How to Get Battlepacks and Scraps in Battlefield 1 – All You Need to Know

How to Get Battlepacks and Scraps in Battlefield 1 – All You Need to Know

If you’re wondering how to get scraps in Battlefield 1, we’ve got everything you need to know in this guide. They link directly into how to get battlepacks in Battlefield 1 as well, so all of the information regarding both of them is right here.

Here’s how I’ll break this guide down:

  • What are battlepacks?
  • How to get battlepacks
  • How to get scraps
  • Using real money to get battlepacks
  • The best battlepack to buy

What Exactly Are Battlepacks?

Battlepacks are your means of obtaining weapon skins. Whenever you open a battlepack, you will earn a weapon skin of a specific ‘rarity’. The levels of rarity are:

  • Special
  • Distinguished
  • Legendary

The only difference between these is that the higher the rarity, the better they tend to look.

Furthermore, when opening a battlepack, there’s also a chance of getting a puzzle piece to one of the two legendaryhow-to-get-legendary-weapons-in-battlefield-1 melee weapons; the Bartek Bludgoen and the Sawtooth knife (this is how to get the sword type thing in Battlefield 1).

In order to get these legendary weapons, you need to get the five ‘puzzle pieces’ for each of them and the only way to do this is through opening battlepacks (nearly typed supply drops there!). Now, the chance of getting a puzzle piece varies with the type of battlepack.

Here are the the different battlepack types along with what the differences are:

  • Standard – can contain a skin of any rarity, but most likely a ‘special’. The probability of getting a legendary skin is 15%.
  • Enhanced – will get either a distinguished or legendary skin. The chances of getting a legendary skin is 30% and the chance of getting a bonus piece is higher.
  • Superior – a guaranteed legendary skin, as well as a higher chance of getting a bonus piece.

But how do you actually get these?

How to Get Battlepacks in Battlefield 1 (Introducing Scraps)

At the end of playing a game, a randomly selected group of players in the game will receive a standard battlepack. You can ONLY get standard battlepacks from playing games.

how-to-get-battlepacks-for-free-in-battlefield-1So how do you get the enhanced and superior battlepacks?

Well, after you earn a standard battlepack and open the contents you’ll receive a skin. After getting the skin, you’ll have the opportunity to trade it in for ‘scraps’.

If you trade in a special skin you’ll get 30 scraps.

If you trade in an enhanced skin you’ll get 90 scraps.

If you trade in a legendary skin you’ll get 270 scraps.

Scraps can then be used to buy battlepacks, which you can do by going going from the main menu to ‘More’  to ‘Battlepacks’ to ‘Get Battlepacks’.

Getting Battlepacks With The Premium Pass

Currently, the only way to ‘pay’ for battlepacks is by getting the battlefield 1 premium pass, with with you’ll get 14 battlepacks every month.

Out of these 14 battlepacks, on average you would get 2 legendary skins. Assuming that you got 7 special and 5 distinguished skins in each month as well, if you swapped these in for scraps you would get:

(7*30)+(5*90) = 660 scraps, so you would nearly get a just over 2/3 of a superior battlepack as well. Read my post on is the Battlefield 1 premium pass worth it to see whether it would be ideal for you.

Can You Buy Battlepacks With Real Money?buy-battlepacks-battlefield-1

At the current time of writing this, you can’t buy Battlepacks with real money. Also, as for as I know EA haven’t confirmed that this will be featured in the game either.

However, I recently discovered that battlepacks had been added to the ‘Store’ along with the premium pass. Although the ‘Battlepacks’ section is currently blank, this strongly implies that they’ll be adding to the option to buy battlepacks with real money.

Surprise surprise.

The costs of the different battlepacks:

  • Standard: 200 scraps
  • Enhanced: 450 scraps
  • Superior: 900 scraps

how-to-get-battlepacks-in-battlefield-1Which Battlepack Should You Get?

Personally, I would recommend saving up for the superior battlepack, because then you’re guarenteed to get a battlefield-1-superior-battlepacksdecent skin and have a higher chance of getting a puzzle piece.

Furthermore, the value you get back in scraps between in superior and enhanced battlepacks is very similar.

For the sake of this calculation, let’s say you have 9,000 scraps to spend.

This would allow you to buy 20 enhanced battlepacks and the average scrap value of all of the skins you get would be: (14*90) + (6*270) = 2880 scraps.

Alternatively, you could buy 10 superior battlepacks and the definite scrap value of all of the skins you would get would be 10*270 = 2700 scraps.

Therefore, if you didn’t like ANY of the skins you got, you would get virtually the same value of scraps back. On average, you would only get 180 more scraps back with 20 enhanced battlepacks in comparison to 10 superior battlepacks, which is hardly anything!

Also, you would on average only get 6 legendary skins (although you could get less or more)with buying 20 enhanced battlepacks, whereas you would get a definite 10 legendary skins with the superior battlepacks, so you’ll get better quality skins with the superior battlepacks.


I got a puzzle piece on the first time of opening a superior battlepack!

You Can Check All Of The Skins You Have in Your ‘Inventory’

On the same ‘Battlepacks’ page, your can scroll across to ‘Inventory and see all of the weapon skins you have there battlefield-1-inventoryfor each weapon type. If you see ‘2x’ on any of your weapons, this means that you have a duplicate of it, so you should trade it in for scraps.

In fact, I would recommend that you trade in EVERY weapon skin in for scraps except for the legendary ones, so that you get as many scraps as possible to get more legendary skin. Also, this will make it easier to get puzzle pieces!

Also, if you get any legendary skins on guns that you know you’re never going to touch, you might as well trade them in as well.

How Many Puzzle Pieces Have You Received So Far?

Let me know in the comments section how many puzzle pieces you’ve received so far – I’ve only got 1 so far. Which legendary weapon do you want to get the most.

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