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CoD: Ghosts Review – Call of Duty Ghosts is a first person shooter game and is the 10th game in the CoD series. It was mainly developed by Infinity Ward, Neversoft and Raven Software and was published by activision, with the initial release date of the 7th November 2013.

 A Thrilling Campaign

Infinity Ward’s production prior to CoD: Ghosts was CoD: MW3, which in my opinion, was a fantastic game, so Ghosts had a lot to live up to. I believe that the campaign is one of the best parts of the game, for it offers a thrilling and intense experience, with the developers specifically targeting to make an ’emotional connection’ between the characters and the player, by focussing the action on a family, including their dog, in the action and what happened to them. The basic story line of it, is that the world is in global economic crisis and the richer, oil producing countries in South America form a coalition called “The Federation”, who invade Central America and The Caribbean, starting to take control of it, easily. The title gains its name because a small group form called the “Ghosts” that fight against “The Federation”, but I can tell you now that the story contains a fair few twists and that it is left on a cliffhanger…

Multiplayer – Good But Unbalanced

Despite the campaign ofliving up to expected standards, the multiplayer, as a whole, was good, but didn’t really meet the standard of other franchises in the series, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good, enjoyable game, (mostly) which took the graphics up a whole new level since CoD: MW3 and there were some more improvements as well, but the game adapted to become slightly ‘unbalanced’. What I mean by that is, that players took advantage of certain features in the game which made them then, very hard to compete against and it really took a chunk of enjoyment out of the game. Here are some explained examples:

  • Riot shield + C4 combo.

    – Especially in the period when CoD: Ghosts was released, the riot shield + C4 combo was extremely overpowered, for the riot shield didn’t even move when the C4 was thrown! Perks allowing two C4’s to be carried and allowing them to be thrown quickly made the combination even more overpowered and on modes like Search and Destroy, you were doomed as soon as you encountered an enemy using this technique if you weren’t using it yourself. Luckily this issue was revolved slightly, as the an update was introduced making the shield move to the side as the C4 was thrown, but the combination is still very effective.

  • Spawn killing

    – Generally, in CoD: Ghosts, the spawning system isn’t very good and especially on the game mode ‘Blitz’, players can spawn trap the whole other team relatively easily. I experienced this on one of my first games on the mode, for as soon as I spawned there was either someone laid their waiting to kill me, or a sentry gun round the corner. This continues to be one of the main issues of the game.

  • Camper-friendly maps –

    Ghosts may have had a graphical improvement since MW3, but due to the fact that players can wear gillie suits whenever selected, makes it easy to merge in with the background. Even without the gillie suit, you will still find many players just sitting in long crass or in a corner. This really makes the game slow paced, as it becomes more of a matter of “hide and seek” rather than “run and gun. This is possibly the games biggest problem and it is one that unfortunately cannot now be resolved.Camping

However, apart from those bad features, CoD: Ghosts remains to be a pretty good game and the multiplayer offers an enjoyable experience most of the time, as there is a large variety of perks, weapons and game modes. In fact, there are over 20,000 customisation possibilities, so if that isn’t variety, I don’t know what is! CoD: Ghosts may also please some female gamers, as the for the first time, you can play as a female soldier!

All New Extinction Mode – Very High Paced

Some people hate it, others love it. Extinction is an all new game mode to the Call of Duty franchise and consists of aliens invading the Earth and you as a player, accompanied with three others, set out to destroy all of the hives. In all of the DLC’s, a new extinction map is released and a story is put together.  You start out with a pistol, the type depending on what level you are, as you can select a variety of different starting equipment you can buy as you mode money  as you play. These ‘upgrades’ and equipment consist from miniguns, MGL launchers, air strikes and riot shields to armour, equipment that increases speed and vultures. Each player can also choose a class from:

  • Weapon Specialist – Offers exclusive upgrades such as quicker handling, quick-draw and extra damage.
  • Tank – Offers exclusive upgrades such as extra health and increased damage when knifing.
  • Medic – Allows player to revive other quicker and have the ability to move faster.
  • Engineer – Can repair the drill faster and can carry more money.

You may be wondering what the “drill” is if you haven’t played extinction before and for those that don’t know, it is the thing you plant at each “alien hive”, which destroys them. The aliens will attempt to destroy the drill in order to defend the hive and therefore it will need to be repaired at times. If the drill is destroyed or all of the players die, the game is over. Overall, extinction is fast paced alien chaos, which I enjoy to have a game of now and then.


Overall, I think that CoD: Ghosts is a decent game, but has some let downs in especially multiplayer, such as camper-friendly maps and over-powered weapon combinations, which really ruin the game. However, I think that new features, like the implementation of the ‘clan war’ system was a lot of fun and made the game more enjoyable. The campaign is very good in my opinion and was the most successful part of the game.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions about the game. Also, any feedback in general would be greatly appreciated!


  • An intense campaign, living up to expected standards!
  • Extinction mode was an original, enjoyable idea
  • A fairly decent multiplayer


  • A generally unbalanced multiplayer
  • Slow gameplay - big maps and a lot of camping


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  1. Wow I did not realise that this game was on Nintendo’s Wii U.
    But I believe it’s rating, in my opinion, should be higher. I believe the camping spots are good for less able players and I like how wih squad points anyone is able to have a good class. Please could you recommend a good, camping, long range sniper class for a player who is okay but struggles with people shooting said person in the back and does not struggle close range.

    • Ok, whilst the camping aspect may benefit a few players – those that do it – it a negative thing for most people. How would you like going against a full team of campers, time after time after time again? There would not be any enjoyment and the game would be virtually ruined.

      If you do ‘camp’ yourself, I strongly discourage doing so, because by doing that you won’t improve and you will be contributing towards creating a corrupt game. As for now, take care!

  2. Please could you explain the gamemode cranked

    • Cranked has the same scoring system as Team Deathmatch, however, when somebody gets a kill they become ‘cranked’, giving them all the speed perks like marathon, agility, quickdraw, sleight of hand, stalker and so on. It is similar to having a specialist bonus active and you become a beast. However, with this power, as soon as you get a kill a timer starts to tick down from 30 seconds and if it reaches 0 you are blown up. To prevent this happening, you need to keep killing, as this resets the timer. It is a very fast-paced and sometimes frustrating game mode. It has never been very popular because it is hard to maintain a good KDR and sometimes when against campers, you can’t find anyone and it becomes a very annoying game mode.

  3. I Disagree, Should be MUCH higher. And is it on Wii?

    • Much higher? Did you read my list of reasons of why it is not? Don’t get me wrong, I like the game. I’m been 10th prestige for a long time and have all of the war cry camo’s. It’s just the fact that it is generally ‘unbalanced’ and there are a lot of things which give unfair advantages.

      I’m glad that you like the game however!

  4. was thinking of getting PS 4 so looking through his site for some great games.Thanks for the reviews!

    • Well there certainly are some great PS4 exclusive games around too, such as The Order 1886 so definitely stay in tuned as I’ll be looking into more of them in the future!


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