How to Unlock Melee Weapons in Battlefield 1

battlefield 1 get melee weapons

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to unlock melee weapons in Battlefield 1, as this is something that a lot of people are having trouble doing. Truth is, it’s really not that hard at all!

It’s well worth changing the melee weapon you use in Battlefield 1, as each of them deal varying amounts of damage and have different attack speeds/strengths, so there’s likely to be one better suited to your style of play rather than the default ‘combat knife’.

Where Can You Change Your Melee Weapon? how-to-change-melee-weapon-in-battlefield-1

Before you spawn in as a class, select the class that you would like to change the melee weapon on and select ‘customize’. On Xbox One, you can do this by pressing Y (it will tell you how to customize in the bottom left corner of your screen).

Then scroll down to the bottom of the class customization and you’ll see an option called ‘melee’. Simply select that and there you are presented with an array of melee weapons.

Alternatively, you can change your melee weapon through Battlefield 1 Companion. Once you’re on ‘career’, click on ‘loadouts’ on the top right of the screen and there you can follow the same process of changing your melee weapon.

Most of The Melee Weapons Start Off Locked – How Do You Get Them?

As you go to change your melee weapon, you’ll see one of three things for each weapon:how-to-unlock-melee-weapons-in-battlefield-1

  • The weapon is free to select.
  • There is a 150 war bonds price tag – this means that you have unlocked the weapon, but need to spend 150 war bonds in order to acquire it.
  • The weapon is completely locked – you don’t currently meet the required rank for that specific weapon. The symbol represents the class that you don’t meet the requirement in and the number shows what rank you need to get the class to in order to unlock the weapon.

In order to level your classes up, you simply get as much score as possible with the class that you want to rank up. You can do this by killing enemies, capping objectives and by using your class abilities, such as supplying ammo or medical packs.

Then, when you meet the required class level for each specific weapon, you’ll have to spend 150 war bonds to unlock it.

What is The Difference Between Each of The Melee Weapons?

The melee weapons aren’t just different in terms of their cosmetics; they actually do varying damage, have different attack speeds and can damage different things. Take a look at the comparison of the combat knife, the pickaxe and the spiked club below.


The first image is displaying the stats of the default ‘combat knife’. It has a relatively low damage, but is very fast in the sense that you can lunge again and again very quickly. It also has a large kill one, meaning that you can hit players from further away.

Just below the bars, you’ll notice that there are three more fields, called ‘break wire’,’break wood’, and ‘damage light vehicle’. If the symbol next to each of them is highlighted, this means that the weapon can do that specific thing; the combat knife can’t do any of these things, whereas the pickaxe and spiked club can both break wood and damage light vehicles.

This suggests that the pickaxe and spiked club would be useful on an assault class, as they would give you even more options to attack vehicles with.

You’ll have to test each one of them out and evaluate which one you like the best, as they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

Feel free to check out my post on how to improve your aim and accuracy in Battlefield 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down below and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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