How to Turn on the Killfeed in Battlefield 1

how to turn on the kill log in battlefield 1

If you’re wondering how to turn on the killfeed in Battlefield 1, I’ll show you exactly how you can do so in this quick post. It’s a little strange how the game doesn’t include the killfeed by default, as it’s something that is usually included in Battlefield games by default.

However, I suspect the developers thought that not having the killfeed on would immerse you more in the gameplay, as it’s one less distraction.

I actually really like the game without the killfeed on, but that’s probably just because I’m used to it – however, there’s no doubt that it can give you some advantages, which I’ll talk about later. But first, I’ll show you how you can enable it.

How to Turn on Killfeed in Battlefield 1

In order to turn on the killfeed, follow these simple steps:how to turn on killfeed in battlefield 1

  • Go into options
  • Go into gameplay
  • Enable the kill log and select one of ‘kill log’ options

There are in fact multiple options to choose from when enabling the kill log. The filters are: all, team, squad, self and nearby, giving you a wide range of choices.

The nearby filter can do a good job of showing nearby enemy action, which can be useful, as it only shows you the relevant kills.

Also, the ‘squad’ filter can work well, especially if you’re working together, as it will only show kills relevant to your squad. I wouldn’t recommend selecting the team or all options (unless you’re in a game with a very small amount of people), as it provides you with a lot of irrelevant information and can be more of a distraction than a benefit.

Alternatively, you can role without the killfeed and rely on communication – or just keep it off for the hell of it.

Don’t Put it On If You’re Easily Distracted

Whenever I turn the kill log on, regardless of the setting, I always find myself glancing at it – although it can occasionallybattlefield 1 killfeed provide some useful insight, particularly when you have it set on the ‘nearby’ mode, I find it to be more of a distraction than anything else.

One second I’m glancing at the killfeed, the next I’m getting shot up. That blind second of me looking at the kill log meant that I wasn’t paying complete attention to my peripherals and it has been the death of me way too many times.

I get EASILY  distracted by it and ultimately it tends to do more bad than good for me.

However, if you can restrain yourself from looking at it every time new activity happens, you can actually use it as a very good asset.

If you know the names and positions of some of your team mates, if you see them gunned down on the kill log, this can give you a great indicator as to where the enemy may be lurking. Therefore it’s worth getting a sense of where the rest of your team is concentrated at, as the killfeed can essentially serve as a secondary mini map if you use it effectively.

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Hopefully you found what you were looking for within this post! Feel free to leave any questions, comments or requests in the comments section down below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!


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