How to Get Xbox One Games For Free (Legally)

how to get xbox one games for free

I’m sure everybody would like to know how to get Xbox One games for free – and I’m not talking about the games you get with gold every month. I’m talking about the games that people actually care about.

However, most would dismiss the idea of getting free Xbox One games, as it just seems unrealistic. If you’re one of these people, I wouldn’t blame you, because I thought the same some time ago.

But… What if I told you that you can actually get some Xbox One games for free! In fact, some of the BEST Xbox One games – FOR FREE! So throughout the rest of this guide, I’ll go through the different ways you can start getting some great games in your library without losing any money at all. Be sure to read option #3, as this….

#1 – Game Sharing With Other Peoplehow to gameshare on xbox one

One option to get Xbox One games for free is by game sharing. This is a feature which allows you to share all of the digital games you have on your Xbox with a friend and vice versa. Let’s say you have Black Ops 3 and the Division digitally downloaded and your friend had Rainbow Six Siege and Dark Souls 3 digitally downloaded, both of you would get all of these games.

Before I explain exactly how you can game share, I am going to emphasize something: only game share with someone that you can COMPLETELY TRUST.

  1. Acquire the Microsoft account information of your friend.
  2. Using their credentials, add their account to your Xbox.
  3. Go into Settings–>Personalisation–>My Home Xbox and select ‘make this my home Xbox’. (you can only do this 3 times a year)
  4. Download your friends’ games by going into My Apps and Games –> Games.

Afterwards, you and your friend can change your Xbox Live passwords for security purposes if you want to. Game sharing can be very beneficial, but also risky. Only ever do it with someone you trust, if it all. DO NOT do it with some random geezer on the internet. Learn more about game sharing here.

#2 – Complete Free Offers and Get Paid!

Believe it or not, there are several websites and apps out there that will pay you to complete free offers, such as completing surveys or downloading an app. You can then use the money that you earn on these sites to redeem Xbox gift cards or Amazon gift cards that you can use to buy the games you want.

The payouts of these offers can be as little as $0.10, but can be as high as $10. However, payouts around the $0.50 mark are pretty average, but they can really start to stack up! Furthermore, many of these sites have raffles that you can enter which give you even more opportunities to earn.

–>Click here for my #1 recommendation!<–

Some other good websites are:

  1. Points2Shop – There are tons of high paying offers and you should be able to redeem your first gift card within an hour of using it.
  2. CashCrate – There are a very wide range of offers that you can complete in fun ways, such as playing games, watching videos, as well as doing surveys. 10 minutes a day here will definitely add up.

swagbucks-share-1420-v2#3 – EA Access Glitch

Did you know that there is a way to get all of the games on EA Access for free? And what if I told you that this wasn’t through game sharing or anything illegal?

There is a big loophole in EA Access’ system which allows you to download all of the games in the vault without actually paying anything in the end. However, in order to keep this loophole under the radar so that it doesn’t get fixed, you will have to complete an ‘offer’ to unlock the premium guide.

This simply involves completing a 2 minute survey or something along those lines – getting all of the games in EA Access for free in exchange for 2 minutes of your time doesn’t sound bad to me!

–>Click Here to Unlock The Guide to the EA Access Glitch!<–

Also, feel free to check out our guide on the cheapest place to buy Xbox Live.


  1. Awesome guide! I didn’t realise how easy it was to game share with friends I thought it was super technical, I might have to do this with some of my friends!


    • Yeah, it really is that simple!

      Just make sure it’s somebody you can 100% trust, as your account will essentially be in their hands. I’d recommend changing your password afterwards as well if you decide to do it!


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