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Black Ops 3 Zombies Latest News – What’s New?

black ops 3 zombies news

As we get closer to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, we are hearing more and more about what it is has in store for us, especially some of the Black Ops 3 zombies latest news. There are a lot of new features coming to zombies in Black Ops 3, which together might quite possibly make it the best zombies experience yet.

The Zombies Maps – What do We Know About Them?

I think that most of us can agree that the maps on zombies are the most important things; without good maps, zombies will fail. Therefore, Treyarch really need to make sure they produced something special, but have they? Let’s take a look.

Shadows of Evil – A Large, All-New Map!

Shadows of Evil will be the first zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It is a completely new map, bringing with it a set of completely new characters and a brand new story!

The story is set in the 1940’s and focuses on 4 main characters, each of which have done a series of sinful things. In fact, the Black Ops 3 website itself describes the characters as so:

“These are not nice people. Every one of them is a lying, conniving, manipulative and selfish individual with a long and sordid history of past misdeeds”

Furthermore, these 4 characters subsequently find themselves in each-others’ company when a zombie invasion suddenly arrives and I guess that’s where we as players pick the story up.

Here are the official descriptions from Call of Duty of the 4 characters, just so you can get an insight as to what they’re like:

black ops 3 zombies characters

However, Call of Duty recently released a video that briefly looks into the background of each of the characters and the crimes that they have committed. This is currently our biggest clue hinting about what the story-line of Shadows of Evil is all about, so be sure to watch it down below.

The gameplay on the map Shadow of Evil is based in the fictional ‘Morg City’, where all 4 of the characters reside. Even if the city wasn’t infested with zombies, it would still be pretty evident that it’s not exactly a nice place. Nothing has officially been said about where this ties in with zombies in the previous Black Ops games, so we’ll just have wait and see!

The Gumball Machine – A Special Ability Generator

One of the coolest features of the Shadow of Evil map is the ‘Gumball machine’, which is black ops 3 latest news shadows of evilessentially a special ability generator. It provides random power-ups such as:

  • Having the ability to shoot whilst sprinting
  • Be ignored by zombies for 10 seconds
  • For 10 seconds zombies will target you specifically
  • x5 multiplier on melee damage
  • Spawns a ‘carpenter’ power-up

These are just some of the many power-ups you can acquire from the Black Ops 3 zombies gumball machine, and I have purposely shared a variety of them with you to emphasize the fact that some of them are definitely better than others. For example, being ignored by zombies for 10 seconds can be a life saver, whereas all the carpenter perk does is re-build there barriers.

Don’t get me wrong, all of the power-ups can be useful in different situations, which is why I think the gumball machine is such a great feature, as it will encourage players to adapt their style of play in order to take advantage of the ‘special ability’ that they have.

It’s a matter of making use of what you have, because anything is better than nothing.

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The Giant (Remake of Der Reise) Will be the Second Zombies Map in Black Ops 3

The Giant is the second confirmed map in Black Ops 3, but it will only be available with the collector’s edition of the game, as it is a bonus map. Therefore you’ll either have to buy the Hardened, Digital Dluxe or the Juggernog edition, which of course all cost more than the standard edition of the game.

Furthermore, ‘The Giant’ is actually a remake of the zombies map ‘Der Reise’ from World at War (Der Reise means The Giant in English). However, this does not mean that the story-line is going to be the same; in fact it’s going to be completely different.

The story carries on from the zombies map ‘Origins’ from Black Ops 2 and therefore a lot of the characters are coming back!

Here is the trailer of the bonus map ‘The Giant’, just so you can get an idea as to what is going on:

Before I explain what exactly happens in the trailer, make sure you’re familiar with who the characters are, because otherwise you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about!

The man that we can hear screaming at the start is Ludvig Maxis and the girl we can hear is his daughter, Samantha. Of course, the old, creepy man laughing is Richtofen, who is betraying Maxis by teleporting him and his daughter to the moon.

However, suddenly the crew from Origins, consisting of Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo emerge from behind, warning Richtofen to do exactly what they say and specifically NOT to open the teleporter. Although they say that they don’t want Richtofen to open the door, they are trying to bait him into doing so, because they know that he will do whatever grants him the most power (which is virtually always the opposite of what everybody else wants). This is because Richtofen’s younger self from origins is in the teleporter, who is not as insane as his older self.

Unsurprisingly, Richtofen decides to open the teleporter and out comes his younger self from Origins, who has a disgusted look on his face and shoots his older Nazi, self in the face. Confusing right? We are not yet entirely sure why he does this or how this is even possible.

However, we know for certain that Richtofen’s younger self teleported into the future, because Origins was set around 1918, whereas Der Reise was set in 1945. Also, after he shoots himself, he says “What I do, I do only to secure a better tommorow”, which is clearly different to to how the psychopathic, schizophrenic Richtofen that we have known in the previous Black Ops games would act, suggesting that this younger version of himself might actually be a good man.

Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the game actually comes out!

A New XP-Based Ranking up System!black ops 3 zombies latest news

That’s right, Black Ops 3 zombies will have its own ranking systems that might even allow you to prestige! There are a total of 35 ranks you can achieve, which you can see on the image to the right.

The general pattern seems to be that the emblem changes slightly every 3 ranks that you go up and changes completely every 9 ranks you go up, with an exception at the start and end of the ranking scale.

I think that this is a great feature, because it gives players more of an incentive and purpose of playing zombies, because their progress can be shown. Although there were some elements of ranking on zombies in Black Ops 2, it looks like it will be much more widespread across the whole game-mode and has had more attention paid to it.

I hope you like what you’ve read about the Black Ops 3 latest news and hopefully this will turn out to be the most successful zombies mode on Call of Duty yet!

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Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions and share this post if you found it useful!



  1. I am so excited for the new game. Do you think that the DLC is worth getting for Zombies map etc?

    • Yes, me too!

      I can’t completely offer my opinion on whether the Black Ops 3 DLC is worth getting for zombies maps, because firstly we don’t even know if we will get any more zombies maps with the DLC (although I’m very sure that we will) and secondly because I have not seen them yet, so I cannot offer my opinion on whether I would recommend getting them or not. However, we already know that the zombies map ‘The Giant’ will come with the collector’s version of the game, which is a re-make of the much loved map ‘Der Reise’, so in this case its really a matter of whether you’re bothered about the zombies story!

      However, I’m sure that Treyarch have a bunch of awesome DLC coming our way, but having said that, it might be worth waiting before buying the season pass just to see whether it is to your liking or not.

      Thanks for your question!


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