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CoD: Advanced Warfare – Co-Op Mode Revealed

Advanced Warfare
On the 24th September, all new CoD: Advanced Warfare co-op mode was revealed, sharing that the game mode consists of a rather like ‘survival’ concept, as 4 team-mates fight together to resist hordes of enemy soldiers and various machinery. The game will be available on the following consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Starting Out

The new ‘co-op’ mode uses the maps from multiplayer and just as you jump into the game-play, you will have the option to choose one of the following classes:

  • Light
  • Heavy
  • Specialist

It is yet to be known what exactly these different classes offer, however the names themselves give a vague idea anyway. The ‘light’ class will presumably consist of features like higher mobility and speed, with the addition of lighter weapons such as SMG’s and so on. The ‘heavy’ class may consist of having more armour and heavier weapons like LMG’s and the ‘specialist’ class is the class we know not as much about, but we can guess that it offers features somewhere in-between the other two classes.

Getting Involved

You will be equipped with your ‘exo suit’, (an exoskeleton that can perform special abilities and more) and various equipment, which you will have the option to upgrade after each round. The mode enforces some implements from CoD: Ghosts safeguard and extinction modes and CoD: MW3 Survival, as there are ‘support drops’ which are dropped when the support bar is full, just like safeguard from CoD: Ghosts. Also, every 10 rounds there are objectives which you need to complete in order to get a reward, but if you don’t there are penalties, which is also an aspect in Extinction mode on CoD: Ghosts (excluding the penalties).

Just like MW3 ‘survival’ mode, not all of the maps are instantly unlocked, as you have to unlock the ‘tiers of maps’, which you can unlock by completing a certain amount of waves overall.

A Couple of Extra Details

To give you and your team the greatest chance to survive longer, it is very helpful if you all use a variety of classes so that you can cover your team-mates weaknesses and they can cover yours. You will also have the ability to revive your team-mates if they are ‘downed’, so you try and maintain a maximum resistance by having all four of you on put at all times possible. Whilst you play this mode, you will gradually progress your character and their abilities, making it more appealing to come back to, with a greater purpose to do so.


As a whole, the implementation of multiple different features from many different survival modes from different games, makes the mode sound particularly interesting, for despite its originality, it could be the best type of ‘additional mode’ to reach Call of Duty, yet. The customisation and upgradable features also give a more intriguing sense to the mode and hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

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