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How to Get Better at Advanced Warfare – My Top Tips

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If you’re reading this post, it is very likely that you’re wondering how to get better at Advanced Warfare. Whether you’re struggling on the game, or whether you’re just scouring for ways to get better, this guide will help you to find out how to take your game to the next level.

Setting up Your Class – Very Essential

One of the biggest mistakes players make on Advanced Warfare is by poorly optimizing their classes. Although the best guns, attachments and perks to use ultimately comes down to your personal preference and opinion, there are certainly better setups than others.

The outcome of a match is often dictated by which team have the better class set-ups, so I suggest you pay close attention to this part of the guide.

The Essential Perks

As I said, although the use perks ultimately comes down to opinion, there definitely are some that you should, regardless of your personal preferences.

Blast Suppressor – How Can You Play Without it?

You unlock  ‘Blast Suppressor’ at level 2 and can find it in the perk 3 category It prevents you from displaying on theAdvanced Warfare Blast Suppressor mini map when you perform an Exo movement.

How many times do you use Exo movements in a game? The answer is A LOT. I’m sure you see hundreds of those larger red circles appear on the mini map during a game, and they appear because people are using Exo movements without Blast Suppressor.

Having Blast Suppressor allows you to freely use Exo movements without displaying on the enemies mini map and therefore it will  be much easier to stay alive for longer and get some of those bigger killstreaks.

Some of you may be wondering why don’t you just not use Exo movements instead and that will save you a perk? Well not using Exo movements will automatically put you at a great disadvantage, as you are much easier to target. I’m sure you’ve encountered many situations where an Exo jump or dash has saved your life, so do yourself a favor and use Blast Suppressor!

Peripherals – Don’t Underestimate It

You unlock ‘Peripherals’ straight away in the tier 2 perk category, meaning that you’ll be able to use it at any level. It Advanced Warfare Peripheralsis often underestimated as its description, “Increases mini-map coverage. Take out enemies without displaying their death locations,” may sound rather boring and useless, it is actually one of the most effective perks in the game.

Since players also appear on the mini-map whenever they perform an Exo movement on Advanced Warfare, the mini-map will locate more enemies than it ever has done on any previous Call of Duty, and you will often find that there is nearly always an enemy on the mini-map.

Therefore, if you use Peripherals you will be able to see many more enemies on the mini-map, giving you an instantaneous advantage over your opponents.

This also goes to show just how important Blast Suppressor is, because with lots of people using Peripherals as it is one of the first perks, this would make your even more vulnerable.

Furthermore, Peripherals combines well with Blast Suppressor as it makes you more stealthy, because enemies will not display their death location if you kill them.

Low Profile – A Great Combination With Blast Suppressor and Peripherals

If two of the best perks in the game provide stealth, then you might as well add to that by using Low Profile, as Advanced Warfare Low Profileit protects you from UAV’s, Exo Ping and Tracking Rounds.

As a result, this means that the only way that you can appear on the enemy mini-map is by firing your weapon!

It may be more appropriate to use the perk ‘Lightweight’ if you’re using an SMG or a Shotgun, however it would still be a good idea to use Low Profile as well as it, if you’re going for stealth!

Some Other Useful Perk Usage Tips

Personally, I always use the wildcard called ‘Perk 3 greed,’ and use Blast Suppressor as well as the perk ‘Toughness,’ which reduces flinch when shot.

I didn’t list that perk under the essentials because it isn’t, but I find it really handy! If you can play well without toughness, then I would recommend using Scavenger, instead, if you are aiming for higher killstreaks.

As I said, if I’m using a shotgun or SMG, I often use the Low Profile/Lightweight combination, but Lightweight does take priority in that situation.

I always have the Peripherals on its own in the tier 2 perk category, although you may want to try the perk Cold Blooded if you are sniping.

The Best Weapon/Attachment Combinations

The best weapons and attachments to use will vary depending on the map and mode you are playing, but their are certainly some decent combinations of the two that work very well under any circumstance.

I always use the wildcard ‘Primary Gunfighter’ when I’m using any weapon except a shotgun or a sniper, as it costs very little to do so and they are very effective.

Stock – Essential for Assault RiflesAdvanced Warfare Stock

Stock allows you to move faster while aiming down sights and is useful with Assault Rifles and sometimes Heavy Weapons.

When using Assualt Rifles, you are virtually stuck in a fixed position when aiming down sights and therefore you are a very easy target for your enemy. Stock makes you much more mobile, allowing you to strafe and dodge enemy bullets. I cannot use an Assault Rifle without it.

It isn’t needed for the other gun types, because either the mobility of them is already good enough, or they only take 1 or 2 bullets to kill, so there is no need to dodge and you need to focus on accuracy instead.

Quickdraw Grip – Very UsefulAdvanced Warfare Quickdraw Grip

I also use the attachment Quickdraw Grip on every Assault Rifle, as it allows you to get the advantage in gunfights because you will be able to draw your weapon quicker.

I find this attachment useful for any gun you can use it with, as it has the same principle of giving you the advantage in gunfights by being able to draw your gun faster.

Even with weapons such as SMG’s, where the weapon draw time is relatively quick anyway, it is still useful, as it gives you an advantage of people using SMG’s.

Foregrip – You Can Never go WrongAdvanced Warfare Foregrip

Using the foregrip can never be a bad thing, as it significantly reduces the recoil on the weapon you put it on. I would recommend using it on every weapon you can, except if you’re using an Assault Rifle and don’t particularly like the iron sight.

In that case if the recoil on the weapon is relatively low, it would be a good idea to use a red dot sight instead of the foregrip. I do this with the Arx-160 and the IMR, as I don’t think that either of them have good iron sights or a significant amount of recoil, anyway.

What About The Other Attachments?

There are also some other decent attachments that you may decide to use upon personal preference, such as ‘Advanced Rifling,’ which increases the range on SMG’s. This is a great attachment to use!

You may be wondering whether to use a silencer, as the perks I’ve suggested all give you ‘stealth,’ so the silencer would finish that off perfectly, right?

Unfortunately their is an attachment called the ‘Parabolic Microphone,’ which makes bullets fired from a silencer appear on the mini-map for the player using the attachment, and therefore silencers have lost their reliability in Advanced Warfare. There are also more important attachments to use, so I wouldn’t consider the silencer as an essential attachment.

It’s up to you whether you use the other attachments that I haven’t listed, but if you do, make sure to only use them if you have a spare slot. Make the essential ones your priority.

To learn in a much more advanced context of how to setup your class, you can check out the Advanced Warfare Dominator guide, if you want to learn even more specifically.

The Most Effective Scorestreaks to Use

Using the most effective scorestreaks can actually help you out a lot more than you think. Of course, the ‘most effective’ scorestreaks will vary depending on the game mode you are playing, so I will walk you through a general analysis.

Firstly, I think that the UAV is particularly effective in Advanced Warfare, as you can upgrade it to make it even Advanced Warfare Best scorestreaksbetter for certain situations. I like to upgrade it by 100 points and get extra assist points and faster position updating to the mini-map as a result, however you can customize it however you want, but make sure to keep it as a relatively low costing score streak.

Next, as your middle scorestreak, I find the Assault Drone with the upgrades ‘AI Controlled’ and ‘Rockets’ to be very effective, as you don’t have to control it. It usually gets a few kills and I have never used one with these upgrades and not got a kill.

A system hack may be more of a suitable middle scorestreak if you’re playing an objective mode, as these can disrupt the enemies quite a lot.

Finally, as the third scorestreak, I find the Warbird with the upgrade ‘Defender’ to be the best. This upgrade makes it AI controlled and it defends your position, for only an additional 50 points!

You may not want to have a third scorestreak if playing an intensive objective mode such as Hardpoint, and instead you may want to just stick with UAV and a System Hack.

Accuracy – A Vital Part of Your Game

Being accurate is actually much more important than you think. If I asked you the question where abouts should youHow to Get Better at Advanced Warfare shoot on a match of Advanced Warfare, many of you would answer saying to just shoot at the enemy. Some of you would say to aim for the head.

However, aiming for the head is very hard, particularly on Advanced Warfare where there is A LOT of movement and jumping around, so aiming for the torso is a much easier and more effective target.

If you want to learn how to improve your accuracy, you can click here to read my guide on how to! I’m sure many of you will find it helpful and you should find many ways in which you can improve in this specific area. It’s best to work on one thing at a time!

Advanced Warfare is A Fast Game

With the introduction of Exo movements in Advanced Warfare, the pace of gameplay has been taken to a whole new level and there are loads of ways to move around quickly.

You can Exo dash, jump, slide… You name it! But what you have to remember is that your opponents can do all of this too. A game is often one by a team being that second quicker to a kill or to capturing a flag, so you’re going to need to practice your Exo movements and try to elaborate some strategies in order to get across the map as quick as possible.

This doesn’t mean that you should be using Exo movements all the time; you should be using a combination of both normal and Exo movement depending on the situation.

And Also a Thinking Game…

You may think that there’s not much thought included in pressing a few buttons on a controller – maybe not in the way you play, but I’m sure that a lot of you, as well as most professional gamers, would agree with me that Advanced Warfare is just as much of a thinking game as it is a skill based game.

It’s not a thinking game if you just run into the middle of the map looking for something to shoot at. But if constantly you’re patrolling the outskirts of a map, using the mini-map to help you to configure the best way to take out nearby enemies, whilst being prepared for a gunfight at any time, that’s where thought starts to come into it.

Sometimes you just need to slow down and think a little more, and you’ll find yourself back on the right tracks.

Make sure to aim as you go round corners and to make yourself as hard a target to hit as possible, by using all the movements available effectively.

Play With Friends and be Sure to Communicate!

Playing with friends means that you’re playing with people that you can rely on and that way you are more likely to Astro A40win.

This also means that you are playing with people that you feel more comfortable communicating with. If you have a full team of 6 and you’re all calling enemy positions out, its like having an extra UAV!

Playing with friends helps you to get better as you will most likely have your back covered and you will develop to become a much better team player, ultimately leading towards winning more matches, and we all like winning!

Advanced Warfare Dominator – An Advanced Guide

If you really want to take your game to a whole new level and would like advanced training on how to get better, with videos made especially for you, you should check out Advanced Warfare Dominator.

It is a paid guide, with the price $24.95, which really isn’t much considering what you get within the guide. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the guide turns you into an absolute Advanced Warfare BEAST.

In fact, the webpage says itself that if the guide doesn’t significantly improve your game, you can get all of your money back within 60 days, so there really isn’t a reason not to check it out if you’re seriously looking for how to get better at Advanced Warfare.

It is aimed at both beginners and pro’s, as the information in it is so advanced, that it will help any player of any skill improve.

I would recommend it if you’re looking to take Advanced Warfare seriously and could do with a boost to your game.

–>Click Here to Check Out The Advanced Warfare Dominator Guide!<–

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  1. Very descriptive and informative post. I am more of a halo kind of guy but occasionally enjoy playing Call Of Duty as well as Advanced Warfare. These tips actually help a lot as normally I’m not that great at Call Of Duty or Advanced Warfare and this has taught me a lot. Thank you for posting this.

    • No problem Shawn! Halo is also a pretty good franchise 🙂

  2. I go for strategy games myself but this looks awesome, so I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the tips and I’ll be back again to re read so I can blast suppress my enemy.

  3. I am not into gaming but this website is extremely informative. The only thing that I would suggest is possibly changing from the black back ground and using a white background with black letters. Other than that… you are doing a great job!

    • Thanks Curt. The black background is something typically suited to a gaming styled website… It’s something you’d get the feel for if you ever got into gaming yourself, but thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Interesting…
    I have never used stock and quick draw, because i found them useless, but I think i might have to start changing my classes.

    • Yeah, you should definitely at least give them a try, but don’t feel like you HAVE to implement them into your game, because after all, it is down to personal preference. These attachments are undoubtedly some of the best though, so you may want to try and adapt them into your play style!

  5. What a helpful tip to playing an advanced game. The guidelines were simple to understand, Thanks man.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post Nnamidi; thanks for your support!

      • Hello, did you experience any trouble with the guide? Because I made my purchase and the video quality is terrible and I was looking for a written guide to counteract that. Any suggestions or feedback?

        • Hey Josh,

          I haven’t personally purchased the guide myself, however I know a few people that have and it has helped them a lot. I don’t think they had any problems with it – Make sure you’ve downloaded everything you needed to, because there should be plenty of videos and written guides. If it doesn’t work out, then just get your money back, however I will look further into the situation for you!


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