containing ‘stand out’ weapon skins. This should eliminate the need to splash cash on buying camos separately, which I’m sure will be sold in the form of micro-transactions.

Furthermore, throughout the course of the game you will receive 14 unique dog tags, which you will receive at different times. I’m personally not too bothered about this one, but I’m sure a lot of people will like this.

battlefield 1 premium battlepacksIs Battlefield 1 Premium Worth it?

Now that we’ve covered everything that the premium pass has to offer, it’s time to ask the question is Battlefield 1is battlefield 1 premium worth it premium worth it?

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Before I jump into that, let me quickly summarize everything that it contains:

  • 4 expansion packs containing 16 maps
  • 2 weeks early access to each of the expansion packs
  • 20 new weapons
  • New vehicles
  • New elite classes
  • New game modes and operations
  • New armies to play as
  • 14 battlepacks every month
  • 14 unique dog tags

I’ll be honest in saying that there is an impressive amount of content within the premium pass, but I think EA are asking for a bit much with a $50 price tag, or an even deadlier £40 price tag in the UK, which is the same price as the actual game!

Furthermore, the first expansion pack is dropping in March 2017, which is 4-5 months after the release of the game! That’s a long wait and you probably won’t be as hyped for the game at that stage. However, they are giving us a free map in December which is good news.

If Battlefield 1 is going to be the main game that you’re going to be playing for the next year and you’re not too fussed about buying many other games, then you could buy the premium pass by all means. In fact, if you really love the game I would go for it IF you’re going to have a lot of time to play it and you don’t need to save up for other games, such as IW or TF2 or Ghost Recon etc.

Especially if you’re a content creator or like to play competitively, you’re going to want to pick it up. Personally, I don’t think I will be buying it because after March I will have very limited time due to work, but otherwise I probably would.

If you’re still on the borderline of choosing whether you want to get it or not, I would wait much closer to March until you make your final decision. Sure, you might miss out on a few battlepacks, but there are some benefits with doing so:

  1. If you buy the premium pass early and get bored of the game, you’ve wasted your money. That’s exactly what I did with the Division.
  2. You’ll be able to make sure that there aren’t any content delays.
  3. You’ll be able to evaluate more accurately as to whether you feel as if you need more content and whether you can afford it financially.

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Please let me know whether YOU think the battlefield 1 premium pass is worth the money in the comments section below!


  1. Been with Battlefield since Bad Company 2 and havent looked back. Looking at BF4 and how i bought it twice and still play it weekly getting premium is totally worth it. #battlefield4ever

    • So you’re a Battlefield veteran! I ended up buying BF4 twice myself, actually – once on the Xbox 360 and once on the Xbox One. It’s one of my favourite games as well.

      Have you got chance to play BF1 with early access yet? I played some of the news maps last night and… Wow! Battlefield 1 looks like it is going to be one hell of a game.

      • tell me about it man i bought bf4 trice, ps3 ps4 pc always loved battlefields since bad company 2

        now i am playing battlefield 1 but still not quite sure to get the premium pass or not

        • Wow, you sound like a Battlefield veteran then! The question of whether to get the premium pass is definitely a tough decision and ultimately comes down to factors that I discussed in this article, such as the timing of the DLC release, funds available, whether the content is extensive enough etc. Let me know if you come to a decision 🙂

  2. $50 U.S. for what is essentially a re-badged ‘Season Pass’?

    Not in a million years would I pay that.
    When on god’s green earth did $50 U.S. become the standard rate for a Season Pass, Premium Pass? Whatever they want to call it, I think that’s ludicrous.

    We’re talking about new maps and new weapons. The rest is gravy and definitely not worth it to me.
    I can’t believe the price…

    • Yeah, it is pretty pricy to say the least, but that’s the way it’s been for the past few years and I imagine that’s the way it’s going to stay. However, they’ve released a feature called ‘Battlefield Friends’ where you can have access to all of the DLC maps if you have a friend that has the season pass, which I think is an awesome feature. This means that nearly everyone is going to be able to play all of the maps, so there won’t be a split between who has premium and who doesn’t.

      Having said that, this new feature also means that there is much less point in getting the premium pass now, since you can get all of the DLC maps for free. So personally, I would just advise people to take advantage of the premium friends feature and if you’re willing to pay $50 for more guns and vehicles, that’s your choice 🙂


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