How to Use XP Boost on Battlefield 1 (Squad XP Boosts)

How to Use XP Boost on Battlefield 1 (Squad XP Boosts)

XP boosts have been part of Battlefield for some time now, but they work slightly differently in Battlefield 1. Therefore, in this guide I’m going to be showing you exactly how to use XP boost in Battlefield 1 and explain how it is slightly different to before.

XP Boosts on BF4 vs BF1 – There’s a Difference

On Battlefield 4, you acquired XP boosts from battlepacks and this increased the amount of experience that you personally got. For example, a 200% experience boost for an hour.

However, on Battlefield 1, there currently aren’t XP boosts that you only apply to yourself. Instead, you get squad XP boosts.

These are still acquired from battlepacks, but provide XP to your whole squad, rather than just yourself. So for example, if you used a 100% XP bonus in a squad of 5 people, all 5 people in the squad would get 2x XP for an hour (if they stayed in your squad).

Therefore, you should use it with friends and you could try stacking your XP bonuses together.

How to Use XP Boosts on Battlefield 1

You can check if you have any XP boosts by going into ‘More’ –> ‘Battlepacks’ –> ‘Inventory” and then scroll down to squad XP boost. If there’s nothing there, then I’m afraid you don’t have one!

However, if you do, then you’ll have probably noticed that you can’t actually activate it there.battlefield 1 squad xp available

In order to actually activate the squad XP boost, you have to actually be in a game.

On the squad screen as soon as you join the game, there will be a notice at the top alerting you of the fact that you have a squad XP boost available to use. To activate it, simply hover over it and select it.

Afterwards, you’ll see a timer counting down from 60 minutes; this is the time left that you and your squad mates will receive a 100% XP bonus for.

XP Boosts Don’t Stack in Battlefield 1

A question that I’ve seen a lot of people asking, is whether XP boosts stack in Battlefield 1 – for example, if 3 people in the same squad activated their boosts at the same time, would everyone in the squad receive a 300% XP boost for the next hour?

I’m afraid not.

It is believed that if multiple people activate their XP boosts at the same time, only 1 of them will be activated and the others will be ‘queued’ until the other one runs out.

So if you were thinking about this, smart thinking, but I’m afraid it won’t work.

How to Use XP Boosts as Effectively as Possible

In order to use your XP boosts as effectively as possible, you’re going to need to know how to get as much XP as possible, because this is going to be DOUBLED.

I could write a whole separate guide on this, but I thought I would just summarize the main points for you instead:

  • Play Domination or Conquest, but make sure you play to the objective by capturing as many flags as possible.
  • Play in a squad of 5 and if you’re the squad leader, make sure to constantly set targets for your squad, as this provides you with additional XP.
  • Medals can provide some massive XP bonuses and there are a few that you really don’t have to go out of your way for at all. Initially, I always forgot to put these on, so this is definitely something you want to do.
  • Drive vehicles that can hold a lot of people. This means that you will get a ‘driver’s assist’ on every kill that everybody else in your squad gets. Also, in the likes of the heavy tank, you’re going to be getting so many kills that you really should be forcing yourself to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Remember to spot enemies as frequently as possible.
  • Revive/heal/resupply as many people as possible.

Also, this quick 2 minute video by StoneMountain64 does a really good job at summarizing a lot of these points:

Should You Scrap Your XP Boosts?

The value of an XP boost is treated the same as a legendary skin – you can get 270 scraps for getting rid of it. Therefore, could this be a viable option?

Most certainly.

A lot of people are a lot more concerned about obtaining cool weapon skins that leveling up, so why would they bother keep the XP boost?

In order to decide for yourself, you should consider what you’re more concerned about:

  • Additional XP
  • Cool weapon skins and legendary weapons

Personally, I couldn’t care less about what skins I have on my weapons. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve even bothered to put one on. Therefore, I would obviously keep the XP boost.

However, there are a number of people that do care about this a lot more. It’s all personal preference!

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  1. Great explained article about squad XP boost, I also don’t care what the skin of the weapon look like. If the skin gave it more fire power then I probably would have chosen the skins. I prefer standard authenticate weapon rifle skins.
    SalamanDir (ZA)


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