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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Preview – Latest News and Information

call of duty black ops 3

In this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Preview, I will let you know all of the latest news and information there currently is to know about Black Ops 3, to help you have a better understanding of what the game is going to be like and whether it’s really for you.

Although it was only recently leaked that Black Ops 3 was going to be the next Call of Duty through the source of short video clips shared through Snapchat, a lot of information has been leaked since then, including trailer, an official release date, the setting and even some multiplayer features!

The Official Reveal Trailer – Heading Once Again Down the Futuristic Road

So before we go any further, I highly encourage you to watch the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 trailer below, so that you can get a great idea of what the game is going to play like, but let me give you a brief clue of what it’s like… Put it this way, it makes Advanced Warfare seem basic!

After watching that, there is no denial that Black Ops 3 is heading down a similar route as Advanced Warfare; in fact, I’ve heard many people say that Black Ops 3 seems just like another Advanced Warfare and that there is no sophisticated change.

Although I certainly do agree that Black Ops 3 is heading down the futuristic route, I don’t think it’s on quite the same tracks as Advanced Warfare. I think it’s further. After seeing under water combat, robot soldiers, walking tanks and machinery, as well as devastating weapons and abilities in the trailer, I am very confident in saying that Black Ops 3 is set to be the craziest Call of Duty yet, but also the riskiest.

In fact, Advanced Warfare was mainly set in 2054, whereas Black Ops 3 is said to be set ’50 years in the future’, which indicates it is going to be set around 2070. It has been confirmed that there is going to be another remake of the classic Black Ops map ‘Nuketown’, but this time it is going to be called ‘Nuketown 2065’.

Therefore, Black Ops 3 is set at least 10 years further in time than Advanced Warfare, so we definitely know Black Ops 3 is going to be even more futuristic than Advanced Warfare, so Black Ops 3 isn’t just going to be another Advanced Warfare, that’s for sure.

call of duty black ops 3 latest news

Official Release Date and Compatibility

It has been the tradition that a new Call of Duty is released in November every year, and with Black Ops 3, there is going to be no exception. The scheduled release date is for November 6th, and it will be coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC, as usual, however, it has also been hinted that it may be coming out on Wii U too!

This is because Activison have suddenly introduced an option on the official Call of Duty website to link your Nintendo Network ID to it. This has led myself and many others to wonder whether Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be coming out on Wii U too, as why would they suddenly add an option to add a Nintendo Network ID if no more Call of Duty’s are being released?

Nevertheless, even if Black Ops 3 doesn’t come out on Wii U, I doubt too many people will be fussed, because Advanced Warfare wasn’t released on Wii U and if the people primarily playing on the Wii U at the time were dedicated to Call of Duty, they will have most likely got another console.

Let’s face it, the Wii U isn’t exactly the best console for Call of Duty either… Although I loved playing it a bit on the Wii back in the day, it doesn’t compare to what the likes of the Xbox and PS3 offer.

Movement in Black Ops 3 – Will There be Exo Suits and Abilities?

Some of you may have loved the Exo movement in Advanced Warfare, whereas some of you may prefer the classic Call of Duty movement where all gunfights take place on the ground. But which of the two will be in Black Ops 3? Neither.

You could say the movement in Black Ops 3 is somewhere in the middle of the two. There will be no Exo suits or abilities within Advanced Warfare, but instead there will be something called a ‘movement meter’, which will deplete as you use the special movement abilities, which I will explain in a second.

However, as far as I understand, the reasoning for the movement meter is so that these special movement abilities cannot be over-used; the developers didn’t want to make the game a matter of jumping your way out of everything like Advanced Warfare, but instead they wanted to keep the core concepts of Call of Duty movement and gameplay, which is mostly based on the ground, but with the subtle implementation of movement abilities to spice it up a little bit.

Instead of an Exo suit, the most of the soldiers are equipped similarly to as shown below, with various items of protection and armour.

call of duty black ops 3 movement


The Thrust Jump Ability

One of these ‘special movement abilities’ is the thrust jump. If you tap A, you will jump normally, but if you hold A for slightly longer you will boost into the air a bit higher, and finally if you hold A on the Xbox for example for even longer, you will boost up even higher.

However, even the highest boost is not as high as you can boost on Advanced Warfare; instead they’re slightly smaller. You may currently be thinking that this seems exactly the same as the Advanced Warfare boost jump system, but just on Black Ops 3 you can’t jump as high and therefore everyone will be boosting their way out of trouble again, just like Advanced Warfare.

This is not true, because in order to boost higher, you need to still need to be holding A (on Xbox) or X (On PlayStation), meaning that you won’t really be able to adjust your aim during this time. This means that boosting will only really be helpful for faster movement and evading as a last result and that it will not be as useful during a firefight.

The Power Slide Ability

In the last two Call of Duty’s, there has been a slide ability, allowing you to do a quick slide across the floor, which was useful for diving to cover or breaching a room.

Although this feature will still be present in Black Ops 3, there will also be an enhanced version of it called the ‘power slide’, which you could see someone perform in the trailer if you haven’t seen it already. It seems like it is a faster and longer version of the of the regular slide, but it also seems like you can slide in multiple directions, instead of just forwards, as shown in the trailer.

The normal slide ability wasn’t used all that much during Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, so there is every reason the suggest that it won’t be used that much in Advanced Warfare, but it is possible that the power slide may just give that extra bonus to make people want to use it more.

Wall Running

Finally, the last ‘special movement ability’ is the wall run, where you can run across a wall for 1 or 2 seconds using up the movement meter.

Based upon the feedback of the majority of players that have already had the chance to go and play Black Ops 3 for themselves, they say that they didn’t find themselves using wall running that much, but found it occasionally useful, such as when flanking. In fact, they generally said that they spent 80-90% of the time on the ground not using Exo abilities, and only used them in special circumstances.

As a whole, the movement in Black Ops 3 is pretty similar to Black Ops 2, but it is spiced up a little bit, with the option of using these various abilities.

For example, in the image below where there appears to be a large ongoing firefight, everyone is on the ground.

call of duty black ops 3 preview

One of The Biggest Changes to Multiplayer – ‘Specialists’

Probably the biggest change within multiplayer in Black Ops 3, is the introduction of ‘specialist characters’. If any of you have played Destiny, this is very similar; there are 9 different specialist characters that you can play as, only 4 of which we have been informed of so far.

Whilst these sound extremely exciting and fun to use, there is always the possibility of them being over-powered, but I’m sure any necessary tweaks will be made during the time of the beta and it is important to take into account that the information I am sharing with you now will probably change slightly by the time the game releases.

Each of the characters will have both a ‘special weapon’ and a ‘special ability’. The special weapon can be earned within anywhere in the space of 2-3 minutes, depending on how well you do, and the special ability can be earned within the space of 1-2 minutes.

You will only be able to use the ability for a short amount of time before it depletes or runs out of ammunition, so you will need to use them effectively.

Here are the four characters we know about so far:

  • Ruin
    Special Weapon: Gravity Spikes – a slam which sends out a small shock-wave, killing all enemies in the vicinity.
    Special Ability: Overdrive – gives players a speed boosts lasting for a small amount of time.
  • Seraph
    Special Weapon: Annihilator – a very powerful revolver which kills with a single shot.
    Special Ability: Combat Focus – a score multiplier which provides additional score when used, helping to rack up scorestreaks.
  • Outrider
    Special Weapon: Sparrow – a bow which fires explosive, sticky arrows.
    Special Ability: Vision Pulse – senses where nearby enemies are and highlights them for a short amount of time.
  • Reaper
    Special Weapon: Scythe – converts reapers’ robotic arm into a powerful mini-gun.
    Special Ability: Glitch – teleports player to the postion where they were a few seconds ago.

call of duty black ops 3 specialists

The Gravity Spikes and Annihilator weapons are just like two of the abilities in destiny, so it could be argued that Treyarch have copied Bungie in a sense, but apart from that, all of the other weapons and abilities are completely unique.

I think this system could work well in Black Ops 3, as if it is perfected, it will be a lot of fun and will implement A LOT more strategy into the game. However, in order for this to be achieved, the specialist characters need to be equally balanced in terms of effectiveness, for it is important that there isn’t an overpowered class.

A lot of you may be thinking that the Annihilator revolver and the Scythe mini-gun seem very overpowered, however the Annihilator will take a considerable amount of time between each shot, to stop it from being too overpowered and it also has a lot of recoil.

The mini-gun on the other hand will take a while to draw, as shown on the trailer, and therefore it is ideal to have it ready before engaging into a firefight. Also, it will have limited range, making it only effective at short distances.

The ability that I’m slightly worried about, however, is the ‘Glitch’ ability where you can teleport to the position where you were a few seconds ago. This could be extremely over-powered, as you could use it in the middle of a gunfight or whenever you’re getting shot at to get out of trouble.

However, Treyarch aren’t idiots and are some of the best game developers in the world, so I’m sure that there will be some setbacks of using this ability, such as taking a second or two to activate and having limited effects.

I’m very excited to hear about the last 5 characters – be sure to let me know in the comments what you think about specialists!

Customisation is Being Taken Even Further

Within the last few Call of Duty’s, both weapon and character customization have been getting better and more advanced every time, but Black Ops 3 is taking an even bigger jump.

There will be something called ‘the gunsmith’, where you can customize the appearance of nearly every feature of your weapon, which sounds really cool. The changes made in the Black Ops 3 Gunsmith will not affect the stats of the weapon, but just the appearance.

Another thing that I’m really excited for in Black Ops 3, is that you can have up to 5 attachments on your weapons! Of course if you do this then you will barely be able to have anything else on your class, but simply the option of being able to do this excites me.

This also suggests that there are going to be some new weapon attachments in Black Ops 3, because there must be a huge choice in order for you to want 5 attachments.

Overview – Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Worth getting?

In my eyes, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 seems like a refined version of Advanced Warfare and a slightly more spiced up version of Black Ops 2. This means that it won’t all be a matter Exo boosting to win, but it won’t purely be ground combat, as the new movement abilities will open up some knew strategies, without taking over the game.

On the other hand, if you were hoping for a non-futuristic Call of Duty then Black Ops 3 is definitely not going to be for you, as specialist characters will change the classical flow of the game and instead make it more tactical.

At first, I had a very low opinion of Black Ops 3 because I thought that it looked just like Advanced Warfare, but after looking into it deeply, I noticed that it actually seems like an extremely fun game with is not at all like Advanced Warfare!

Therefore, if you want to play a crazy, action-packed Call of Duty whilst having a lot of fun, there is no better option than Black Ops 3. Personally, I know that I will definitely be getting this game and I cannot wait until it releases.

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Stay in tuned for more content, as I will be releasing a lot more Black Ops 3 news in the future, so make sure you don’t miss out on that. The beta will probably be available 1-2 months before the official release, so it is definitely worth pre-ordering so you can get an early feel for it – of course, if you don’t like it, you can always send it back!

Please Share Your Thoughts With Me in the Comments Section and I Will be More Than Happy to Discuss!


  1. Awesome post really excited about this game.. you pretty much covered everything on your article thank you for sharing it found it very informative.

    • I’m glad you’re excited about it, as I am too! Thanks for the support!

  2. Can you even customise your Camo, or do you just select a camo?

    • Yes, I believe you can Jack! Ali-A made a very informative video about them, so I would check that out if you haven’t already!


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