How to Check Your KD in Battlefield 1 (And More Stats!)

In this quick guide, I’m going to be showing you how to check your KD in Battlefield 1. It may seem like a pretty simple task, but you can’t actually check your overall KD in-game on Battlefield 1, which is why I’m going to show you other ways of doing so.

You can see your KD for a particular game after playing it, but that’s about it. So here are a couple of ways you can check it.

Method #1 – Use the Battlefield Companion App or Website

Either download the Battlefield Companion app from the App Store/Google play, or you can head to the website:

Make sure you’re on ‘Career’ and then select Battlefield 1. After that, you need to head over to ‘Detailed’,  where you’ll be able to see your KD ratio.

how to check your kd on battlefield 1

If you’re not satisfied with the number that’s representing your KD, you need to think about some of the weak points in your game.

A very common area that players have trouble in, including myself, is accuracy. One day you might have it nailed, but then a week later you just can’t hit anything. Aiming is always going to be difficult and ultimately it’s something that’s going to improve with experience. However, checking out my guide on improving your aim and accuracy is a good place to start.

Method #2 – Use Battlefield Tracker

There’s an awesome website called Battlefield Tracker where you can check your BF1 KD, as well as a ton of other in-depth stats that you can’t see within the game or the Companion app. In my books, it’s the best way for how to check your stats on Battlefield 1.

Simply select your platform, enter your name and there you go.

how to check stats on battlefield 1

It even allows you to compare your stats to your friends, which you may or may not want to show them depending on what yours are like…

Let me know your KD in the comments section below! Is it better than mine? 😉

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