Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Campaign Review – The Best Campaign Yet?


Sentinel Soldier

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Campaign Review – Published by Activison and developed by Sledgehammer Games and High Moon Studios, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare made it’s bold entrance to the market on November 4th, 2014, unsurprisingly becoming the top selling game upon it’s release.

Since the game is set in 2054, it was always going to be interesting to see how far the developers would advance the style of gameplay. To some people’s joy and for others, despair, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare introduced a whole range of very advanced technology, implementing a completely new flow of play.

Playing the campaign is a great way to learn all the new controls and ability, as you can do so by enjoying yourself and preparing yourself for multiplayer at the same time, making it essential to play, even for the multiplayer fanatics among you.

The Campaign Trailer – An Action-Packed Taste of What the Game is All About

Yes, the game has already been released and it is likely that you have come across the trailer already, but if you haven’t, it gives you a pretty nice idea of what the campaign is all about without giving the plot away, so I would recommend watching it!

So hopefully from that trailer you saw a glimpse of the advanced technology, such as the big, heavily armoured ground troops, called Goliaths, as well as the drones, aircraft and ground vehicles. But honestly, that video is hardly even a preview of all of the new implementations in the game, but does reflect upon the basis of the campaign.

By watching it, you’ll have seen that the main focus was on a company called “Atlas,” who are described as the biggest standing military force at that present time, due to the global terrorist attacks diminishing the world government’s power hugely.

Together, Atlas, the terrorist group (KVA) and the government forces are the main three focuses of the game, except for the character you play as and those you play with, who experience frequent contact with all three of those groups.


“Irons,” the leader of military company Atlas.

All of these groups are shown in the trailer and I’m sure you’ll notice that Atlas had the most advanced technology by far. In fact, the leader of Atlas, called Irons, stated their technology was “Over 20 years ahead of government technology,” which resulted in them becoming the most affective military force in the world at that present time.

In the trailer you will also have noticed that Irons quoted, “We answer to no country,” which evidently proves to be the case as the campaign progresses…

Getting Started in the Campaign – A Small *Spoiler Alert*

Throughout the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Campaign, you play as a marine called Private Mitchel, convincingly played by Troy Baker.  As I mentioned earlier, the game is set in 2054 and there are expectations of a North Korean invasion of the US.

As a result, you find yourself in South Korea, attempting to prevent the invasion. Mitchel is particularly close to another marine called Will Irons, the son of the founder of Atlas Military Cooperation, who was said to have joined the marines to get away from his Dad.

Things in South Korea go much worse than expected and the marines are caught up in a massacre. Unfortunately, Will is killed and Mitchel loses his arm, leaving Mitchel in a state where he could never return to the military. Or so he thought. The game is called Advanced Warfare for a reason…

At Will’s funeral, Mitchel encountered Irons, the father of Will, who offered him a job at Atlas. Furthermore, he claimed that he could get Mitchel a new arm, a claim of which he stood after Mitchel took the offer.

Life Working for Atlas…

Despite having the worlds largest standing army and more advanced weaponry than any government in the world, Atlas also specialise in building ‘infrastructure’. They proved this with their work in Baghdad; before Atlas took action, you couldn’t step outside without getting shot. However afterwards, it was a safe and visually stunning city!

But luck can only last for so long – the world’s first global terrorist attack occurred soon afterwards and several nuclear reactors were blown up. The terrorist group responsible for this was named “KVA” lead by a monstrosity of a human known as “Hades,” with the intention of setting the world back to the stone age, by eradicating all technology.

This was a disaster for most, but for Atlas it was an opportunity to gain more power than ever, as taking down the KVA is a task that is unlikely that any government could complete, so Atlas became the worlds biggest chance.

You notice when playing the campaign that everything feels a lot more professional, organised and advanced when playing as Mitchel in Atlas, unlike the frantic beginning to the campaign, not to say things don’t turn out like that as the game progresses…

Atlas Soldier

Where Does the Game Progress to?

At this point if you are yet to complete the Advanced Warfare campaign, you are probably about to look away as you think I’m going to tell you the whole plot. But don’t worry, I’m merely going to give you a couple of clues and insights so that I don’t give it away, but give you an exciting preview of what is to come. Anyway, if you have completed the campaign, you don’t need me to walk you through it…

I’m not going to tell you how the combat between the KVA and Atlas ends up, but there is a surprising twist (or not so surprising for the more clever of you,) as there is a traitor on one of the sides, causing everything to change, and an even bigger enemy arises.

After the game progresses a little, you find yourself in a very sticky situation of which there seems to be no way out of. Interestingly, the leader of your previous marine squad, Cormac, appears out of the blue with the remains of his squad, making a heroic, but swift entrance. Despite some parts of the campaign being a little predictable, for me this was an unexpected surprise and a moment that I thought was worth mentioning.

As I said, I’m not going to give too much a way, but I’ll tell you that the game progresses to a point where you don’t know who are you friends and enemies. In the end, some of the people that you once fought beside become the people that you are fighting against.

Advanced Warfare Broken Bridge

What Types of Advanced Equipment and Weaponry will You Have as a Player?

I’ve very briefly talked about the fact that there is much more advanced weaponry and equipment than there is on previous Call of Duty’s, but I’m sure you’ll want to know what it actually is.

On the campaign, you are equipped with different equipment on each mission you play. The most essential piece of technology that you use regarding your weapon, is called an ‘Exo Suit,’ otherwise known as an ‘Exoskeleton’. Not every soldier has one of these, but since you, Mitchel, was serving for Atlas, you had access to this kind of equipment.

It always you to double jump and dash in any direction, giving you ultimate speed and agility. Along with these come ‘Exo-Abilities,’ which allow you to perform a special ability for a limited amount of time. These can range from hovering, speed and increased health powers, to invisibility (to some extent.)

Also, you will have ‘Exo-Launchers,’ which are projectiles launched from the arm, consisting of the classical Call of Duty equipment, like semtex’s, stun grenades and smokes, as well as things like enemy seeking grenades.

Besides the exo-suits, these are also ‘Laser guns,’ which fire laser beams. They have unlimited ammo, but can overheat. Some pretty cool technology, huh?

Advanced Warfare Warbird

Taking the Graphical Detail to the Next Level

As well as the thrilling storyline, the developers have made a big leap in terms of graphical detail, especially the detail of the characters. In fact, it is so spectacular, that the characters almost look exactly the same as the actors playing them, whilst still being animated.

Even more so in the cinematic scenes this extended sense of realism is displayed and the characters honestly look like how the actors would if there were on TV.

With graphical phenomenon’s such as Destiny revolutionising the gaming industry, Advanced Warfare made a great effort to match such graphical quality, although it wasn’t quite there, as the quality of the maps weren’t quite in the same league.


To conclude my Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Campaign Review, I would like to state my overall opinion of the game and whether I would recommend it.

I think that the introduction of advanced technology, certainly brings about more positives than negatives to the game, as it opens up a whole new range of tactics and ways to play, whilst still maintaining that same Call of Duty feel.

Certainly within the campaign the advanced abilities are fun to use, as you can play at your own skill level and not have to care about getting destroyed in multiplayer. In addition to the thrilling plot and fantastic acting, this concludes a brilliant campaign, which in my opinion can certainly compete to be one of the best ever in the series!

I would highly recommend getting this game if you want to step up your style of play to a whole new ‘advanced’ level, even if it’s only for the campaign.

You can get a brand new copy from Amazon by Clicking Here!

As Always, Feel Free to Leave a Comment Below and I Will Get Back to You as Soon as I Can!


  • Captivating storyline
  • Great acting and reality of characters
  • Intense gameplay


  • Predictable outcome
  • Slightly tedious


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  1. It looks amazing! Especially the graphics, I’d like to play it myself before judging but your review looks very positive so I’m excited! 🙂

    • I agree! I’m glad you’re looking forwards to getting it and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to share how you find it when you get the game 🙂

  2. I’ve never played the Call of Duty, but the graphics on this version look amazingly realistic. I will look into getting this game when I upgrade my computer as it seems to hate big file games.

    Great review.


    • Yes, I agree, they do look pretty amazing! If you enjoy shooter gaming, then I can promise that call of duty won’t be a disappointment.

  3. Hi James. I’m not a video gamer, but this is a cool review and I like your large-size photos. Video games sure came a long way since I played Atari Pac-Man and Centipedes.

    • Haha, well gaming isn’t for us all! I’m glad that you like the site, though!


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