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Battlefield 4Introduction

Battlefield 4 Review – Battlefield 4 is a first person shooting game, developed by EA and DICE. It was released first on October, 29th 2013 and is available on the following consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. It succeeded in the market, mostly due to its intense multiplayer and brings a great sense of ‘realism’ to the game.

The Campaign

Generally in the Battlefield series, the campaign lets the game down, because of the lack of interest in the story. Say if someone asked you to name a character in the Call of Duty series, lots of names would come to your mind, such as Captain Price. However, if someone asked you to name a memorable figure in the Battlefield series, in most cases the answer is a blank. Thecampaign is actually surprisingly good, with an involving story line and varied game play. Although it isn’t anything spectacular, I would certainly say it is certainly the best campaign in the series thus far.

The Multiplayer

Moving on to the multiplayer, the quality of the game is quite different. Varying from fighter jets, tanks, LAV’s, jeeps and more, the multiplayer experience is sensational, due to the millions of things happening every second. Teamwork is absolutely essential in this game and strategy is a huge implement within the game, as you play all the different objectives. One aspect that makes Battlefield stand up tall against Call of Duty, is that you play the game to win the game.

Unlike Call of Duty, the objective is like life or death in Battlefield and most players couldn’t care less about their KDR, as long as their actions lead to victory, which is an experience that most other games simply can’t offer. Even if the traditions Battlefield mode, ‘Conquest’ isn’t your thing, then other game modes such as: Rush, Obliteration, Defuse, Capture the Flag and many more will surely contain the element that you love in shooter games.

Another feature that excels in Battlefield 4, is the interact-able maps. On every multiplayer ‘map’ on the game, nearly every smaller building or structure can be crushed or smashed down. This includes the tallest tower in the game, which can be brought down, crushing all beneath it. This introduces a greater sense of ‘realism’ whilst playing the game and makes the experience more enjoyable and of course, allows more strategy.


Overall,  my Battlefield 4 review concludes that it is an excellent game, particularly exceeding in multiplayer due to the variety, realism and fun of it. It is one of the best ‘team based’ games on the market, in my opinion and although features such as the campaign and the graphics aren’t particularly good, the game is still overall, great. If it appeals to you,

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and comments, as all feedback is greatly appreciated!


  • Exhilarating new game modes and interactable maps
  • A huge variety a play-style options, with loads of vehicles, guns and equipment
  • Great fun to play with others, as team-work is crucial
  • A surprisingly half-decent campaign


  • Graphics are not stunning
  • Not a whole bunch has changed since BF3
  • Frequent glitches


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  1. I have this game and love it!!!
    I think this review is awesome.


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