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Is Titanfall 2 Worth It? – Impressions From The Tech Test

Many people are wondering is Titanfall 2 worth it, as what we’ve seen from the game so far has been impressive, but lots of people are still doubtful of it, due to how the original game flopped after it had been hyped up so much. Will Titanfall 2 set right all of the wrongs in the original game, or will it wander down yet another diminishing footpath? Throughout this article I will highlight...[Read More]

Is the Black Ops 3 Season Pass Worth it?

Hey Call of Duty fans! Wanna know is the Black Ops 3 season pass worth it? Great, because I have all the information that you’ll need to make that decision for yourself right here. The Black Ops 3 DLC is expensive, but does it offer enough content to shine through its big price tag? Let’s get into it. What Does the Black Ops 3 Season Pass Offer? Just like the past Call of Duty games, t...[Read More]

Where is the Best Place to Buy Xbox Live? The Cheapest Deal

Hey all of you Xbox fans! Would you like to know, where is the best place to buy Xbox Live? Well I have the answer for you in this post. If you’re not careful, Xbox Live can end up costing you more than your Xbox did itself, so it’s important that you’re getting the best deal possible. In this post, I will compare my number 1 recommended marketplace to some of the most commonly k...[Read More]

Black Ops 3 Zombies Latest News – What’s New?

As we get closer to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, we are hearing more and more about what it is has in store for us, especially some of the Black Ops 3 zombies latest news. There are a lot of new features coming to zombies in Black Ops 3, which together might quite possibly make it the best zombies experience yet. The Zombies Maps – What do We Know About Them? I think that most o...[Read More]

Will Black Ops 3 Be Good? Impressions from the Beta

The question that many of you will be wondering about at the moment is “Will Black Ops 3 be good?”, as you need to know whether this next Call of Duty game is really for you. In this post, I will try and answer all of the questions that you might have about the game, but if there’s something you’re still not sure about, please do not hesitate to leave your question down in ...[Read More]

Is it Worth Upgrading to an Xbox One from an Xbox 360? Xbox 360 vs Xbox One

Here is the big question that is facing all Xbox players that have yet to upgrade to next-gen: is it worth upgrading to an Xbox One from an Xbox 360? In this post, I will be providing an Xbox 360 vs Xbox One comparison! The Xbox 360 has been around for over 10 years now; it’s getting old. The Xbox One may have a bigger price tag, but it is becoming an increasingly necessary investment to mak...[Read More]

Is Black Ops 3 Next-Gen Only? Will it Be On Xbox 360 & PS3?

Is Black Ops 3 next-gen only? Many of you will be wondering whether Black Ops 3 is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3, as a lot of people still not have upgraded to next-gen consoles, but would still love to play the latest Call of Duty. On the other hand, I also know that a good load of you will be praying that Black Ops 3 won’t be hitting last-gen consoles, because you have reason to believe t...[Read More]

How to Get Double XP on Advanced Warfare – The Best 4 Ways

Many of you may be wondering how to get double XP on Advanced Warfare, because lets face it; leveling up takes quite a long time, and even longer if you’re aiming for the 20th prestige mark, so I don’t blame you for looking for ways to get double XP. That’s why I’ve put together this short guide covering the best ways to do so, so I hope you find it useful! Grind Supply Dro...[Read More]

New Gears of War (Xbox One) – Could it be Gears of War 4?

After much speculation, it has been confirmed that there is a new Gears of War for Xbox One in development; whether it is Gears of War 4 we are not sure, but we are now completely sure Gears of War will be making another appearance, despite the disappointing performance of Gears of War: Judgment in the market. We Knew There Was Another Gears of War Coming Our Way After Rod Fergusson’s Tweet ...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Map Pack Details

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy map pack is set to initially release on June 2nd for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and scheduled to release on PS3 and PS4 a month later, like always, which will be July 2nd. This will be the third piece of DLC in Advanced Warfare and will be followed by one more, called Reckoning. 4 New Maps – Or Should I Say 3? Like the past two DLC’s in Advanced...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare New ‘Royalty’ Weapons and SAC3 Variants

There will be some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare new ‘Royalty’ weapons and SAC3 variants coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC very soon! Unfortunately there has been no mention of whether these are coming to Xbox One and PS4 too, however we know that these special weapons will be landing on Xbox One first. On the 19th May, these weapon will have come out on Xbox One and are expected to arri...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Preview – Latest News and Information

In this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Preview, I will let you know all of the latest news and information there currently is to know about Black Ops 3, to help you have a better understanding of what the game is going to be like and whether it’s really for you. Although it was only recently leaked that Black Ops 3 was going to be the next Call of Duty through the source of short video clips shar...[Read More]

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