Is DOOM Worth It? (2016) – Let’s Take a Closer Look

is doom worth it

In this post, I’ll be discussing is DOOM worth it by explaining exactly what the game offers and whether it’s worthy of a place on your shopping list.

What Exactly is DOOM?

DOOM is pretty much a first-person shooter based on fighting demons in space after you face an invasion from hell. The plot really is as simple as that, and even though the first Doom game was all the way back in 1993, you really shouldn’t have any trouble picking the plot up. However, if you do want to read a bit about the previous games, you can read the Doom story here.

Doom is one of the most violent games out there, with gore and horror being two of the main highlights of the game. However, with DOOM 2016, there is a whole lot more being brought to the table than in the previous games.

Check out the launch trailer here:

Pretty bad-ass, right? So it looks cool, there’s no question of that, but I’m sure you’re interested to know everything that the game has in it, besides the campaign, so let’s get into it!

DOOM Features a Breathtaking Multiplayer

I’m definitely more of a multiplayer guy myself, so a game has to have a great multiplayer to suit my taste. Thankfully, DOOM didn’t let me down – after playing the multiplayer beta, I was sold. It has highly intense, fast-paced gameplay, which will always have you on the edge of your seat. DOOM has a very competitive multiplayer and the word ‘casual’ is the complete opposite as to how I would describe it, so be prepared to go try-hard if you want to give this game a shot.

The gameplay is comparable to Halo in terms of the HP of the characters, the mechanics of the guns and how special weapons and abilities spawn around the map, yet it still has a very unique feel to it. Throughout the game, you can use ‘hack modules’, which are essentially power ups, such as starting your life with extra armour. You also have a small boost jump, which is very simple and is mainly used just to get around the map and to add some more diversity to the game.

Also, during some stages in a game, ‘demon runes’ will spawn on the map, which make you transform into the demon of which you choose at the start of the match. These are absolute killing machines, with very high health and powerful weapons, so the demon runes are definitely something to get your hands on.

should i get doom

An example of a demon from DOOM

Furthermore, DOOM features a total of 6 multiplayer game modes that make the game all the more intense. Here is a quick breakdown of them:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Warpath – Control a capture point that moves around the map along a set path
  • Freeze Tag – Instead of shooting to kill your enemies, you shoot to freeze, which immobilizes them in a block of ice. You can stand by your frozen team mates for a set amount of time to melt the ice. A team wins when the whole enemy team is frozen.
  • Soul Harvest – Soul Harvest has the same concept as ‘Kill Confirmed’ from Call of Duty. Kill enemies and collect their ‘souls’ to score points. However, the twist to it in DOOM is that a demon rune spawns after the first kill and has absolutely no time limit!
  • Clan Arena – Win the game by eliminating the enemy team. With no weapon, health, armor or demon rune pick ups, this game mode is strictly about using your core weapons.

Some of the biggest criticisms of DOOM are related to the movement system, in the sense that it feels quite stiff, as it’s quite simple. However, I quite like the fact that there aren’t any special slide or dash movements; I’m pretty sick to death of that kind of stuff after Black Ops 3.

DOOM Multiplayer Customization – Is it Good?doom character customization

To be honest, I was expecting DOOM to be quite limited in terms of customization. Although there aren’t that many weapons in the game, the customization offered to your character is fantastic! There are over 300 differences pieces of armor and 90 colors you can use to give your marine the look that you’ve been dreaming of.

However, the appearance of your character isn’t as far as customization goes in DOOM – you can also select from 125 taunts to use when you finish within the top 3 players in a game to show off to everyone else!

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DOOM SnapMap – Players Can Build Their Very Own Maps

DOOM SnapMaps allow you to create your own maps and even edit game logic, so you can create entirely new game modes! This isn’t just a matter of putting a few boxes on the floor – you create every part of the map yourself! You can build floors, walls, ceilings, rooms, hallways, explosives, demons… The list goes on!

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest, if not the greatest feature within DOOM as your creativity is the only limitation. Getting bored of a game too quickly is always a big concern to players, but SnapMaps provide endless opportunities, so getting bored any time soon is out of the equation.

You can have 4 players on a SnapMap, and whether you’re on the same team or against each other, is entirely the creators choice! Feel free to check out this video to see some of the kinds of maps people have made:

You Can’t Play Co-Op Campaign on DOOM

One of the set-backs of the game is that you can’t play co-op campaign. With the ability to create your own maps and being able to step into a breath-taking multiplayer, you wouldn’t have thought a co-op campaign would have been beyond the developers’ capabilities, but unfortunately we’re just gonna have to deal with it.

The Final Verdict – Is Doom Worth it?

As long as you’re happy with DOOM’s movement system, then there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t get it. It provides some of the most intense FPS action out there and I fully expect it to perform well in the competitive scene.

It has content to please all types of players: a campaign, a multiplayer and the ability to create your very own maps and game modes. DOOM will provide you with hours upon hours of fun and is especially enjoyable to play with friends, as it is definitely a team-based shooter.

It’s something different beside your typical shooter and is probably a type of game that a lot of you haven’t touched; however, if you like the look at it and like the features of the game that I have described in this article, then I would fully encourage you to get it.

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  1. Really nice post. I was skeptical of Doom to say the least. I was slightly concerned that it would be Halo Reach remastered, but your post has really made me see that it isn’t. Looks amazing, you mentioned that there were limited weapons, we’re they balanced or not? Thanks agian.

    • Hey Jack,

      DOOM definitely does have some things in common with Halo, such as the HP, style of weapons etc. like I talked about in the post. However, it definitely does have its own unique feel; in fact, it feels so unique that people are criticizing it because it doesn’t feel like the other Doom games. But does that really matter if it’s better than them?

      There were only a few weapons on the beta, such as the super shotgun, heavy assault rifle and rocket launcher. The shotgun was certainly the most powerful weapon, but then again the DOOM wouldn’t be DOOM without the shotgun being a key part of the game. I’m sure that the balancing of the guns will be sorted by the release of the game.


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