How to Make Money with G2A Goldmine – It’s Simple

make money with g2a goldmine

In this guide, I’m going be walking you through step by step showing you how to make money with G2A Goldmine, which can be extremely rewarding. G2A Goldmine is an affiliate program like no other in the gaming industry and I really encourage you to take advantage of it whilst it’s still around.

However, before we get into the exciting stuff, let’s clarify exactly what G2A Goldmine is.

Let’s Get Things Straight – What Exactly is G2A Goldmine?

As you might already have guessed, G2A Goldmine is the affiliate program of G2A, which is a gaming marketplace that sells a whole load of games across all consoles at discounted prices and there are always some awesome deals.

Just to clarify, an affiliate program is a relationship between an affiliate (which in this case would be you) and a company, in which you (the affiliate) will receive a commission every time you refer someone to that company and they buy a product.

For example, if you were to click on this link here and purchase a game from G2A, I would receive a small commission. It will work in exactly the same way for you!

But that it just what any standard affiliate program offers; what makes G2A Goldmine special? Let’s get right into that.

G2A Goldmine isn’t Your Ordinary Affiliate Program – It’s a Lot Better

First of all, if you refer somebody to G2A, you will earn commissions for every product they EVER buy there. Most affiliate programs only allow you to earn commissions within the first 24 hours of referring somebody, so being able to earn commissions for life from one single customer is pretty outstanding.

Furthermore, the most astonishing thing about G2A Goldmine is that you can even earn money from people that you refer that refer other people! I know that sounds pretty confusing, so take a look at how G2A put it themselves below.

how to make money with g2a goldmine

A reflink is the name of the link that you use to refer other people to G2A and I’ll be explaining how you can use that effectively later. Also, in case you’re wondering what ‘cookies’ are, they’re just the way of G2A Goldmine remembering who you have referred.

So hopefully you now understand the idea of how G2A Goldmine works!

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Where to Find and How to Create Custom Reflinks


Once you have created your account at G2A Goldmine, head into the ‘Tools’ section and you will see something similar to this:

g2a goldmine reflinks

Customizing your reflinks inside G2A Goldmine

Under the ‘name’ column, you’ll probably see a load of random numbers. You can change your username by clicking on the little pencil in the ‘name’ column. Try to keep your username fairly short, and use a dash if you want to use a space!

Furthermore, you can change where the link actually goes to by clicking on the pencil icon in the ‘Link to’ column. You can set the link to go to a specific game, the most profitable game or a category within G2A, depending on which is the most relevant. By the way, you can make as many different reflinks as you want!

Now you know what reflinks are all about, we can get into the exciting stuff; making money.

The Best Methods to Make Money with G2A Goldmine – My Top Tips

The most common way people try to make money with G2A goldmine is just by spamming their g2a gold mine reflink no spamreflink everywhere. Please don’t.

Although you may pick up a couple of referrals doing this, it’s a slow and strenuous method which G2A does not support. Besides, there are FAR better methods to gain referrals. So now I’m going to present to you my key tips that you should follow step by step!

1) Make a Team with Your Friends

I’m sure you all have some friends you like to game with; why not tell them about G2A Goldmine and get them in your team! Just simply do this by sharing your link with them and as soon as they click on that link ‘cookies’ will be stored and if they ever make a purchase on G2A, they will be in your team forever.

Remember, you will earn 60% of any commission that someone you have directly referred ever earns, so in theory, your friends can make money for you! Then if someone in your Level 2 relation (someone that one of your direct referals has referred) refers another person, then you will earn 40% of any commission that they any make! Awesome, right?

This is the easiest way to start out your team.

2) Start a YouTube Channel or Twitch Stream

If you don’t already have a YouTube Channel or Twitch stream, then it may be something you want how to make money with g2a goldmine on youtubeto consider. As you grow a bigger subscriber base and get more viewers, your videos/streams will be seen by a lot of people! It would be perfect to put a G2A link in your video description or briefly mention G2A at the start of your video, as this would lead to a lot of referrals and I think you know what that means!

If starting a YouTube channel is something you’re considering, then you can check out my post on how to start a gaming YouTube channel for more information.

3) Social Media, Forums and Gaming Communities

I’m sure you and a lot of your friends that you play video games with use some sort of social media. Therefore a great way to let them know about G2A would be through social media posts/tweets.

Think of it this way: if you have 200 friends on Facebook and say 5 people decide to click on the reflink you posted in your status – that’s another 5 people in your team forever. Furthermore, the likelihood is that they have some interest in gaming, as that was what probably caused them to click on the link in the first place, so it’s a pretty safe bet that at least a couple of them will make accounts at G2A Goldmine or even buy something.

I’m sure a lot of your have even more friends/followings than that, so definetely be sure to take advantage of it! On the other hand, if you don’t yet have social media, then I would highly recommend that you join at least one of the major networks.

Furthermore, another thing you can do is join gaming forums and communities and discuss topics with other gamers. Then if you feel it is appropriate, you may choose to share your reflink with them! DO NOT just go about spamming.

4) Do You Know a YouTuber or Twitch Streamer that Doesn’t Already use G2A?

Now here is where you can make A LOT. Most gaming YouTubers and Twitch streamers probably best way to make money with g2a goldminehaven’t even heard of G2A before (or at least they haven’t yet). Can you imagine if your referred a massive YouTuber to G2A and bought a product and then they started sharing their reflink in their videos? You would be making a consistent income for doing nothing at all!

Of course it is very hard to get attention from the bigger channels, so you would be much better off targeting smaller channels at first that will actually reply to you! Trust me, it will feel so good to get your first referral.

However, you need to go about contacting the owners of these channels in a professional way, to increase the chances that they’ll actually listen to you. In most cases, this doesn’t mean just leaving a comment on their video, even if it is fairly thorough, as these often get ignored. There is the chance that other viewers may see it too, though, so you could try it a couple of times.

On YouTube, you should send a private message to the owner of the channel. Start it off by showing some appreciation for their channel and talk about something relevant to one of their videos. Then you could ask them if they’ve heard of G2A and then you can share your reflink; just make sure you sound genuine.

On Twitch it should be even easier, as you can talk to the streamer in live chat! You should take advantage of the ‘whisper’ feature so you can message the streamer privately. Other than that, write the message in a similar way as to how you would with a private message on YouTube, but try to cut it down a bit!

How Much Can You Make From Each Sale?

There isn’t a fixed commission percentage for every sale you get with G2A; the amount varies depending on the product. However, you get paid in euros! From some sales you can get as little as €0.30 or so, but on the other hand there are products that you can earn of commission over €10 on, although 2 or 3 euros is the typical commission.

Also, you will get either 100%, 60% or 40% of the commission depending on where about in your team the sale was made, so its pretty hard to predict how much you will make.

Let’s say your team generates 5 sales a day and on average you make €1.50 a sale.

  • That’s €7.50 a day.
  • That’s €2737.5 a year for doing virtually nothing.

Now of course your team will get a lot bigger over time. So lets see how much you could make if your team could generate 25 sales a say and on average you make €1.50 a sale.

  • That’s €37.50 a day.
  • That’s €13,697.50 a year. Wow.
    how to make lots of money with g2a goldmine

    These affiliates make thousands with G2A Goldmine

It may not be enough for a full-time income, but personally I’d be pretty happy with that for just sharing a few links. There are people that make hundreds a day using the G2A Goldmine and they most certainly do make full-time incomes; it is possible!

Sure, you won’t be able to make as much as some of those affiliates, but they have used exactly the same steps as I have shared with you today! There are no ‘secret’ methods that they are using.

So what are you waiting for?

–>Click Here to Make your Account at G2A Goldmine and Start Earning<–

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help!



  1. do you have to have a gaming channel to get sponsored by g2a??

    • Nope, it’s open to everyone. Simply head over to G2A Goldmine, sign up, and then you can start promoting your reflink and earn commissions. Follow the tips listed in this guide and you should be off to a pretty good start!


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