How to Improve Your Aim and Accuracy in Battlefield 1


In this guide, I will show you how to improve your aim and accuracy in Battlefield 1 to help you win as many gun fights as possible.

Having a good aim in Battlefield 1 is vital, since the time to kill is slightly longer than in other games such as Call of Duty, meaning that you need to register more of your shots in order to get a kill. Also, the weapons in Battlefield 1 have quite a bit of kick, so you really have to learn how to compensate with them.

So lets get right into how to improve your aim in Battlefield 1!

#1 Turn Off Controller Vibration

Your controller may feel cool vibrating in your hands, but did you know that this actually has a bad effect on your how-to-improve-your-aim-in-battlefield-1accuracy as you fire?

Turning it off is going to feel horrible at first and your instinct will be just to turn it straight back on; you need to resist this urge! The best way to do this is to jump into first campaign mission, as this will give you some easy target practice, making it easier for you to adapt to the change.

You could just head into a multiplayer game, but you’re much more likely to get angry when you get killed and in rage, you’ll probably just flick vibration back on. This will put your temper to the test!

After a while of getting used to it, you’ll start to realize how much easier it is without it, because you can concentrate more on precise movements to rack up those kills.

Trust me with this one! There is a reason that virtually every pro FPS player has vibration turned off…

#2 Find The Right Sensitivity For You

The speed at which you can look around at is dependent on the sensitivity setting you have. The two main sensitivity settings that you need to worry about in Battlefield 1 are ‘soldier stick sensitivity’ and ‘soldier zoom sensitivity’. If you want to find out more about sensitivity settings in Battlefield 1, click here.

At default, the ‘soldier stick sensitivity’ is set at 20%, whereas the ‘soldier zoom sensitivity’ is set at 100%. The soldier zoom sensitivity percentage is referring to how sensitively you weapon will move when you’re zoomed in, in comparison to the soldier stick sensitivity level, which is how fast you can look around without aiming.

For example, on the default settings, the sensitivity levels when zoomed in and not zoomed in are the same, as the soldier zoom sensitivity is 100% of 20%, which is also 20%.

However, for over 95% of people, this isn’t going to be the most ideal setting. Sure, you might be able to play okay with it, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect setting for you.

How Can You Find The Right Sensitivity?

The only way that you’re going to find the right sensitivity settings for you is through trial and error, because everybody is going to have different preferences.

However, I can definitely give you some tips to make this process a whole lot faster and I can let you know how exactly to realize when you’re at the right level.

If you’re new to FPS games, then 20% sensitivity is probably a good starting point for soldier stick sensitivity, just to get your eye in.

However, if you at least relatively comfortable with FPS games, then you’re definitely going to want to increase this. Why? Well it allows you to lock onto enemies quicker and scan the area much more efficiently.

I would recommend trying 25%-35% if you tend to play on pretty regular sensitivity levels on other games. I personally use 30% at the moment, but as you get more comfortable with the game, it gets easier to play at higher sensitivities.

how-to-change-sensitivity-battlefield-1However, I would STRONGLY recommend that you to lower your soldier zoom sensitivity – this is how sensitive you are to movement when zoomed in on a weapon or looking down a sight. The reason you want to lower this is because when aiming, you want to use small and precise movements to lock onto targets.

This is going to be very difficult if your gun is swaying all over the place. I would recommend setting it at 50%-80%.

As you do trial and error to try and find the best soldier stick sensitivity level, increase the sensitivity by a little bit every time, so that it doesn’t throw off your aim too much.

You’ll know that a sensitivity level is too low when you feel like you’re having to make excessively large movements with your thumbsticks to lock onto enemies and you’ll know that it’s too high if you’re moving your thumbstick to aim and your weapon sways way past the enemy you were trying to aim at.

While doing this remember that playing at higher sensitivities is ultimately going to give you an advantage, as you’ll be able to lock onto enemies faster, PROVIDED that you can maintain a good accuracy.

The highest sensitivity level that you can maintain a good accuracy at is the best one.

Use Kontrol Freeks To Help Yourself Play at Higher Sensitivities

If you play on console, then you should definitely look into getting a pair of Kontrol Freeks if you want to improve how-to-improve-your-accuracy-in-battlefield-1your accuracy on Battlefield 1, or any FPS game for that matter.

Kontrol Freeks are extensions to your thumbsticks, elevating the height at which your thumbs are at.

How does this help, though?

Not only are they more comfortable and grippy than your regular Xbox One and PS4 thumbsticks, but they also give you more control over smaller movements, making it A LOT easier to play at higher sensitivities.

Seriously, after you get some you’ll never go back – they really are an essential if you want to have the best aim possible.

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How To Compensate For Weapon Recoil

Battlefield is a franchise that has always tried to strive for realism and as a part of that, the weapons within the game how-to-control-recoil-in-battlefield-1tend to have a lot of recoil and this is even more so the case in BF1, since the equipment for reducing recoil wasn’t as developed, if at all present in WW1.

These are the main weapon types that you’re going to need to learn how to compensate for in terms of recoil:

  • SMGs (found on the assault class)
  • DMRs (found on the medic class)
  • LMGs (found on the support class)

How you deal with the recoil is going to vary with each of these, because they have different recoil patterns. Ultimately it’s going to be different with every weapon!

However, instead of boring you with an in-depth analysis into every single weapon in the game, I’ll give you some brief overall tips:

Tips For Controlling Recoil Effectively in BF1

When you’re at point blank range, sure, just hold down,spray the trigger and hope for the best. However, when distances are slightly longer, holding down/spraying the trigger is going to leave you with nothing but a couple of hit markers and an empty magazine.

Tap firing is absolutely essential. This is where you fire a couple of bullets at a time at your enemy, focusing on connecting every shot; otherwise you’ll be aiming at the sky before you know it. This is especially useful when the enemy is running sideways at a medium distance. But remember to shoot ever so slightly in front on the enemy at medium distances!

Don’t tap fire with LMGs – they get more accurate the more you shoot.

battlefield-1-tap-fireIf an enemy is coming directly towards towards you in a straight line at a slightly longer distance away and is about to engage, tap firing might not always be the best solution as you might get killed before you finish him off.

In this scenario, I would recommend holding down the trigger (applicable with SMGs, LMGs and some DMRs), but gradually moving down your left thumbstick as you fire. The purpose of doing this is to counter the vertical recoil of the weapon, so that it continues to fire in a straight line; this does take quite a lot of practice to master and varies with every gun, but it’s a great skill to have!

I would say that this tip is especially important with LMGs, as they tend to have the most recoil. Going prone will also reduce the kick on your weapons!

Also, with DMRs with long range optics, spraying at longer ranges just isn’t going to work. After you fire a shot, wait for the scope to come back down to its original level and that’s when you fire the next shot; using this method will help you to connect more shots.

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  1. Thanks this was a big help!

    • No problem Wes!

  2. Make. It 10 and we have a deal 😉 i appreciate it.

    • No problem John, I hope you found it useful! And what are you referring to when you say make it 10? The Dominator guide? It isn’t actually mine, so I can’t change the price of it unfortunately. It did just go up from $19.99 to $34.99 I think, so it is pretty expensive. I’ll let you know if the price drops if that was what you were referring to lol.


    • You’re welcome!

  4. Thanks for your gaming tips. Im a senior pc player that now has moved to consoles. Oh God! its so hard to aim with a controller…im using the vortex it sure helps…but it doesn make you a pro.

    Greetings ftom Chile.

    • You’re welcome! What made you convert to consoles? I imagine the transition must have been pretty tough, though – I’ve pretty much always played on consoles, so I would struggle on PC for sure. And the Vortex Kontrol Freeks? If so, the yes they are very helpful indeed. Speaking of which, I could do with getting a new pair 🙂

      Hopefully these tips helped you out and I hope you’re enjoying your time on consoles.


  5. Thanks man. Useful and practical information. Cheers.

    • No problem, I’m glad you found it useful!

  6. Nice work Dude, but i have a question:

    Aimassist(Deadzone) – default or different ? When it is different, which value is it?


    • Hi Sykes,

      I would definitely lower this, as it allows you to make much more precise movements. The default is at 22, but I would recommend lowering it to about 5. The change will feel really weird at first, so perhaps change it to 10 initially and then gradually work your way down to five. I found this to make a really big difference with my aim. I forgot to mention this in the guide, so thanks a lot for reminding me.

      All the best,

  7. Great guide, simple & easy to understand. The only thing I would add is people should change their cross hair colors to something that stands out very clearly to them. I run mainly bright orange except on sinai desert.

    • That’s a good suggestion, Joe! I’ll try it out for myself and perhaps add it to the guide 🙂 Hip firing is a vital aspect of play, especially with the SMGs, such as the Automatico and MP18, but is important with everything really. Making the cross hairs more visible by altering the color could help to focus them on enemies more accurately, so that’s definitely a good suggestion by the sounds of it.

      Have a Happy New Year!


  8. Do u recommend turning on “Uniform Soldier Aiming”?

    • Hi Sergeeee,

      Basically what ‘Uniform Soldier Aiming’ does, is make your sensitivity the same when switching between different infantry ADS sights. This can have benefits, as it means that the one sensitivity you’re used to will apply to all infantry weapons when aiming down sights. However, certain weapons having different levels of sensitivity when ADS specifically to make your aim more accurate, so it really comes down to your personal preference. Personally, I don’t use it, but it’s worth checking out to see if it suits you. Either way, it doesn’t make a HUGE difference!

      Reducing your ‘Dead Zone’ is much more important. I personally like setting it to 5, as it means that your controller will detect much more precise movements, ultimately helping your accuracy.


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