How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 – It’s Simple


If you’re wondering how to spot enemies on Battlefield 1, in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how. Spotting people is an essential part of the game and you’re putting both yourself and your team at a disadvantage if you’re not doing it.

Good job you’re trying to find out how to, eh?

This is How to Spot Enemies on Battlefield 1

Here is what you need to do to spot enemies on the different platforms:

  • Xbox One – Press ‘RB’
  • PS4 – Press ‘R1’
  • PC – Press ‘Q’

However, in order to spot players you have to be aiming at them, which is obviously a lot easier when you’re aiming down sights.

Next up I’ll briefly explain when you should utilize the spotting feature.

Should You Always Spot Enemies When You See Them?

Most of the time.  The only time that I wouldn’t recommend spotting an enemy is if you suddenly find yourself in a closehow-to-spot-enemies-in-battlefield-1 range gun fight, because it will be over in a second and spotting them will just put you off.

Here are some guidelines to follow when spotting:

  • Always spot enemy players at medium to long ranges. This will make them easier for you to see, will show you the class they’re using, will show you how much health they have and will outline them to your team mates. It puts you at a BIG ADVANTAGE.
  • If an enemy is going in the opposite direction to you, but you’re not 100% sure you can kill him in your current position, spot him and don’t shoot. Shooting will give your position away and the chances are you won’t get the kill, giving them a chance to turn on you. By marking them, you can easily trail them and move to a better position where you can definitely get the kill. Or even if you don’t follow them due to other engagements, it will give your team mates the opportunity to.
  • If you’re pretty certain that there’s an enemy in the distance, such as a sniper, but you can’t clearly see them, aim in their direction and spam the spot button. This trick is MAGIC, as a lot of the time it will end up marking an enemy for you that you can’t even see. It also makes them a lot easier to shoot at, at longer ranges.

You Should Always Spot Vehicles

Spotting vehicles is extremely important, as it marks a location for your assault players to target and for the rest of yourhow-to-spot-tanks-in-battlefield-1 team to get the hell out of.

It’s vital for co-coordinating attacks and gives the guys in your planes and tanks an advantage.

If you haven’t noticed already, Battlefield 1 is a game DOMINATED by vehicles. If your team 1 tank on the board but they have 3, you’re in some serious trouble.

Spotting enemy vehicles can actually make a bigger difference than you think, because a lot of the time, the reason your tank gets destroyed is because you don’t know where you’re getting hit from.

If someone had marked the vehicle that was hitting you up, it could have been a whole different story.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section below and I’d be more than happy to help you out! 🙂


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