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How to Drop Shot in CoD More Easily – Best Two Options

how to drop shot in call of duty

In this guide, I’ll show you how to drop shot in CoD more easily, as well as the best two ways that you can do this. If you know how to drop shot in Call of Duty, that automatically puts you at a big advantage in gunfights, especially up close, so it’s definitely a skill worth mastering.

What Makes Being Able to Drop Shot So Difficult?

Depending on which console you play on, the button to go prone on Call of Duty has always been B for Xbox One and circle for PlayStation. The trouble with doing this is that you have to take your thumb off the right thumbstick, which means that you can’t aim at all whilst trying to perform a drop shot.

Therefore, if your gun isn’t already lined up on your enemy, the chances are you’re going to miss. Also, you often find that you get killed before you get the chance to drop shot, because by the time you’ve moved your thumb off the right thumbstick onto the B or circle button, you’ll most likely be dead. The delay time between you wanting to drop shot and you actually performing a drop shot is often too long to be effective.

I’m not even going to show you how to drop shot using this method, simply because I don’t recommend it.

Solution #1 – Play on the ‘Tactical’ Button Layout

As I mentioned earlier, the B on Xbox One or the circle button on PS4 is what you hold to go prone – however, with the tactical button layout, the right control stick is now used for crouching and going prone, as well as aiming and the B button on Xbox One and the circle button on PS4 is used for melee. This means that you never have to take you thumbs off the control sticks when doing a drop shot, which means you can also aim whilst doing one.

how to drop shot in bo3


Furthermore, there isn’t the delay time of you having to move your thumb off the right thumbstick to a different button, which makes doing a drop shot much more practical.

To switch to the tactical button layout on Black Ops 3, you need go on the following: Menu –> Options –> Controls –> Button Layout –> Tactical.

The only downside of the tactical button layout, however, is that it makes melee awkward. However, that’s actually a good thing in Black Ops 3, as melee is usually a 2 hit kill, so you will probably die if you try to punch someone during a gunfight anyway! It’s much more effective to perform a drop shot right up close instead.

Solution #2 – Get a Pro Controller

This is obviously going to be your best option if you really want to master the drop shot. Pro controllers have buttonshow to drop shot in cod or paddles on the back of the controller which you can assign to any button you want. I personally like Evil Controllers, as they are less expensive than Scuf controllers and have buttons on the back on the controller, instead of paddles, which I prefer.

For example, if you had two buttons on the back of your controller, you could assign them to A and B (or circle and square on PlayStation) and you could play with the regular control layout and just hold B on the back of your controller to drop shot.

This means that you won’t ever have to take your thumbs of the thumbsticks. Also, it’s a bit easier to drop shot with buttons on the back of your controller instead of using the tactical button layout, because you can have complete control over where you’re aiming, throughout the whole process of the drop shot.

Also, you can perform jump shots and reload without taking your thumbs off the control sticks, which is a massive advantage, especially with Black Ops 3’s jumpy movement system. This means that you can do both drop shots and jump shots effectively and can do either at any time.

Evil Controllers also have many more features, such as sensitive buttons and triggers and some awesome customization options. You should really check them out!

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Performing the Drop Shot – When is the Best Time to Do it?

The best time to drop shot is when you’re within 10 meters of an enemy and you can both see each other. This is because he is likely to try and start shooting your torso, so if you suddenly drop to the floor, he’s going to be missing his bullets and will have to re-adjust his aim and by that time you will have had time to kill him.

You can drop shot with practically any weapon, but it definitely works the best with submachine guns. Also, I would recommend hip-firing after doing a drop shot when you’re at a very close distance to the enemy, because this means you can adjust your gun more easily and can start shooting as soon as possible. However, if the enemy is more than a few meters away, then you should aim as you drop so that you can be more accurate. So now let’s get onto performing the drop shot:

  • When the time comes to use the drop shot, stop moving your right thumbstick forward and instead just hold it straight down. If you are moving forward as you drop shot, you won’t be able to shoot when you hit the floor, as you will be crawling instead.
  • Start firing as soon as you start the dropping process and re-adjust your aim when you drop to the floor.

It’s probably best practicing this in a private much first just to get the hang of it!

WikiHow did a step by step picture guide on how you can do this if you want even more detail. It’s a pretty old guide, but the concept is the same.

Summary: Tactical Layout vs Evil Controllers

If all you’re just trying to do is to improve your drop shot and you’re not too bothered about the other features that Evil Controllers have to offer, then just switch to the Tactical Button Layout. It’s free and much more effective than your standard Call of Duty button layout.

However, if you’re a competitive Call of Duty player and really want to get ahead of your opponents, then it might be worth looking into getting an Evil Controller, as making the drop shot easier is only a small part of the advantages they give you. Be sure to check out my Evil Controllers Review for more information if you’re interested.

I hope you found this guide useful! Please let me know in the comments section if your drop shot progresses!

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