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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Map Pack Details

call of duty advanced warfare supremacy pack

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy map pack is set to initially release on June 2nd for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and scheduled to release on PS3 and PS4 a month later, like always, which will be July 2nd. This will be the third piece of DLC in Advanced Warfare and will be followed by one more, called Reckoning.

4 New Maps – Or Should I Say 3?

Like the past two DLC’s in Advanced Warfare, there will be 4 ‘new maps’ coming to Advanced Warfare in Supremacy, however I’m sure the name of one of them may ring a bell. Here are the names of the maps:

  • Kremlin
  • Parliament
  • Compound
  • Skyrise

The map ‘Skyrise’ is in fact a remake of the Modern Warfare 2 map ‘Highrise’, which I’m sure many of you will be pleased with.

Below is the official Supremacy trailer, so make sure to check it out!

On the first map, Kremelin, there seems to be a mounted mini-gun on the map, which could be a great tactical asset in a game as shown in the trailer where it is directly covering the hardpoint. Also, there seemed to be a couple of mine-type things on the ground, which seemed to act similarly to an IMS, as it launched up an explosive when an enemy came nearby. This looks like an action-packed map to say the least!

Next up there’s Parliament, set in London by the River Thames, which seems really cool to me! There also seems to be a map-based scorestreak, where you can call in a load of missiles on a designated area.

Thirdly, Compound is set in an Atlas training facility and is a predominantly close-quarter map, which should hopefully encourage the use of more sub-machine guns and shotguns.

However, the map I’m sure you’re all most excited about is Skyrise! The map Highrise from Modern Warfare 2 was a fan favourite, so it will be really interesting how the use of Exo movements will play out on this map! Personally, I wasn’t playing Call of Duty at the time Modern Warfare 2 was the latest Call of Duty, so I’m not quite as hyped for it as some of you guys will be. Let me know in the comments section if you like the looks of this map!

Here are the Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC map descriptions as shown on Activision’s website:

call of duty advanced warfare supremacy map pack

A New Exo Zombies Map Called “Carrier”

The zombie fans among you will be pleased to know that there will be another Exo Zombies map coming with the Supremacy map pack, which will follow on with the story from the other zombies map; if you watched the trailer, you will have got a hint of what the story within the map Carrier contains, but I won’t give any hints away for any of you that don’t want the slightest of spoilers.

There Will Not be Another Multiplayer DLC Weapon, But Instead an Exo Zombies One

Although many of you will be disappointed by the news that there will be no bonus multiplayer DLC weapon with Supremacy, you’ve got to admit we’ve been pretty fortunate already, with a DLC weapon in the previous two map packs. Also, we can hopefully expect to see another one in the next DLC!

The fact that there will be another special zombies weapon helps to make up for it too; the weapon seems to fire a small ball which then expands in to a larger horizontal beam. It is said to be a one-hit kill at round 11, so although its effectiveness may be at doubt, you can’t say that this isn’t an original weapon!

Does Supremacy Seem Like a DLC Worth Getting?

If you have yet to buy any of the DLC’s but are wondering whether to get Supremacy, I would probably advise against it. I would instead urge you to get Havoc or Ascendance instead, as you get a bonus multiplayer weapon too – if I had to choose between the two, I’d go for Ascendance since the bonus weapon you get with it (the OHM) is a pretty over-powered weapon. Click here to look at my post on Ascendance.

However, whether this DLC looks good is another question. Personally, I really like the looks of Supremacy, as the maps look really cool, as well as the new zombie features. If you have the season pass, then I think you should look forwards to some great DLC.

If you are yet to get the season pass and are considering buying some DLC, I would highly recommend to just go for the season pass instead of singularly buying a DLC pack, because this way you’ll save money compared to if you were to buy all of the DLC’s separately.

Also, lets say if you were to go ahead and buy the Supremacy DLC right now, but when the next DLC comes out you think to yourself that you really like the looks of it so you go ahead and buy it. Wouldn’t you rather have got the season pass instead for paying just a few bucks extra and get the previous two DLC’s too?

That’s just my insight on it and don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just buying one DLC pack if you’re tight on cash or particularly like the look of that one, it’s just that getting the season pass gives you the full experience for a discounted price!

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Please Share Your Thoughts and Comments Down Below and I will be More than Happy to Help!


  1. I got the dlc and the compatibility pack 4 downloaded but it still won’t let me play saying its not downloaded what do I do??

    • Hey Brandon, make sure you have downloaded it within the game too… Double check that you have done all of the updates and restart your console, but if the problem still continues, then I would probably advice re-downloading them as that may have been the issue. I hope that resolves your problem, but if, go on the Activision support page and go to the live help and submit your question.

  2. It says that i downloaded the dlc and it gives me all the multiplayer maps but none of the zombies ones.

    • Hey Scott,

      Well if you just downloaded Supremacy by itself, then you will also have got the new Exo zombies map ‘carrier’, but none of the others. Make sure you have downloaded this map and not just the multiplayer maps! If you continue to have problems, then you can send a support ticket at Activision’s website here.

  3. I have previously bought and downloaded the other maps and everything but all of a sudden they all disappeared on the zombies screen but still allows me to play all the multiplayer maps from the dlcs

    • That’s strange – maybe there was a problem with the download which caused it to mess up… Regardless of what the cause was, I’d say the best thing you can do is re-download all of the map packs (or just the ones that aren’t working) just to make sure everything is downloaded correctly. I hope you get it sorted!

  4. Hey James, can you by any chance tell me which of the 3 files was the one that installed? For eg the size of said file so i dont need to waste time downloading the others!?! Hope u can help thanx

    • If you’re talking about the Supremacy DLC, you need to download all of them, as this allows you to play all of the maps etc. Let me know if you’re talking about something else…

  5. Thats for Supremacy dlc btw!

    • No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Look out for the next DLC!

  6. my son has the season pass for COD: AW, has all the zombie maps except for ‘carrier’ where can I find that and download just that map pack? Or do I have to download another dlc pack to unlock it!? Thanks

    • Hey Leanne,

      The zombies map “Carrier” is part of the “Supremacy” map pack, which is included in the season pass, so it should be available to download. Make sure he’s downloaded all of the DLC packs; if the problem still persists, then try re-downloading them.

      I’m sorry for the very late reply, as my internet has been down and I hope you’ve sorted this out!

  7. I downloaded supremecy but I didn’t get the guns

    • As I explained in the post, you don’t get any multiplayer guns with Supremacy, but only a gun for the Zombies mode.

  8. Just re-purchased and re downloaded COD AW for the ps4 and set up my DMZ server through my router. I didn’t download havoc or all the extra bs dlc with it that included in the digital gold edition! My question that everything is working and the “No matches found”, problem is behind me..If I decide to install Havok or mainly gorge! Will my ps4 screw up all over again! If so.. I say not listen to you and warn others to stay away from DLC until Activision get their head out their ass!

    • Hey Bryan, first of all I’m glad to know your PS4 is working again! I’m assuming that you have only downloaded Supremacy for the time being and thus far everything seems to be working? Before advising you on what I think you should do, I would need to know when you started experiencing the problems… Was it after you downloaded one of the DLC packs? Or simply after you downloaded them all?

      Also you mentioned having a “No match found” problem – couldn’t this possibly just come down to connectivity issues? Just to clarify Bryan, I really am not 100% what you should go about doing; that’s Activision’s job. Do your best to get in touch with them or with other people with a similar problem.

      I hope you get this sorted out!


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