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How to Get Crypto Keys in Black Ops 3 Fast

how to get crypto keys in black ops 3

If you want to earn as much epic and legendary loot from supply drops as possible, then you need to know how to get crypto keys in Black ops 3 fast! Luckily for you, I can show you exactly how to do that in this short guide!

Don’t Leave Games – Stay Until The End!

If you play a multiplayer match from start to finish, you will gain a lot more experience towards getting a crypto key. However, if you join the a game late or leave a match before it ends, you will get them at a much slower rate. Treyarch implemented this formula as an incentive for players to play each game from start to finish!

Here is a video explaining the formula:

There is no correlation between the amount of XP you get and how many crypto keys you get, however, if you win a game, you will get 20% bonus XP towards your next crypto key, according to an interview with David Vonderhaar.

Play Short Lasting Game-Modes to get the Highest Rate of Crypto Keys as Possible!

Now you know that you earn crypto key faster when you play a match from start to finish, it’s not hard to work out that you’ll earn more by playing shorter games! This means that you should stick away from long lasting game modes such as Demolition, Domination, Safeguard etc. if you specifically want to grind for crypto keys.

best game mode for getting crypto keys in black ops 3

Gun game is great for getting crypto keys fast!

Of course, the duration of a game will depend on how quickly a team completes the objective and therefore can vary greatly. However, there definitely are game modes that are a lot shorter than others. Gun game is technically the shortest lasting game-mode, as somebody only needs 20 kills to win it! In some cases, gun game matches on last a few minutes, which is faster than any other game mode. However, unless you are a very skilled player, it’s unlikely that you will win every match on Gun Game, so you’ll usually miss out on that 20% bonus.

Free for all is also a quick game-mode and it can sometimes be faster than gun game, because you can use your own weapons which you will be better with. However, on the downside, someone will need to get 30 kills instead of 20!

Furthermore, if you really don’t like play FFA game modes or if you like playing with your friends, then Team Deathmatch can also be pretty quick. In order to complete Team Deathmatch games as fast as possible, play with your friends (if they are any good). If you can get a solid team running, you can be completing TDM games in less than 5 minutes consistently! Also, you have a much higher chance of winning the game compared to FFA or Gun Game, as there are only two teams competing.

What Should You Spend Your Crypto Keys on?

In Black Ops 3, you can buy a common supply drop for 10 crypto keys, or you can buy a rare supply drop for 30 crypto keys. The difference between these is that you are guaranteed something rare from a rare supply drop; but is that worth 3 times the price?

how to get crypto keys in black ops 3 fast

Common supply drops still have a chance at getting epic and legendary items, so in theory, you’ll have more chances at gaining epic and legendary loot by opening the common supply drops. Therefore, I would recommend to spend most of your crypto keys on common supply drops and possibly open a couple rare ones, just to test your luck!

Feel free to check out my guide on how to level up fast in Black Ops 3!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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