How to Change Your Sensitivity in Battlefield 1

How to Change Your Sensitivity in Battlefield 1

Want to find out how to change your sensitivity in Battlefield 1? Great, because in this short guide I’ll show you the simple steps to follow in order to do so.

Personally I found the ADS sensitivity too high, but the regular sensitivity too low; thankfully you can customize both of these, which was very beneficial to me. So let’s get into the steps!

1) Head Into ‘Options’ and Select ‘Controls

You can do this directly from the Battlefield 1 main menu, by scrolling over to ‘More’ which you will be able to see within the top menu.

battlefield-1-menuAlternatively, if you want to change your sensitivity within a game, go onto the menu and scroll down to options that way.

2) Change Your Soldier/Vehicle Sensitivity

After selecting ‘controls’, you should see three percentages on your screen for three sensitivity options. Let’s briefly break down what each of these mean:

  • Soldier stick sensitivity – this is how sensitive looking around will be. (default is 20%)
  • Vehicle stick sensitivity – this is how sensitive looking around in a vehicle will be. (default is 20%)
  • Soldier zoom sensitivity – this is how sensitive looking around will be when you are zoomed in with a weapon. (default is 100%)

how-to-change-sensitivity-battlefield-1I would recommending increasing both the soldier stick and vehicle stick sensitivities, as you want to be able to look around as fast as possible. I personally use 30% for both, but I would recommend that you experiment on the campaign to find the best level for you.

In games such as Call of Duty, changing your sensitivity also affects the sensitivity when aiming, so it’s harder to play with higher sensitivities, since it’s very hard to aim.

However, on Battlefield 1, you can change the soldier zoom sensitivity independently; I would definitely recommend lowering your zoom sensitivity, in order to maintain a high accuracy when aiming.

You don’t want your gun flying all over the place, especially since the time to kill is quite high in Battlefield, so you have to put a fair few bullets into your enemies to kill them. This makes it vital to keep your gun on your target using small and precise movement.

How to Change Advanced Sensitivity Options

If you don’t feel as if the basic sensitivity options are precise enough for you, head onto the ‘Advanced’ column in the same controls menu.

how-to-change-tank-sensitivity-in-battlefield-1Here you’ll see a wide array of sensitivity options, most of which you probably won’t need to change. However, one particular section that I’d like to draw your attention to is the ‘vehicle sensitivity’ section.

Here you can change things like tank, plane and turret sensitivity, which you might want to have a play around with!

Hopefully you found this short guide of some use and I would love to hear your thoughts or how you’re getting on with BF1 in the comments section below!


  1. I stopped playing the game. I found aiming was way too difficult and frustrating, no matter how hard I tried and concentrated. It was not fun.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Are you relatively new to shooters? Battlefield is quite a tough game to start off with, so perhaps try some more casual games, which will help you get the sense of it. Battlefield is such a fun game when you do have the hang of it, but it is incredibly frustrating if you’re constantly getting destroyed, especially with the delay times. It takes time to become a decent shooter player, though, so you shouldn’t give up straight away. Hopefully you end up getting back into the game!

  2. Im new to games, BF 1 is my first introduction! Your info and help was much needed for a new comer like myself! I find the game incredibly challenging yet a thrill to play. One day when my skills get better I will try Multi Player. Love the realness and weapons challenge. I still have a tendency to get to excited and find myself shooting at the sky…lol! Im not going to give up, at 66 this is just to much fun and a great brain/motor skill/reflex practice. Thank you again for your much needed info James, Keep the Spirit…roc

    • Rocky, that’s AWESOME! I admire how you’re persevering with it and think it’s great that you get a thrill out of playing shooters 🙂 Just keep practicing on the campaign/single player for now and you’ll get there eventually. Besides, not only is it great fun, but also good for testing your reflexes like you mentioned!

      Please keep me updated with how you get along and feel free to ask if you need help with anything! 🙂 By the way, are you playing on console or PC?

  3. Hi James…playing on Console! Really having problems with targeting stick grenade at Flame Thrower. Sometimes one does it sometimes 3 never take him out. I try to shoot his tank but then other soldiers take me out. That last run up the hill to get to the top to end the game is the most frustration for me. It’s so hard! I have watched others do it in minutes. Takes me 50 runs then I still don’t make it. I’m also frustrated with what weapons I have to deal with. Seems I have no choice in the matter. Oh well…enough for the day…walk away frustrated. Hard loosing so much! Thanks for your gaming help…roc!

    • Have you got past that stage yet? 🙂 Remember to keep on looking at the objectives to make sure you’re actually doing the right thing. If you’re really stuck, look up the particular mission you’re doing on YouTube and you’ll be able to see somebody complete it, so you can see what you were doing wrong.

      Keep at it!

      All the best,


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