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How to Get Double XP on Advanced Warfare – The Best 4 Ways

how to get double xp on advanced warfare

Many of you may be wondering how to get double XP on Advanced Warfare, because lets face it; leveling up takes quite a long time, and even longer if you’re aiming for the 20th prestige mark, so I don’t blame you for looking for ways to get double XP. That’s why I’ve put together this short guide covering the best ways to do so, so I hope you find it useful!

Grind Supply Drops – Simple But Effective

I’m sure you all already know that you can get double XP from supply drops in Advanced Warfare, but I doubt many how to get supply drops fast in advanced warfareof you have taken into account that this is probably the best, easiest and cheapest way to get double XP on Advanced Warfare, except for events, which I will talk about later.

You can get up to 45 minutes of double XP from a single reward from a supply drop, depending on whether it is enlisted, professional or elite. However, these really do stack up and people really do under-estimate the effectiveness of these.

But now you’re asking me how can you get supply drops even faster! Luckily I’ve already done a guide on that, so you can check that out here if you’re interested.

Buy Monster Energy Advanced Warfare Cans

Advanced Warfare has teamed up with Monster Energy and you can earn 10 minutes of double XP for every Monster Energy can you buy, but make sure it has the Advanced Warfare logo on it.

how to get double xp on advanced warfare

Once you buy a can, you can find the code under the tab, which you can then then enter at the Monster Energy website. If you like Monster Energy, then this this could tie in quite nicely, as you’ll get some double xp to go with it!

However, some of you may not be bothered to go to this effort to just get 10 minutes of double XP, so luckily there are still a couple of more things that you can do.

 Watch Out For Events

Now of course this is only something you can do at certain times, but occasionally Activision announce double XP weekends for whatever reason; just make sure you play a hell of a lot of Advanced Warfare in this time and you’ll have got a ton of XP.

Watch out for these events, because they are by far the easiest way to get double XP.

Bonus XP for Full Armour Sets

On the 23rd of June, on all platforms, many new armour sets will be released; however, these won’t just be the new royalty weaponstypical junk you usually find in your supply drops – these will actually have some purpose.

If you manage to get every bit of armour for this particular set, then you will be granted with a permanent 5% XP bonus! If you’re aiming for 20th prestige, then you should definitely try and get your hands on these if possible – if you’re not willing to buy advanced supply drops, then just try and get as many supply drops as you can. You’ll get a set eventually.

Currently we’re not sure whether this XP bonus will apply to any of the existing armour sets, but there are definitely some new ones coming out, which suggests that the bonus XP will only apply to those new sets.

Whilst we’re talking about the 23rd of June, I just thought I’d let you guys know that a new set of royalty weapons will be releasing on that same day, too. Just to clarify for those of you that don’t know, royalty weapons are exactly the same as elite weapons statistically, but have a little bit of extra ammo, so they’re nothing too excited to get about, although the look of them is pretty sick.

Summary – The Best 4 Ways to Get Double/Bonus XP in Advanced Warfare

  • Grind supply drops – get as many supply drops as you can, doing daily challenges and following the guidelines of my supply drop guide post.
  • Buy Monster Energy cans – get 10 minutes of double XP for every Monster Energy can you buy.
  • Play during double XP weekends
  • Acquire a full set of the new armour (After the 23rd June)

Hopefully you guys found this guide helpful and will be able to gain more double XP now!

—>Click Here to View my Guide on How to Get Better at Advanced Warfare<—

Let me know in the comments section if you guys have any others ways to get double XP on Advanced Warfare and which one of my tips you think is the best!



  1. Thanks for your tips. I love Call of Duty, I used to play this with my girlfriend before.

    • No problem, I’m glad you found the guide helpful!

  2. Looks Pretty Cool, Are royalty guns going to be on Last gen. consoles?

    • No, unfortunately not, since the same company hasn’t been developing Advanced Warfare on Xbox 360, quite a few of the new updates aren’t available on last generation consoles. To be honest with you, if you are planning on buying Black Ops 3, then you may want to consider getting a next generation console with it, because although Black Ops 3 IS going to be coming to last gen consoles, it’s not going too be as good and won’t have as many features. Also, hardly any games now are going to be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PS3 anymore, so if you want to continue to get all of the latest games, then you’re going to have to consider upgrading to next generation consoles.

  3. We got a message playing on the ps4 today saying that at midnight East Coast it would be available for download we are on the west and being three hour difference no downloadable content what does that mean

    • What wouldn’t be available for download? I don’t personally have a PS4, but I can try and help you out if you let me know exactly what it is you wanted to download.


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