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MW3 Introduction

CoD: MW3 Review – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the eighth Call of Duty instalment and the third in the Modern Warfare series, developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer (Treyarch for the Wii version). It was initially released on November 8th, 2011, for the consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

An Exhilarating Finish to the Modern Warfare Campaign Series

is the latest instalment in the series and is expected to be the last, as Infinity Ward developed CoD: Ghosts instead of Modern Warfare 4. The game continues from just a few hours from where MW2’s campaign left off, following General Shepard’s death. Also featuring in MW2 was the bad-guy Makarov, who is one of the main characters in the MW3 plot and certainly is the main hostile.

The gameplay opens with critically injured Soap being evacuated to a safe house in India, by Nikolai and Price, which soon develops into an engaging fire-fight, as Makorov sends forces to MW3 Sniper Scopetheir position to kill them. Some time later, Makarov, a Russian himself, attacks a plane containing the Russian President and fought off all that tried to stop him.

The President refused to give him the codes to launch Russia’s nuclear weapons and as a result he set to avoid the Presidents’ weakness – his daughter.

From there on, a fierce fight exacerbates between Makarov’s forces and all that faced him resulting in devastation worldwide. You can experience the game yourself from there and enjoy one of the best campaigns in Call of Duty history!

Multiplayer – Fantastic as a Result of Simplicity – The Game Modes

In my opinion, CoD: MW3 doesn’t only provide one of the best campaigns in CoD history, but also provides one of the best multiplayer modes, if not the best one. I think this is due to the fact that is simple, but excellent in its simplicity.

CoD: MW2, the game before MW3 was a fan favourite, however became very unbalanced due to some very overpowered perks. Also these days, you’re bound to see someone using mods in every match you go on. Hearing this, MW3 clearly had some improvements to make and had a lot to live up to.

Shortly after it’s release it became the best-selling CoD game at the time, indicating that it was a major success. The multiplayer modes are similar to the ones on MW2, but several more had been introduced, including:

  • Infected (not on Wii) – Infected is a brilliant mode, which became extremely popular instantly. It consists of a random player being ‘infected’ at the start of the game with the goal of infecting all the other players, who are armed with various guns. The first infected person has a gun, but as soon as another player is infected, they are limited to just a throwing knife, however they have the support of the player they infected. The infected have unlimited lives and win when they infect everyone. On the other hand, the survivors attempt to survive for 5 minutes.
  • Kill Confirmed – The same concept as Team Deathmatch, except players drop tags on death, which can be collected by the enemy to confirm the kill. However, if you own team-mate collects your tag, the kill is denied and you don’t get the point.
  • Team Defender – Two teams face each other and aim to get the most points. A flag is dropped as soon as the first person is killed and whichever team holds the flag gets double the points for killing someone. The flag is dropped upon death, but apart from that, it is similar to TDM.

Is the MW3 Multiplayer Good for Beginners?

Themultiplayer mode, is more than suitable and enjoyable for both beginners and the more experienced, competitive players. Usually you find that on classical modes such as TDM, everyone is pretty relaxed and that there aren’t as many ‘try-hards’, making the game good to play if you just want a nice, casual game, but you can also dominate quite easily if you’re really aiming to do modern warfare snow troopsome damage.

However, you tend to find that on game modes with a more specific objective, like ‘Search and Destroy’ or ‘Domination’ that the players seem better and the games are a lot more competitive.

Of course there are a few noobs roaming around on these types of game modes, but generally, stick to the likes of TDM and ‘Kill Confirmed’ if you prefer to play more casually.

A Very Balanced Multiplayer

One of the reasons that I think the multiplayer of MW3 is so good, is due to it being a balanced game. Yes, there are a couple of slightly overpowered guns, such as the ACR and MP7, but no huge advantages are available, such as the ease to ‘Noob Tube’ on MW2 and Ghosts.

In a nutshell, you can you use nearly any class combination and be ready to do some damage with it. The way that the classes are customised is relatively simple and is no more advanced than it was on Modern Warfare 2, as you can have a total of three perks, one lethal and tactical piece of equipment and a primary and secondary weapon. Pretty simple, right? And in MW3, simple is perfect. Having simple perk setups is a great, because all the better perks are grouped together, which you can only choose one from. There are three groups of perks and only one perk can be selected from each one.

Special Ops Missions

Special Ops was retained from Modern Warfare 2 and consists of having to complete certain missions. Just like MW2, you are either awarded 1, 2, or 3 stars, depending how well you completed the mission. Overall, it isn’t anything special, but can be a good laugh now and then.

Special Ops – Survival Mode

Survival was an all new mode introduced to Call of Duty where you have to survive against infinite waves of enemies. Up to two players can play, each one having access to buy a huge variety of guns, gadgets and other methods of support, including air strikes, riot shield squads and sentry guns.

Enemy waves consist of suicidal attack dogs, ground units, juggernauts and choppers.this is mw3 As you can probably tell, survival mode is pretty insane and is a challenge.

Most people tend to find the mode quite boring, but personally I really enjoy an occasional match, if I have a friend to play with. Otherwise, it’s pretty dull, as it’s 5 times as hard without good communication present.


Overall, I think that CoD: MW3 is a fantastic game, with the campaign performing very highly and the multiplayer performing even more highly, as it is nearly perfectly ‘balanced’.

The worst thing about the game is the fact that a growing number of people now abuse the system by using types of ‘mods’, as you and I might call it, but you rarely come across these types of people, as for now. The graphics aren’t significantly better since MW2 and the game used the same system as before, disappointing some fans.

However, as a whole, it is a great game in all aspects, despite the special ops not quite living up to the standard of the multiplayer and campaign. If you are yet to buy the game, I would definitely recommend doing so.


  • Great campaign
  • A fantastic multiplayer
  • A challenging special ops mode


  • Nothing 'revolutionary'
  • Some would argue that it is too simple


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  1. Great site. So helpful for gamers. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for all the great info.

    • Thanks, I’m glad I could help!

  2. My 1o yr old son was showing me the ropes on COD on my iMac. I’m just a novice and was on like ‘level 19’ or something.

    Anyway 2 weeks later and he’s on level 59 and I have no clue ! kids I just wish they left my games alone !

    I’ll just go back and start again me thinks .. GREAT MW3 review buddy.

    • Haha, well I guess we’ve all got to start somewhere! Looks like your son has been grinding it out pretty hard then, lol! It’s a great game. You should get back to it and I’m glad that you like the review.


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