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How to Level up Fast in Black Ops 3 – My Top Tips

how to level up fast in call of duty black ops 3

Hey all of you Call of Duty fans! Are you wondering how to level up fast in Black Ops 3? Great, because I have the answer right here for you. You may have noticed that leveling up in Black Ops 3 can take a very long time, which can make is a real pain to unlock all of the gear that you want. Therefore, you can really save yourself a lot of time and effort by following these simple tricks.

Play Objective Game Modes (Not Team Deathmatch)

Team Deathmatch has always been the most popular game-mode in Call of Duty, and whilst it may be great fun to play, it doesn’t provide great XP. For a standard kill, you get 100XP and that’s about it. Therefore, if you really want to level up fast in Black Ops 3, you should focus on objective based game modes instead.

I’ve done quite a bit of research into what objective game modes provide the best XP, so here are the top 2 game modes I have come up with:

Kill Confirmed

Kill confirmed is probably the game mode that is most alike TDM in Black Ops 3; it has the same concept, excepthow to get xp fast in black ops 3 when you kill someone, they will drop a tag which you will then need to pick up to secure your team a point. If you get to the tags of your dead team mates before the enemy do, you can prevent them from earning a point!

Here is how much XP you earn:

  • Standard kill – 50 points
  • Confirmed tag – 100 points
  • Denied kill – 25 points

Although you will be earning half the amount of points for a kill in comparison to TDM, if you manage to confirm that kill, you’ll be earning 150 points for that kill in total.

Let’s say you get 30 kills in a TDM game. That’s 3000 points (excluding bonuses).

On the other hand, let’s say you get 30 kills in a Kill Confirmed game and you manage to confirm 20 kills and deny 5. That’s a total of 3625 points (excluding bonuses). Therefore, you’re much more likely to be earning more XP in Kill Confirmed than Team Deathmatch!


Domination is probably my number 1 recommended game mode for leveling up fast in Black Ops 3, as long as youhow to level up fast in black ops 3 play to the objective.

The standard XP rates are great, as you can see here:

  • Standard kill – 100 points
  • Killing an attacker on a flag – 125 points
  • Killing a defender on a flag – 125 points
  • Killing somebody whilst securing a flag – 200 points
  • Securing a neutral flag – 50 points
  • Securing an enemy flag – 200 points

A standard kill in domination earns you the same amount of XP as a kill in Team Deathmatch, so even if you don’t play to the objective on domination, you’ll probably still earn more XP than you would on TDM.

However, domination offers a HUGE amount of XP for capturing flags and kill enemies around them. If you’re in the process of capturing the flag, you’ll get double XP for all kills you get, which is the best incentive to play domination to try and get XP, for me. Hardpoint is also a decent mode for getting XP on, but you only get 125 points for getting a kill on the hardpoint, whereas you get 200 points for being on the flag in domination!

Let’s say you get 40 kills in a domination game (since the games are longer), 15 of which are attack/defend kills and 7 are capture kills. Also, you manage to secure 1 neutral flag, as well as 6 enemy flags. Those are pretty average statistics for a domination game.

This would earn you 6325 XP! Therefore, in my opinion, domination is the best game mode to play if you want to level up fast in Black Ops 3, although I would also recommend to play the objective game mode of which suits your play-style the most and of which you are the best at!

This video offers some great tips on how to level up fast in Black Ops 3, also:

Use a Large Variety of Guns, Attachments, Perks, Equipment and Specialists!

Challenges are back in Black Ops 3, so in order to level up as fast as possible, you’ll need to use a large variety of weapons etc. so you can complete as many of them as possible! Upon completion of the challenges, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of XP, depending on the challenge. A typical reward would be something like 2000 XP, but for more difficult challenges you can get much more.

Use UAV and Counter-UAV’s as Much as Possible!

Although you should try to use a variety of scorestreaks in order complete more challenges, you should try and how to level up faster in black ops 3incorporate the UAV or Counter-UAV into your class at all times. The reason for this is that you get assist points for ANY kill that your team gets whilst you have a UAV or Counter-UAV up.

You usually get about 20 extra XP per kill whilst you have one of them up, so this can really start to rack up. Also, you should only really use scorestreaks of which you can realistically get every game, whilst still playing to the objective. This probably means sticking away from the likes of the mothership, unless you are constantly going on high killstreaks.

Watch out for Double XP Events

On special occasions, there will be double XP weekends on Black Ops 3, so be sure to play as much as you can then. You can probably expect to see these around festive occasions, such as Christmas possibly; just keep your ears open and make sure to take advantage of them! In fact, there’s a double XP weekend on as I’m writing this!

Feel free to check out my guide on how to get crypto keys on Black Ops 3 fast!

Let me know in the comments what level you are on Black Ops 3 and what your favorite methods to rank up are!



  1. Is S & D also good, as it has been in previous COD’s?

    • When Black Ops 3 first came out, you were only rewarded 250 XP per kill, which is half of what it was in Advanced Warfare! However, they just recently did an update that increased the XP per kill to 500, so yes, Search and Destroy is now also a good option for leveling up fast in Black Ops 3. It’s something you need to be really good at if you want to get decent XP; getting 5 or less kills a match is going to be pretty slow leveling. However, if you find you’re often getting 7 kills or more in a game, then you should definitely give it a go!


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