Is it Worth Upgrading to an Xbox One from an Xbox 360? Xbox 360 vs Xbox One

xbox 360 vs xbox one

Here is the big question that is facing all Xbox players that have yet to upgrade to next-gen: is it worth upgrading to an Xbox One from an Xbox 360? In this post, I will be providing an Xbox 360 vs Xbox One comparison!

The Xbox 360 has been around for over 10 years now; it’s getting old. The Xbox One may have a bigger price tag, but it is becoming an increasingly necessary investment to make if you don’t want to be left behind in the gaming world. In this post, I will explain the different reasons why the investment is worth it and will help you draw to a conclusion whether it is suitable for you!

xbox 360 vs xbox one

The Xbox One Trumps the Xbox 360 in Every Technical Aspect

Microsoft didn’t spend the next 8 years after the release of the Xbox 360 doing nothing. The difference between the specifications of the two consoles is pretty huge.


Firstly, the most storage available on an Xbox 360 was 500GB, although 250GB was the most storage available for some time. However, the most amount of storage available on an Xbox One is 1TB, which is 2 times as much as the maximum amount available on the Xbox 360. I certainly remember being slightly cautious on my Xbox 360 as for what to download, because I didn’t want to use up all of my storage.

Now there is absolutely no need to worry about that now with the Xbox One, as 1TB of storage will last you nearly forever!


The Xbox 360 has a tri-core 3.2GHz processor, whereas the the Xbox One has a processor with 8 is an xbox one worth itcores with a clock-speed of 1.75GHz. In other words, the Xbox One is a lot lot faster.

Also, the Xbox 360 has only 512MB of RAM, whereas the Xbox One has 8GB, which is nearly 15 times as much!

Have you ever experienced your Xbox 360 lagging frequently? I sure have. But those days are over with the Xbox One, as you can evidently see here.


Of course, the graphics are also much better now, as games can be run at 60FPS and 1080p, making the game look a lot smoother and detailed. The Xbox One also has a much better graphics card than the Xbox 360, which is another big reason why the game graphics on Xbox One are better.

Game Development for Xbox 360 is Coming to a Halt

The biggest reason, in my opinion, as to why I think you should upgrade to an Xbox One from an should i upgrade to xbox oneXbox 360 if you don’t yet have one, is that developers are starting to stop creating games for the Xbox 360.

This largely comes down to the fact that the Xbox 360 simply isn’t powerful enough to run the games that are being developed these days – even if games are being released on the Xbox 360, the developers will be mainly focused on their development on next-gen.

This means that the versions of the games on the Xbox 360 will be less developed and will have less content than the version of the game on the Xbox One. Do you really want to be playing a ‘second hand’ version of a game?

Take Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for example; it was undecided for quite some time whether it was going to be released on last-gen consoles. Although it was finally decided that it would be released on last-gen consoles, a completely different development team will be working on it and many features of the game on next-gen won’t be included. For me, this is like buying a game and only getting 75% of it.

Furthermore, it is very unlikely that the next Call of Duty after Black Ops 3 will be released on next-gen consoles. In a year or two’s time, I suspect all of the major games will be next-gen only. In fact, I can almost guarantee it.

It really is a case of having to upgrade in order to play the newest and best games.

Backward Compatibility – You can Play Xbox 360 Games on the Xbox One!

Microsoft is now making it easier than ever to upgrade, as they have announced plans to make  Xbox 360 games playable on the Xbox One!

This really was a shock announcement and even Sony admitted that they were surprised by it. This feature is expected to launch to the public in November 2015; meanwhile you can check the Xbox One compatibility list. Not all of these games will definitely be backwards compatible, but it has been estimated so. Also, many more games will be appearing on the list in the meantime!

Also, if you want to get involved in what games you want to see compatible on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, you can check out the backward compatibility hot ideas and vote for which games you want to have backward compatibility, or you can start your own ideas if you wish!

However, it is important to bear in mind that not all Xbox 360 games will have backward compatibility and it may take some time for some games to gain it, but trust me, it will be worth the wait! Also, this is not something that Sony are currently offering for their PlayStation games, so this really is an Xbox One exclusive!

The Xbox One Controller is More Advanced

Despite the change from the Xbox 360 controller not being revolutionary, there have still been is the xbox one worth gettingnoticeable positive changes to the controller. Besides, nearly everyone loved the Xbox 360 controller, so would you really want it to change much?  I wouldn’t.

Microsoft say that they have made 40 improvements to the controller, some of which are very minor, but in a sense, that shows how deeply they have thought about it.

Here is a video by Xbox explaining some of the bigger changes – it will be much easier for you to watch the video than for me to explain to you:

So the Xbox One clearly has a lot of improvements from the Xbox 360 controller and just feels a lot better for gamers, whilst maintaining the classic Xbox 360 feel.

Price Comparison – Is it Worth Upgrading to an Xbox One from an Xbox 360?

Let’s quickly break down the facts about why it is worth getting the Xbox One:

  • The Xbox One is significantly faster than the Xbox 360
    – It has nearly 15 times more RAM
    – It has a much faster processor
  • The Xbox One has much more storage than the Xbox 360
    – It can store up to 1TB
  • The Xbox One has much better graphics than the Xbox 360
    – It can run games at 60fps and 1080p
    – It has a much better graphics card than the Xbox 360
  • Fewer games are being developed for Xbox 360
    – Developers are starting to stop developing the major games for Xbox 360
    – Within 1-2 years, hardly any games will be developed for Xbox 360, so you will need to upgrade to Xbox One in order to play the biggest games
  • In November you can play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One!
    – Backward compatibility will allow you to play a ton of your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, saving your money!
  • A more advanced controller
    – Over 40 improvements made to the controller since the Xbox 360 one
  • Much more entertainment and a more advanced interface
    – Much more media coverage, apps, and cool features


I think from all of these facts, we can draw to the conclusion that the Xbox One is a significantly better console than the Xbox One, despite how much we love our Xbox 360’s!

However, now the question in your minds is whether it is worth the cost?

You can buy the Xbox One from as low as $340, which is a pretty immaculate considering it was at the lowest around $500 upon release; now you can get huge bundles for less than that!

If you are currently and Xbox 360 gamer and want to continue playing the latest games, then I would definitely recommend upgrading to the Xbox One!

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If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and I will be more than happy to help!


  1. That’s the thing about gaming. It just gets better and faster and let’s face it – the XBox 360 can’t keep up with the demands of the newer games. If you like the 360 and you’re happy with the games you’ve got then stick with it, but it just won’t be able to cope with the games of the future (especially as they won’t be making them for the 360).
    I like that they are going down the line of backward compatibility. That’s something that always bugged me – having to waste old games that are perfectly good when upgrading. Great move.

    • Exactly Eoin, you’ve got the idea! Backwards compatibility really is great, especially benefiting Xbox 360 users, as like you said, you won’t have to waste old games!

  2. Hi James. Yes storage is pretty much a big issue with Xbox 360 as you always have to delete saved files from previous games if you want to play with another one. But is it really worth it to upgrade to ONE… Will it not be outgraded anytime soon?

    • This is a good question, Guy! Well it took 8 years for the Xbox One to be released after the release of the Xbox 360, and it hasn’t even been two years since the release of the Xbox One, so I’d say the Xbox One will be the latest Microsoft console for a long time and it isn’t really anything to worry about!

      • So I guess we are still good for a few years… Thanks James

        • Yes, we almost certainly should be safe with the Xbox One for a number of years! It’s still a pretty new console!

  3. Yeah, the One has more storage but the games that come out for it are much larger. Instead of 2-8 GB on the 360 they’re 20-50 on the One. Yes The One has larger storage options, but it also requires a lot more.

    • Yes, that’s definitely true. Black Ops 3, for example, was about 70GB from what I remember, which is huge in comparison to previous COD’s on the 360. There is the 2TB version of the Xbox One available now, or you can always buy an external hard drive, which is probably what I would recommend doing if you feel you need more storage.


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