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CoD: Advanced Warfare Quick-Scoping – Is it Dead?

CoD: Advanced Warfare Quick-Scoping – Is it Dead?

no quick scoping on aw cover

CoD: Advanced Warfare has changed the mechanics of quick-scoping, completely, leaving players to wonder whether it is ‘dead’?

This is such a big shock to the community, as quick-scoping has been a major part of sniping ever since Modern Warfare 2. Since then, it has never been that over-powered, but it was still very much in use throughout Black Ops 1, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 and even a little bit in Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Ghosts changed the system of quick-scoping, also, but many players found a way around it and the system wasn’t very successful.

The reason the developers believe quick-scoping is a problem in Call of Duty, because it gives snipers an unfair advantage at all ranges. Even at close range when competing against shotguns and SMG’s, a successful quick scope usually will beat them both.

This ruins a sense of ‘realism’ in the game and makes the sniper rifle a very over-powered gun. However, has made an even harsher system to prevent quick-scoping, since Ghosts by decreasing the zoom-speed time and the mobility of the sniper.

In fact, here is a section of the developer statement describing the change:


This doesn’t necessarily mean that quick-scoping has been nerfed as such, but that sniper rifles “are not going to be over-powered compared to their peers,” meaning that they won’t have the advantage at closer ranges, as the draw will be too slow to compete with the likes of SMG’s and shotguns.

This isn’t to say that nobody will be able to do this, but that it will be harder and take a lot of getting used to, causing a smaller amount of people to attempt quick-scoping.

Were There any Alternatives to Doing This?

The reason the developers didn’t just lower the damage of the sniper and made headshots only one shot kills, was because it would ruin a great sense of realism in the game, which would not be a possible option, as the exo suits and abilities have already taken part of that away. After all, it’s still Call of Duty that we’re playing here, right?

There were also many other options which the developers explored, but they decided that this reduces the draw time, along with some other changes would do the job.

aw sniper

Does this Change Generally Upset or Please the CoD Community?

I am sure that there are a great number of people that are upset and pleased about this change, but I personally think that it will just take some time before people are happy with the change, because of how long quick-scoping has been about.

I am also sure that some players will find a way around the attempt to prevent quick-scoping and therefore it will last a little longer within the franchise. However, if you do enjoy quick-scoping, I say prepare to let it go, because I’m sure that it will be completely out of the way in the next CoD or two.

What are My Views on the Change?

First of all, I’d like to mention that I’m not a brilliant quick-scoper and never really quick-scope online, however I do enjoy quick-scoping with friends on a private match.

For me, the change is good because I will be playing against people with less over-powered methods of killing me and I can always go play on a previous Call of Duty if I ever want to have a quick-scoping game with friends, so I am generally happy.

Please Let me Know What you Think!

As always, feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also now share it with your friends on social networking sites, with the buttons at the top of the post!

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  1. I thought quick-scoping on ‘Call of Duty Ghosts’ was hard!

    • So did I, but it seems that quite a few people got there way around it. In my old clan, there were a couple of lads that were pulling of amazing shots with ease, with 2+ K/D ratios and I just don’t see how they did it. Advanced Warfare is going to be like that but even harder. Is this a good thing for you?

      • It will be interesting, but like many others, I am not a very good quick-scoper and will most likely be using an SMG on multiplayer.

        • Ah, so it will generally benefit you. Feel free to let me know how you get on when you buy the game!

  2. Who specifically made that statement>>

    • It was a general dev statement – you’d have to do a bit of research to find out, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?

      • Good point and no.


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