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How to Record Console Gameplay 2017 – What is Needed?

I’m sure you have all watched a ton of gaming videos on YouTube or Twitch or whatever else and are finally starting to wonder how to record console gameplay yourself! Whether you just want to make videos to share with friends or if you want to start a gaming YouTube channel, there is always a way for you to record your gameplay! Now the question you’re all wondering is how you can actu...[Read More]

Elgato Game Capture Review – The Best Capture Card

Elgato Game Capture Review – The Elgato Game Capture is a recording device that allows gamers to record their gameplay so that they can share videos with their friends or create a youtube channel… Whatever they want! However, I’m sure most of you already know that and what you really want to know is whether the Elgato Game Capture is worth getting. I went through exactly the same...[Read More]

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