Is Loot Crate Worth it? Let’s Look at What it Offers


In this post, I’ll be discussing is Loot Crate worth it by looking at what it has to offer and comparing it to the price. By the end, you should have a clear idea as to whether any of the Loot Crate services are for you.

About Loot Crate – What is It?about-loot-crate

Loot Crate is a company that sell packages of geek and gaming gear, which mainly consists of collectibles, tech gadgets and more. The two types of crates are monthly subscription based ones, and the other are limited edition crates, which consist of a single crate.

Here are the 3 main perks of Loot Crates:

  • You often get exclusive items that you can’t buy anywhere else
  • The content of each pack is often heavily discounted compared to if you were to buy each item within the pack elsewhere. Typically, you’ll save anywhere from $20-$50 per crate,
  • The excitement and surprise revolved around what you’ll get in your crate. It’s like Christmas coming early!

You can read more details about how Loot Crate works here.

What Types of Loot Crates Can You Get?

There are many different themes of Loot Crates that you can purchase, meaning that you can actually get stuff thatloot-crate-subscription-crates you’re interested in. The monthly subscription crates always contain 4-6 items within them, and cost a different amount depending on the theme. Here are some of the subscription crate themes, along with the price per crate and the value inside:

  • Standard ($11.95 – $13.95) – Value of at least $50
  • Gaming ($22.95 – $24.95) – Value of at least $60
  • Fun toys and treats for dogs ($17.99 – $19.99) – Value of at least $50
  • Anime ($22.95 – $24.95) – Value of at least $50

There is also a $5 fee for shipping and handling for each crate in the US.

You can check out the rest of the subscription crate themes here if you’re interested. However, as for the limited edition crates, they tend to be specific to a particular game or franchise. For example, some of the limited edition crates currently available are: Call of Duty, Gears of War 4 and Star Wars. The main perk of these is that they include lots of exclusives!

To see the type of stuff that you can expect to see in the crates, check out the Past Crates page. Also, you can preview what type of stuff will be the current month’s Loot Crate offers under each theme to get a good idea whether you want to purchase it or not. The images displayed are of previous Loot Crates to give you an idea about what you might get – the surprise of what you’ll get is one of the best things about them!

Evaluating the Quality Within The Loot Crates

Now the thing that really matters is the quality of the products within the Loot Crates. Since gaming is the theme of which I have the most interest in, I’m going to be evaluating the quality of the products within a particular gaming Loot Crate.

The Gaming Loot Crate that I’m going to be analyzing is the one from August, which is the Mecha theme.


Loot Crate Gaming August box

The quality of the box is pretty impressive, with the theme reflected on the interior of the box. It also folds out pretty nicely, so it’s probably worth keeping. Now let’s get into the content offered in this Loot Crate.

However, before I do, I just want to point out that before you buy a Loot Crate you’ll be able to see all of the sub-themes within it, so only buy it if it contains stuff relevant to things you’re actually interested in!

Destiny T-Shirtloot-crate-gaming-shirt

The first item is an exclusive Destiny T-shirt, with the 3 Destiny titan classes on it. It looks pretty decent and is a nice shirt to have around even if you’re not the biggest of Destiny fans.

Estimated Value: $20

BioShock Patch

Next up we have a BioShock iron-on patch which is also an exclusive item. A cool little item if you’re a BioShock fan, as I’m sure you’d find some use for it.

Estimated Value: $5

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Adam Jenson Figureis-loot-crate-worth-getting

Yet another Loot Crate exclusive, bringing us a cool looking Adam Jenson figures which I’m sure Deus Ex fans would love to have sitting on their shelves. The quality of the figure is good and doesn’t feel like it’s the type of thing that will break as soon as you drop it.

Estimated Value: $20

Law Breakers Snapback Cap

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this I had no idea what game it was from, but nevertheless it looks pretty cool. So I loot-crate-gaming-caplooked it up and it’s actually from an upcoming shooter called ‘Law Breakers’, which definitely looks like it’s worth a shot.

Estimated Value: $10

Borderlands 2 Claptrap (Bottle Opener)

Next up we have a Borderlands 2 Claptrap bottle opener, which a pretty cool design opener. Now you can pop off those bottle tops off in style! I like the idea, as you can use it as just a collectible or you can actually use it for its purpose! It’s also magnetic, so you can stick it to your fridge or whatever.

Estimated Value: $5

Mecha Coin Pinloot-crate-pin

A pin with the ‘Mecha’ theme as inspiration – personally I wouldn’t find much use of this at all, but I’m sure some of you wouldn’t mind getting this. I believe it’s also hand polished which is a nice touch.

Estimated Value: $2

Then finally the crate came with a small booklet…

Loot Crate Gaming August 2016 Overview

The first thing I’ll say is that Loot Crate are not lying when they say the total value of the content of the crate is at least $60. According to my estimates, the value of this Loot Crate added up to $62 – considering it will only cost you $24.95 to buy one of these, with a $5 expense for shipping and handling, you’re essentially getting double the value for your money with the gaming crates!

I would say that the content of the crate was of pretty high quality – although there was some stuff in there that doesn’t particularly appeal to me, such as the iron-on patch and the pin, the items are still of good quality and I would still be getting a big discount even if the pin and patch weren’t included! Every single one of the items included in this particular crate was exclusive!

However, since you can see what sub-themes will be in each crate, there’s an unlikely chance that you’ll get something you don’t care about. In the case that you do, I would just sell the item on Ebay!

In Order to Appreciate Loot Crates, You Need to Have Pretty Versatile Interests

Since most Loot Crates contain items from a variety of themes, for example in the gaming crates the items will mostly be related to different games, you’re going to need to have versatile interests in the category you go for. If you see a subscription Loot Crate and you notice that one of the themes of the content within it interests you, you’ll probably be disappointed, as you’ll only actually have an interest in 1 or 2 of the items within the Loot Crate. The rest of the items will be useless to you.

Therefore you need to have a wide variety of interests in order to be able to appreciate the wide variety of items you’ll get – always look at the themes that will be included in the current month’s Loot Crate, and only buy it if you’re truly interested in most of the themes of the content that will be in it.

If you have much more specific interests, like if you’re a massive Call of Duty fan boy but don’t care about anything else, then you can check out the Limited Edition crates, as they are solely dedicated to a particular franchise.

If You Reside Outside of the US, You’re Going to Have to Pay Quite a Lot More

Since Loot Crate are a US based company, it costs more to ship their products internationally. As a result, there is a


Cost in the UK

pretty big influx in the prices in comparison to if you live in the US.

For example, the standard Loot Crate costs $29.95 in the UK, whereas it only costs $13.95 + $5 for shipping in the US! In the UK, shipping is included in the price, but even if you take that away it still costs a significant amount more. For the standard crate, it costs about $10 more in the UK than it does in the US!

Luckily the other crates don’t cost quite as much in comparison to the US. For example, the Loot Crate Gaming in the UK costs $34.95, whereas in the US it costs $24.95 + $5 shipping. Altogether, the gaming crate only costs about $5 more in the UK than it does in the US.

However, even if you are outside the US, you still get good value for your crate. You’ll still save about $20 on the standard crate and $25 on the gaming crate – if you are an international customer, I would only purchase a Loot Crate if you’re either mega interested in a particular theme and would really appreciate the type of content you get, like I showed you from my August crate.

Loot Crate: The Pros and Cons

As we draw in to concluding is Loot Crate worth the money, I’ll outline the main pros and cons to give you a better summary of the points.

The Pros:

  • Most Loot Crate items are exclusive and you can’t get them anywhere else.
  • You get fantastic value in the crates, usually saving around $30-$50 per crate.
  • The content within the crates is high quality – not flimsy junk that will break after a day.
  • There is lots of choice on what type of crate you would like to get.
  • You can set-up monthly subscriptions, meaning that you’ll have a new crate delivered to your door every month – you don’t have to fiddle around ordering every single one separately. Your crate will arrive between the 20th-28th of each month.
  • Limited Edition crates offer the absolute ultimate bundle in the franchise of your choice.
  • There is a very helpful ‘Live Chat’ support on their website.

The Cons:

  • There is a risk of getting an item that you may not like.
  • The prices are pretty high for people outside the US.
  • You need to have broad interests to appreciate all of the content within the crates.

Verdict: Is Loot Crate Worth the Money?is-loot-crate-worth-the-money

Loot Crates are all about collectibles, exclusives and gadgets – from that phrase alone you should know whether it’s going to be something you like or not.

Typical content you get within crates is:

  • Clothing – T-shirts and caps mainly.
  • Figures (like the Deus Ex figure etc.)
  • Pins
  • Booklet about the theme
  • Other items… For example, a bottle opener, a bank etc.

–>Click Here to Check Out Loot Crate<–

If you’re passionate about gaming/movie collectibles, then you’d probably love Loot Crate and I’d definitely recommend it to you. However, otherwise I don’t think you would fully appreciate the content within the crates, so in that case I wouldn’t recommend them to you.

If you’re in the US, they have some fantastic prices, especially on the standard Loot Crate; therefore if you’re sitting on the wall on whether Loot Crate is your type of thing, I would order 1 and see how you like it. You’re not forced to continually pay for another one every month!

However, if you’re outside the US then you’re going to have to pay a fair bit more – in fact, a lot more. Therefore, I wouldn’t say Loot Crates are worth it outside of the US unless you’re REALLY into whatever the Loot Crates are promoting.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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