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GoW: Judgement Review – Developed by Epic Games, People Can Fly and published by Microsoft Studios, Gears of War Judgement is the 4th instalment in the Gears of War series and was initially released on 19th March, 2013, for only the Xbox 360. It is a third-person shooter, accompanied with two campaign modes, multiplayer and various of other modes, exclusive to.

 The ‘Judgment’ Campaign Mode – Characters

Gears of war bairdThe ‘judgement’ campaign mode is set 14 years before the events of the original game, Gears of War, focussing on a section of the COG army called ‘Kilo Squad’, the leader being Damon Baird, accompanied with Augustus Cole, who were two of the fan favourites throughout the series. The game also introduces two new main characters, Sofia Hendric, not featuring in the Pendulum wars, as she was a journalist at the time, but she joined Kilo Squad after Emergence Day. The other member of the squad is Garron Paduk, a veteran soldier that fought with the Union of Independent Republics in his homeland of Gorasnaya, against the COG during the Pendulum Wars. However, his home town was later devastated by the locust and he was one of the few that were rescued by COG, leading him to join them, despite hating them.

A Preview of the Plot

The campaign opens with Kilo Squad being sentenced to trial by Ezra Loomis after committing several crimes, then fading into a flash back, displaying the cause of it. After the flash back and when Baird was going to be sentenced to death at court, the locust broke in, massacring everyone. Paduk saved Loomis’ life, as Kilo Squad attempted to make stand, which soon resulted in a flee.  As a result, all of Kilo Squad survives, but Baird is demoted from the rank of lieutenant to private by Loomis. The rest I will keep secret, as it will spoil the game for you, however I can tell you that something bad happens to Sofia and as Paduk claims that a COG member did it, causing him to leave.

Aftermath Mode

The Aftermath mode is set in the time period of Gears of War 3, where the remaining people of Kilo Squad encounter Paduk again, who had built a community that’s only goal was survival. Kilo Squad and Paduk worked together, helping each other and in the Baird requests Paduk to re-join the squad, however he strongly denies due to what happened to Sofia. He also stated “If we are to remain friends, we must never see each other again”. suggesting that the two will never meet again, even if another game is released. Throughout the campaign modes you have the ability to set modifiers, to enhance the difficulty in some way, in order to gain more stars for each mission. The purpose of gaining stars is to unlock the Aftermath campaign and to attain achievements. This makes the experience even more challenging for even the best of players, making the gameplay more interesting and enjoyable. Overall, the campaigns have once again interesting and thrilling stories, but I think that they lack an element that Gears of War 3 had, as the characters don’t interact as much.

Other Modes –  Two New Modes to Judgement

Just like Gears of War 3, Judgement allows every mode, excluding the campaign, to be played in either offline mode with bots or in multiplayer against other players. Beast and Horde mode from Gears of War 3 fail to make a reappearance, however two new thrilling game modes are introduced:

  • Overrun

Gorgon pistol -Overrun is a competitive battle between Kilo Squad and Locust (4v4), where the COGs are trying to defend the E-hole, which contains many locust creatures that will be released if open. The locust aim to open the E-hole by destroying it. As a locust player, you can choose to be one of many locust creatures depending on how many points you have, which all have special abilities. Whilst playing as COG, you can play as any member of Kilo Squad, all of which have different roles. Overrun is a brilliant, fast-paced game modes which maintained the standard of the likes of ‘beast’ and ‘horde’.

  • Survival

-Survival is basically a re-make of the classic mode ‘horde’ from two of the other games in he series and once again makes use of all of the members of Kilo Squad, with them having exactly the same load-outs and abilities as they do on Overrun. On survival, you don’t play as the locust at all, as they are bot controlled, however they also have the same abilities as they do on Overrun. The objective for the locust is also the same, as they have to destroy two E-holes and the generator to make you lose the match. COG, on the other hand, have to hold out ten waves of the locust to win the match, but that is the only real difference to Overrun. Survival is a very hard game mode and strategy is key towards success. I think that it is a great mode that offers all players a challenging experience, for the difficulty level can be altered.

The Multiplayer

There is nothing much that I need to say about the multiplayer, as all of the game modes on it are also on single player, however I must warn you that it certainly isn’t the thing to pay on if you’re wanting a laid-back casual game. It is extremely competitive and the likelihood is that all new players to the game will get smashed. Therefore I would suggest that if you are a new player, stick to the offline mode or play in private matches until you get fairly decent. However an exception would be the Survival mode, because the bots that play with you on it are useless and you don’t stand much of a chance against the harder difficulties with them.


To conclude, I think that GoW: Judgment is a quality game, offering a challenge for all players, but lacks some chemistry between the characters in the campaign; it doesn’t give the special vibe that the previous games did. However, the new game modes were very good, with Overrun in my opinion, being better than the GoW: 3 mode, Beast, but Survival not being quite as good as Horde. I highly recommend the game and

Please feel free to leave any comments below and I will do my best to get back to you! 🙂
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  • Exciting new modes and weapons
  • Clever perspective of the early Gears of War story
  • Interesting new characters


  • Decent story, but not on the same level as the other games
  • Lack of chemistry between characters
  • Removal of fan favorite Horde Mode


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  1. I played GoW years ago. Something like 6 or 7 years ago when it was on the first XBOX. I was highly impressed with the graphics (yes, back then too, lol) and was really liking how big the levels could be between loading screens. If I had the means (tv, XBOXone, and time), I would definitely consider getting back into the game.

    • Ah yes, that was slightly before my time!


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