YouTube and making money

Where is the Best Place to Buy Xbox Live? The Cheapest Deal

Hey all of you Xbox fans! Would you like to know, where is the best place to buy Xbox Live? Well I have the answer for you in this post. If you’re not careful, Xbox Live can end up costing you more than your Xbox did itself, so it’s important that you’re getting the best deal possible. In this post, I will compare my number 1 recommended marketplace to some of the most commonly k...[Read More]

How to Make Money with G2A Goldmine – It’s Simple

In this guide, I’m going be walking you through step by step showing you how to make money with G2A Goldmine, which can be extremely rewarding. G2A Goldmine is an affiliate program like no other in the gaming industry and I really encourage you to take advantage of it whilst it’s still around. However, before we get into the exciting stuff, let’s clarify exactly what G2A Goldmine...[Read More]

How to Record Console Gameplay 2017 – What is Needed?

I’m sure you have all watched a ton of gaming videos on YouTube or Twitch or whatever else and are finally starting to wonder how to record console gameplay yourself! Whether you just want to make videos to share with friends or if you want to start a gaming YouTube channel, there is always a way for you to record your gameplay! Now the question you’re all wondering is how you can actu...[Read More]

How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel – The Essentials

If you’re wondering how to start a gaming YouTube channel, you should be prepared take it seriously. Gaming is a very crowded industry, especially on YouTube, and if you want to stand a chance in competing, you should be prepared to make an investment. Today, I’ll walk you through everything you need to get started! These steps are essential, regardless of the platform you play on, so ...[Read More]

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