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It’s been a while since Rainbow Six Siege was released now, but content just keeps coming. So is the Rainbow Six Siege season pass worth it in 2017, or has the game already died out?

RSS is a unique game in the sense that it actually has two season passes. There is the ‘Year One’ edition and the ‘Year Two’ edition, each of which includes a year’s worth of content, but all of the content for the ‘Year One’ ¬†edition has now been released.

There is little point in getting the Year 1 season pass now because the main benefit of it was that you would get all of the new operators for free a week before everyone else. However, most people by now already have them from purchasing them with renown, so there isn’t really much point in buying the original season pass anymore.

There is now the option of buying the ‘Legacy Operator Bundle’, which included all of the operators from season one, but this will cost you 2400 credits. In my opinion, don’t bother. But listen up to what I have to say about the Year 2 season pass.

Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass ¬†‘Year 2’ Edition – What Does it Include?

For $29.99, here’s what you’ll get with the Year 2 edition of the RSS season pass:

*Only until February 8th, 2018

Here is the schedule for the release of the DLC expansions:

However, as you might already know from playing during the first year of the game, you can actually these DLC operators without paying any real money. Instead, you’ll be able to pick them up for 25,000 renown each, so if you want all 8 of the DLC operators coming this year, that’s 200,000 renown in total.

But how long does it actually take to get 200,000 renown?

Well, Ubisoft said that on average it takes around 25 hours of game time to get 25K renown, so:

25*8 = 200 hours of game time.

Holy shit.

However, this¬†doesn’t take into account renown acquired from daily challenges and renown boosters, so realistically the average time is probably slightly less.¬†Although you might be thinking that you’re never going to get the chance to put that many hours into a game within a year, that might not even matter.

Here’s why.

Buying 8 DLC Operators Costs a Lot of Renown – But Who Said You Need Them All?

Truth is, not all of the DLC operators that are coming out are going to be better than the ones you’ve already got.¬†I suspect you already have a solid selection of operators that you resort to, so it would have to take a lot for a new operator to get into your ‘starting line up’.

Therefore, only a handful of the new operators are actually going to benefit you. You don’t need them all.

As soon as an expansion comes out, just hop onto YouTube and do a little research into the new operators and from there you’ll be able to make your mind up.

My point here is that you don’t really need the season pass, even if you do want to get some of the new DLC operators. Besides, what if you bought the season pass and then most of the new DLC operators didn’t suit you? That would be a waste.

And did you know that there’s actually a third way of buying operators in Rainbow Six Siege?

Introducing R6 credits.

Comparing The Three Ways of Buying New DLC Operators in 2017

  1. Purchase one for 25,000 renown (25 hours of game time)
  2. Get them all a week early with the Season Pass ($29.99)
  3. Purchase one for 600 R6 credits ($4.99/£3.99)

Therefore, what I would recommend doing is using your renown to purchase the new DLC operators that you think will actually benefit you. If you play enough, you might even be able to get all of the DLC operators this way.

However, if you only manage to get a couple of the new DLC operators using the renown you acquire and you really want another DLC operator that had just come out, that’s where you could use R6 credits.

You need 600 R6 credits to buy a DLC operator, which is the equivalent of $5. If you just do this once or twice, then that’s no problem and all and this way you’ll have saved a lot of money.

But is the season pass a viable option under certain circumstances? What about the other bonuses that come with it?

Let’s discuss that now.

The Other Bonuses that Come with the Year 2 Season Pass are Junk

Besides the 1 week of early access to each of the upcoming DLC operators, the year 2 season pass really doesn’t offer much value at all.

Since you’ll automatically get the new operators, the renown boosts and extra daily challenges are pretty useless, as you’ll only really be able to buy cosmetic stuff with it, unless of course you still have Y1 DLC operators to unlock.

Again, the 600 R6 credits you get can be used for getting a Y1 DLC operator, but that isn’t much use if you already have them.

If you care about the cosmetics within the game, such as camos and charms etc., you’ll love the season pass. But for me, that kind of stuff couldn’t be less important.

rainbow six siege season pass junk

However, there are some circumstances under which it’s definitely a viable option to get the season pass.

It Might be a Good Idea to Get the Season Pass if…

Personally, I doubt I’ll be getting the Y2 season pass, as I’m already comfortable with the selection of operators I have and I can use renown to get the operators I want.

For example, I just unlocked one of the new operators called ‘Jackal’ with renown,¬†as he has pretty powerful weapons and a very interesting ability.

So hopefully this gave you a better idea as to whether you should get the Rainbow Six Siege season pass and now I’ll leave the decision up to you!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

In this post, I’m going to be showing you the contenders for the best Xbox One gaming headset under $50 in 2017 and give you my overall opinion as to what one is worth your investment.

There are loads of gaming headsets for the Xbox One that are retailing under $50 and obviously I can’t cover them all in this post – after all, we’re looking for the best. Therefore, I’ll compare some of the most popular and highly acclaimed options, as well ones I’ve had personal experience with to give you the best idea possible for which one to get.

However, before we get right into things here, I’d just like to emphasize to you that these are all low-end headsets; you get what you pay for, so you shouldn’t be expecting revolutionary audio quality and deluxe comfort. But that definitely isn’t to say that there aren’t some cracking deals…

The following list is in no particular order of rating, however

If you don’t have an Xbox One controller with a 3.5mm jack, you will need an adapter, which costs about $25.

1) Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X РA Good Deal

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X cheap headsetSitting in the middle of the $0-50 price range, the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X is one of the best selling Xbox One headsets under $50 and I can certainly see why.

I bought the headset myself around a month ago and although there’s nothing really special about it, it was perfect for the cause that I was assessing if for. A simple headset that does its job to a decent standard.

If you just want a cheap headset that you can talk to your friends with and listen to game audio simultaneously¬†and you’re not all that savvy about high-end specs, then this¬†is definitely one to consider. However, there are definitely some good contenders in this list.

2) HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset – The Best Quality

HyperX gaming headset reviewSitting right at the top of the price range, this might be a headset you would initially look away from. However, its average 4.5 star review with 500+ ratings on Amazon is something that you just can’t ignore.

After all, if it has such good ratings, there must be a reason – and there is.

If we’re talking about the headset with the best quality in this price range, this is probably it. However, it’s also the most expensive; you get what you pay for.

3) KingTop Computer Gaming Headset – Very Lightweight


KingTop Computer Gaming Headset under 50 dollarsI’d never heard of KingTop until I came across it a few days ago on Amazon, but was impressed with its 250 customer reviews, averaging a 4 star rating. This is one of the best averages in this price range. The KingTop certainly boasts some impressive features and sitting right in the middle of the price range, this is definitely one to consider.

Sitting at the same price as the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X, this is certainly a strong contender for the best cheapest headset to go for.

4) 2016 Sades Newly Updated Xbox One Headset – The New Kid on The Block is on Fire

Sades Xbox One Headset reviewThis is a brand new revision of a Sades headset that was introduced around Christmas time 2016 and it is getting some fantastic responses. It’s currently one of the best-selling Xbox One headsets and this is for a variety of reasons.

If you like the look, then this is probably the best headset to go for if you want a pretty cheap one that’s actually going to last. Turtle Beaches aren’t exactly known for their durability.

5)TRITTON Kama 3.5 Stereo Headset


TRITTON Kama Headset review

Tritton is a well-respected headset brand, so I had to sneak the Kama on the end of this list. Personally, I really like the aesthetics of it and considering it’s low price, this is certainly an option.

Although I’ve seen complaints about it breaking quickly, there are several aspects that are praised:

The specs of the Kama doesn’t really beat any of the other headsets, but if the look of it floats your boat better than any of the others, then¬†it’s a viable option.

Conclusion: So Which One Is The Best?

You came here looking for the best Xbox One gaming headset under $50, but I’ve thrown 5 at you. If anything, by throwing a load of great options on the table, I’ve probably made choosing even harder…

So here are my recommendations for different needs.

Want the best quality Xbox One headset under $50?

The HyperX Cloud is your best bet, as it has the best sound quality, best reviews, optimized for convenience and is one of the most comfortable on this list.

Want the cheapest decent Xbox one headset?

All of the headsets that I’ve listed on this list are of decent quality and the cheapest of the lot by a couple of dollars is the Sades, but this isn’t to say it’s the worst. In fact, some of its attributes are much better than some of the higher priced headsets on this list.

Want the most comfortable Xbox One headset under $50?

Although several of these are likely to be comfortable, such as the Sades and HyperX, the extreme lightness of the KingTop makes it a strong contender for this position.

This isn’t to say the other two headsets on this list are useless, though. The Turtle Beach is just a great versatile and easy-to-use headset, whereas the Tritton is a decent candidate from a reputable brand.

Hopefully, this has helped you make your mind up on which headset to go for – I would love to know what you’re planning on going for the comments section below!

I would hugely appreciate it if you could share this article as well, it makes a big difference! ūüôā Thanks.

In this quick guide, I’m going to be showing you how to check your KD in Battlefield 1. It may seem like a pretty simple task, but you can’t actually check your overall KD in-game on Battlefield 1, which is why I’m going to show you other ways of doing so.

You can see your KD for a particular game after playing it, but that’s about it. So here are a couple of ways you can check it.

Method #1 РUse the Battlefield Companion App or Website

Either download the Battlefield Companion app from the App Store/Google play, or you can head to the website:

Make sure you’re on ‘Career’ and then select Battlefield 1. After that, you need to head over to ‘Detailed’, ¬†where you’ll be able to see your KD ratio.

how to check your kd on battlefield 1

If you’re not satisfied with the number that’s representing your KD, you need to think about some of the weak points in your game.

A very common area that players have trouble in, including myself, is accuracy. One day you might have it nailed, but then a week later you just can’t hit anything. Aiming is always going to be difficult and ultimately it’s something that’s going to improve with experience. However, checking out my guide on improving your aim and accuracy is a good place to start.

Method #2 – Use Battlefield Tracker

There’s an awesome website called Battlefield Tracker¬†where you can check your BF1 KD, as well as a ton of other in-depth stats that you can’t see within the game or the Companion app. In my books, it’s the best way for how to check your stats on Battlefield 1.

Simply select your platform, enter your name and there you go.

how to check stats on battlefield 1

It even allows you to compare your stats to your friends, which you may or may not want to show them depending on what yours are like…

Let me know your KD in the comments section below! Is it better than mine? ūüėČ

If you’re wondering how to rent a server in Battlefield 1, you’ve come to the right place, as I’m going to be showing you exactly how to do so. However, be warned that this does cost money, so if you were hoping to get your own custom lobby for free, I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.

So let’s get right into it!

Private Servers Are Now Hosted By EA

In previous Battlefield games such as BF4, EA linked with third-party companies to provide private servers for rental. Battlefield 1 servers are provided by EAHowever, with Battlefield 1, they’re actually hosting the servers themselves.

So what does this mean?

As EA put it themselves on the Battlefield website:

However, on the negative side, the pricing has slightly increased in comparison to the server rental prices on Battlefield 4, with the price on PC costing the most.).

But most significantly, certain features that we’ve had available to us when managing a private server in previous Battlefield games are missing.

Renting a Server in Battlefield 1 SUCKS (For Now)

The server rental process in Battlefield 1 has taken a step backward.

Sure, there may be some tiny perks associated with the servers being provided by EA, but there are some absolutely essential features missing.

For example, you can’t kick or ban unwanted players, meaning that you can’t effectively monitor the people on your server. You can’t ban specific weapons, but only whole classes.

You can’t even reserve slots for people – even yourself.

They’re just a few of the problems with server rental in Battlefield 1.

Therefore, you should do some research to check that you’ll have control over all of the features that you want before renting a server only to be disappointed.

However, we are expecting some changes to occur in the near future, so I will keep this post updated.

How Much Does Renting a Server Cost in Battlefield 1?

This table shows the prices for the different rental periods on both console (Xbox One and PS4) as well as PC:battlefield 1 server rental prices on xbox one, ps4 and PC

How to Actually Rent a Server in Battlefield 1

You can check out this video I made which goes through the process:

Or you can just follow these steps:


  1. Head onto the main menu and scroll over to ‘store’, which you’ll be able to see in the menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Rent a Server’ and then select¬†”Rent Server (Beta)’.
  3. After that, you can change all of the settings of the server, including the name, maps, mode and pretty much anything else. At the very bottom, you’ll be able to decide the length of time that you want to rent the server for.
  4. Finally, select the ‘Rent Server’ button at the bottom and make your payment.

If I were you, I would wait until the next big update until you consider renting a server, as I expect this is when they will start to make some fixes to them.

Hopefully, you found this useful ūüôā

Feel free to share your thoughts or any questions down in the comments section below.

The medic is one of the best classes within Battlefield 1, due to its variety of weapons and access to vital abilities, such as reviving and healing. However, in order to play as well as possible, you need to be using the best guns available – so what is the best medic weapon in Battlefield 1?

In this guide, I’ll be walking you through what the best medic guns are in every circumstance and how you can use them as effectively as possible.

If you’re still that guy using the starting weapon, *cough* NOOB *cough*, then you definitely need to pay attention.

The Best Weapon to Use Depends on The Circumstances

When it comes to deciding what the best medic weapon is, it isn’t just as simple as me telling you a name and then you’re set. Battlefield 1 throws all kinds of situations in your face; destructible¬†environments mean that no game will ever be the same.

Just because a gun works well on a map one time, doesn’t necessarily¬†mean that it will the next. This means that you need to be able to evaluate the situation and make the best choice accordingly, which is what I’m going to try and help you with on this guide.

There are certainly the better weapons on the medic class, but it’s difficult to come to a conclusion on which is the best.

So why is this?

Every gun has its strengths and weaknesses, which goes without saying. In my opinion, the medic class is the most versatile class of all, as it has weapons that are effective at short range, and others that are much more effective at medium to longer distances. On the other hand, with the assault class, for example, the guns are pretty much all only effective at a short range, so they are much easier to compare with each other.

Therefore, when you’ve got weapons in the same class that are good at medium-long distances and others that are better at short distances it’s much more difficult. Let’s say a short range medic weapon was more overpowered than all of the other guns in the class, this might make it the best weapon in the class overall. But not under all circumstances.

It would perform the best short range without a doubt. However, when you venture into those medium/long range gunfights, it’s not going to be as effective as the medic weapons are better at those ranges, even¬†if it’s the best overall weapon in the class.

Therefore, the best medic weapon to use depends on the range that you use it at, as some perform better in certain circumstances than others.

The Selbstlader M1916 – The Best DMR at Medium/Longer Distances

The Selbstlader M1916 is a beast of a gun, regardless of which variant you use, but I would recommend the Factory in Selbstlader M1916 Factorymost instances. It’s a consistent 3 hit kill, which is as good as the medic weapons get. The problem with other medic weapons that can also produce a 3 hit kill at longer ranges is that the magazine size is very restrictive (5-10).

However, the Selbstlader has an insanely large clip of 26 rounds, which blows nearly every other DMR (medic weapon) out of the water. It even has a relatively quick reload time, taking just 2.37 seconds if you have bullets still left in the mag.

The rate of fire isn’t great, sitting at just 225; you can’t spray it. However, when you’re using it at medium/long distances, this actually isn’t a bad thing. The recoil causes a small jump after every shot, so it’s best to take a shot, wait for the sight to go back down and fire again. This way you’re going to be as accurate as possible.

You only need to land 3 shots, regardless of the range – sometimes even less if you land headshots or if the enemy is already injured. This makes it extremely reliable and means that you can take out loads of enemies without even having to reload.¬†Even if you had to fire 5 shots for every kill you got, that’s still 5 kills per mag.

This graph from Symthic shows the damage at varying distances with the Selbstlader and you can see that it’s consistently a 3 hit kill. It has the best minimum damage per shot out of all the medic weapons, at a whopping 35 damage – a lot of DMR’s don’t even have a higher damage than that.

selbstlader m1916 damage

This makes the Selbstlader an excellent choice when engaging in medium/long range gun fights, especially when using the factory variant. I personally like the iron sight the best, and it recovers 50% faster from recoil than the Marksman variant, making it a better option in my opinion.

However, the Selbstlader can start to struggle at closer ranges when it comes up against guns with a much faster fire rate. It can still work well if you’re accurate enough to land your shots, but if you encounter a decent player at point blank who’s using pretty much any weapon designed for short range use, you’re going to lose the gunfight 3/4 of the time, unless you land some lucky hits.

Therefore, you should try and keep away from close up encounters with this weapon.

Instead, if you’re needed as a medic but need a weapon that’s more suitable at shorter ranges, here’s the solution.

The M1907 SL Sweeper – The Best Medic Weapon at Short Range

The M1907 SL Sweeper is by far the most dominant DMR at short range. With the joint highest maximum damage of 42, a large magazine of 21 and the option to fully-auto makes it an absolute monster.

It can perform a 3 hit kill up to 30 metres (assuming there are no headshots), just like the Selbstlader, except you can fire this a lot faster. After this range, it is 4-5 hits to kill, so you shouldn’t be using it if you’re going into areas where you’re going to be engaged in medium-long range gun fights.

m1907 sl sweeper damageThe recoil pattern is pretty ugly, making it difficult to use at longer ranges. However, at closer ranges when it’s very easy to land shots, this isn’t a big concern. The fully automatic option will allow you to drop enemies extremely quickly if you land your shots – and even if you miss a lot,¬†the large magazine should have you covered.

However, it’s important that you focus on trying to connect each of your shots instead of just panicking and hoping for the best.

In my opinion, a downside of this weapon is that the iron sight sucks. It’s pretty chunky, making it harder to be precise with your shots, unlike the Selbstlader.

Also, like I mentioned, the recoil pattern isn’t easy to compensate for, as it’s very wide. Take a look at the comparison of the recoil pattern of the Selbstlader and M1907 below:

what is the best medic weapon on battlefield 1

The Sweeper’s recoil pattern is both vertical and horizontal, whereas the Selbstlader is mostly just vertical, making it a lot easier to compensate for, as it’s easier to predict the recoil. This reinforces my point of why the Selbstlader is great at medium-longer distances, and why the sweeper isn’t.

How Do These Weapons Weigh Up Against Those From Other Classes??

Now you know the best medic weapons to use at different ranges, but how do they perform against weapons from other classes?

I would argue that the Selbstlader M1916 factory is the strongest at competing at medium ranges in the game. The effectiveness of the assault weapons severely diminishes outside of short range combat, ruling them out of competition at medium range.

LMGs can certainly be effective at this range, but their large amounts of recoil will make it difficult for them to land the kill in the time it takes someone to fire 3 shots with the Selbstlader, meaning that even they will struggle.

I would say that the only real contenders are the iron-sight snipers with a sweet spot within the range of 40-80 metres, such as the SMLE MKIII Infantry. This means that a chest shot or above within this range will result in a one shot kill. However, it takes a very skilled player to use these effectively; if you miss your first shot with them, a decent player using the Selbstlader will be able to take you out before you fire your second shot.

Also, the iron sight snipers are pretty weak outside of their sweet spot range, so the Selbstlader is more versatile overall and is easier to use.

On the other hand, when it comes to close range weapons, the M1907 Sweeper has some big competition; the assault class. Against the likes of the Hellriegel, Automatico and shotguns, the sweeper isn’t as dominant. I would say that it has the advantage in¬†between¬†short and medium range, but will generally be at a disadvantage when it comes to those point-blank encounters.

It may not be the strongest close range weapon, but medics are always going to be needed in encounters such as these and the Sweeper can definitely hold its ground.

Please Feel Free to Leave Any Questions or Feedback in The Comments Section Below and I Will Be More Than Happy to Get Back to You!

XP boosts have been part of Battlefield for some time now, but they work slightly differently in Battlefield 1. Therefore, in this guide I’m going to be showing you exactly how to use XP boost in Battlefield 1 and explain how it is slightly different to before.

XP Boosts on BF4 vs BF1 – There’s a Difference

On Battlefield 4, you acquired XP boosts from battlepacks and this increased the amount of experience that you personally got. For example, a 200% experience boost for an hour.

However, on Battlefield 1, there currently aren’t XP boosts that you only apply to yourself. Instead, you get squad XP boosts.

These are still acquired from battlepacks, but provide XP to your whole squad, rather than just yourself. So for example, if you used a 100% XP bonus in a squad of 5 people, all 5 people in the squad would get 2x XP for an hour (if they stayed in your squad).

Therefore, you should use it with friends and you could try stacking your XP bonuses together.

How to Use XP Boosts on Battlefield 1

You can check if you have any XP boosts by going into ‘More’ –> ‘Battlepacks’ –> ‘Inventory” and then scroll down to squad XP boost. If there’s nothing there, then I’m afraid you don’t have one!

However, if you do, then you’ll have probably noticed that you can’t actually activate it there.battlefield 1 squad xp available

In order to actually activate the squad XP boost, you have to actually be in a game.

On the squad screen as soon as you join the game, there will be a notice at the top alerting you of the fact that you have a squad XP boost available to use. To activate it, simply hover over it and select it.

Afterwards, you’ll see a timer counting down from 60 minutes; this is the time left that you and your squad mates will receive a 100% XP bonus for.

XP Boosts Don’t Stack in Battlefield 1

A question that I’ve seen a lot of people asking, is whether XP boosts stack in Battlefield 1 – for example, if 3 people in the same squad activated their boosts at the same time, would everyone in the squad receive a 300% XP boost for the next hour?

I’m afraid not.

It is believed that if multiple people activate their XP boosts at the same time, only 1 of them will be activated and the others will be ‘queued’ until the other one runs out.

So if you were thinking about this, smart thinking, but I’m afraid it won’t work.

How to Use XP Boosts as Effectively as Possible

In order to use your XP boosts as effectively as possible, you’re going to need to know how to get as much XP as possible, because this is going to be DOUBLED.

I could write a whole separate guide on this, but I thought I would just summarize the main points for you instead:

Also, this quick 2 minute video by StoneMountain64 does a really good job at summarizing a lot of these points:

Should You Scrap Your XP Boosts?

The value of an XP boost is treated the same as a legendary skin – you can get 270 scraps for getting rid of it. Therefore, could this be a viable option?

Most certainly.

A lot of people are a lot more concerned about obtaining cool weapon skins that leveling up, so why would they bother keep the XP boost?

In order to decide for yourself, you should consider what you’re more concerned about:

Personally, I couldn’t care less about what skins I have on my weapons. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve even bothered to put one on. Therefore, I would obviously keep the XP boost.

However, there are a number of people that do care about this a lot more. It’s all personal preference!

Please Share Your Thoughts Down Below and Share The Guide If You Found it Helpful! ūüôā



If you’re wondering how to turn on the killfeed in Battlefield 1, I’ll show you exactly how you can do so in this quick post. It’s a little strange how the game doesn’t include the killfeed by default, as it’s something that is usually included in Battlefield games by default.

However, I suspect the developers thought that not having the killfeed on would immerse you more in the gameplay, as it’s one less distraction.

I actually really like the game without the killfeed on, but that’s probably just because I’m used to it – however, there’s no doubt that it can give you some advantages, which I’ll talk about later. But first, I’ll show you how you can enable it.

How to Turn on Killfeed in Battlefield 1

In order to turn on the killfeed, follow these simple steps:how to turn on killfeed in battlefield 1

There are in fact multiple options to choose from when enabling the kill log. The filters are: all, team, squad, self and nearby, giving you a wide range of choices.

The nearby filter can do a good job of showing nearby enemy action, which can be useful, as it only shows you the relevant kills.

Also, the ‘squad’ filter can work well, especially if you’re working together, as it will only show kills relevant to your squad. I wouldn’t recommend selecting the team or all options (unless you’re in a game with a very small amount of people), as it provides you with a lot of irrelevant information and can be more of a distraction than a benefit.

Alternatively, you can role without the killfeed and rely on communication Рor just keep it off for the hell of it.

Don’t Put it On If You’re Easily Distracted

Whenever I turn the kill log on, regardless of the setting, I always find myself glancing at it – although it can occasionallybattlefield 1 killfeed provide some useful insight, particularly when you have it set on the ‘nearby’ mode, I find it to be more of a distraction than anything else.

One second I’m glancing at the killfeed, the next I’m getting shot up. That blind second of me looking at the kill log meant that I wasn’t paying complete attention to my peripherals and it has been the death of me way too many times.

I get EASILY  distracted by it and ultimately it tends to do more bad than good for me.

However, if you can restrain yourself from looking at it every time new activity happens, you can actually use it as a very good asset.

If you know the names and positions of some of your team mates, if you see them gunned down on the kill log, this can give you a great indicator as to where the enemy may be lurking. Therefore it’s worth getting a sense of where the rest of your team is concentrated at, as the killfeed can essentially serve as a secondary mini map if you use it effectively.

Want to Improve Your Game? Check Out The Rest of Our Guides.

This guide may have been simple. As simple as it gets. However, don’t use that as a rule of thumb for our content – as well as straight forward instructional guides for beginners, we also have some great guides aimed at helping you to improve your game.

For example, checking out our post on how to improve your aim and accuracy in Battlefield 1 could really help you out.

Hopefully you found what you were looking for within this post! Feel free to leave any questions, comments or requests in the comments section down below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!


If you’re wondering how to spot enemies on Battlefield 1, in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how. Spotting people is an essential part of the game and you’re putting both yourself and your team at a disadvantage if you’re not doing it.

Good job you’re trying to find out how to, eh?

This is How to Spot Enemies on Battlefield 1

Here is what you need to do to spot enemies on the different platforms:

However, in order to spot players you have to be aiming at them, which is obviously a lot easier when you’re aiming down sights.

Next up I’ll briefly explain when you should utilize the spotting feature.

Should You Always Spot Enemies When You See Them?

Most of the time. ¬†The only time that I wouldn’t recommend spotting an enemy is if you suddenly find yourself in a closehow-to-spot-enemies-in-battlefield-1 range gun fight, because it will be over in a second and spotting them will just put you off.

Here are some guidelines to follow when spotting:

You Should Always Spot Vehicles

Spotting vehicles is extremely important, as it marks a location for your assault players to target and for the rest of yourhow-to-spot-tanks-in-battlefield-1 team to get the hell out of.

It’s vital for co-coordinating attacks and gives the guys in your planes and tanks an advantage.

If you haven’t noticed already, Battlefield 1 is a game DOMINATED by vehicles. If your team 1 tank on the board but they have 3, you’re in some serious trouble.

Spotting enemy vehicles can actually make a bigger difference than you think, because a lot of the time, the reason your tank gets destroyed is because you don’t know where you’re getting hit from.

If someone had marked the vehicle that was hitting you up, it could have been a whole different story.

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If you’re wondering how to change fire mode in Battlefield 1, you’ll find everything you need to know inside this short guide.¬†It’s only possible to change the fire rate of some weapons and on some of them it’s pretty pointless to do so – nevertheless, it’s still a useful trick to have in the book.

Which Guns Can You Change The Fire Mode On?how-to-change-fire-mode-in-battlefield-1

The only guns in Battlefield 1 that you can change the fire mode on are in either the ‘Medic’ or ‘Support’ classes. However, this only applies for some of the weapons within these classes.

For example, the starting medic weapon, the Cei-Rigotti Factory, can be toggled between semi-automatic and fully automatic fire. Next I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

You can see whether a gun has multiple fire modes or not when editing your class, or when looking at the Battlefield 1 Companion app.

How to Change the Fire Mode on Weapons

In order to actually change the fire mode on applicable weapons, do the following for the platform you play on:

If nothing happens, then this means that the current weapon you’re using does not support multiple fire modes. So now you know how to change fire modes, let’s discuss whether you actually need to change fire mode or not.

Is Changing Fire Mode Worth it?

Changing the fire mode on LMGs is totally pointless. LMGs actually get more accurate the longer you fire, so there is absolutely no point in tap firing with individual bullets, unless you only have 5 bullets left and need to get every single shot on.

As for DMRs on the medic class, changing the fire mode can actually sometimes be useful. Some DMRs have the ability to fire fully automatically, but are set to semi-automatic on default. An example is the Cei-Rigotti Factory.

In this case, I would recommend switching the fire mode to fully automatic, because you can still fire individual shots with this anyway. However, this is the only case in which I would recommend you mess around with the fire mode!

Some people may argue that it can be beneficial for your accuracy if you change the fire mode to semi-automatic, but I would disagree because you can fire individual shots on fully automatic mode anyway.

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Hopefully you found what you needed on this short guide – if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down below. Thanks!

If you’re wondering how to get scraps in Battlefield 1, we’ve got everything you need to know in this guide.¬†They link directly into how to get battlepacks in Battlefield 1 as well, so all of the information regarding both of them is right here.

Here’s how I’ll break this guide down:

What Exactly Are Battlepacks?

Battlepacks are your means of obtaining weapon skins. Whenever you open a battlepack, you will earn a weapon skin of a specific ‘rarity’. The levels of rarity are:

The only difference between these is that the higher the rarity, the better they tend to look.

Furthermore, when opening a battlepack, there’s also a chance of getting a puzzle piece to one of the two legendaryhow-to-get-legendary-weapons-in-battlefield-1 melee weapons; the Bartek Bludgoen and the Sawtooth knife (this is how to get the sword type thing in Battlefield 1).

In order to get these legendary weapons, you need to get the five ‘puzzle pieces’ for each of them and the only way to do this is through opening battlepacks (nearly typed supply drops there!). Now, the chance of getting a puzzle piece varies with the type of battlepack.

Here are the the different battlepack types along with what the differences are:

But how do you actually get these?

How to Get Battlepacks in Battlefield 1 (Introducing Scraps)

At the end of playing a game, a randomly selected group of players in the game will receive a standard battlepack. You can ONLY get standard battlepacks from playing games.

how-to-get-battlepacks-for-free-in-battlefield-1So how do you get the enhanced and superior battlepacks?

Well, after you earn a standard battlepack and open the contents you’ll receive a skin. After getting the skin, you’ll have the opportunity to trade it in for ‘scraps’.

If you trade in a special skin you’ll get 30 scraps.

If you trade in an enhanced skin you’ll get 90 scraps.

If you trade in a legendary skin you’ll get 270 scraps.

Scraps can then be used to buy battlepacks, which you can do by going going from the main menu to ‘More’ ¬†to ‘Battlepacks’ to ‘Get Battlepacks’.

Getting Battlepacks With The Premium Pass

Currently, the only way to ‘pay’ for battlepacks is by getting the battlefield 1 premium pass, with with you’ll get 14 battlepacks every month.

Out of these 14 battlepacks, on average you would get 2 legendary skins. Assuming that you got 7 special and 5 distinguished skins in each month as well, if you swapped these in for scraps you would get:

(7*30)+(5*90) = 660 scraps, so you would nearly get a just over 2/3 of a superior battlepack as well. Read my post on is the Battlefield 1 premium pass worth it to see whether it would be ideal for you.

Can You Buy Battlepacks With Real Money?buy-battlepacks-battlefield-1

At the current time of writing this, you can’t buy Battlepacks with real money. Also, as for as I know EA haven’t confirmed that this will be featured in the game either.

However, I recently discovered that battlepacks had been added to the¬†‘Store’ along with the premium pass. Although the ‘Battlepacks’ section is currently blank, this strongly implies that they’ll be adding to the option to buy battlepacks with real money.

Surprise surprise.

The costs of the different battlepacks:

how-to-get-battlepacks-in-battlefield-1Which Battlepack Should You Get?

Personally, I would recommend saving up for the superior battlepack, because then you’re guarenteed to get a battlefield-1-superior-battlepacksdecent skin and have a higher chance of getting a puzzle piece.

Furthermore, the value you get back in scraps between in superior and enhanced battlepacks is very similar.

For the sake of this calculation, let’s say you have 9,000 scraps to spend.

This would allow you to buy 20 enhanced battlepacks and the average scrap value of all of the skins you get would be: (14*90) + (6*270) = 2880 scraps.

Alternatively, you could buy 10 superior battlepacks and the definite scrap value of all of the skins you would get would be 10*270 = 2700 scraps.

Therefore, if you didn’t like ANY of the skins you got, you would get virtually the same value of scraps back. On average, you would only get 180 more scraps back with 20 enhanced battlepacks in comparison to 10 superior battlepacks, which is hardly anything!

Also, you would on average only get 6 legendary skins (although you could get less or more)with buying 20 enhanced battlepacks, whereas you would get a definite 10 legendary skins with the superior battlepacks, so you’ll get better quality skins with the superior battlepacks.


I got a puzzle piece on the first time of opening a superior battlepack!

You Can Check All Of The Skins You Have in Your ‘Inventory’

On the same ‘Battlepacks’ page, your can scroll across to ‘Inventory and see all of the weapon skins you have there battlefield-1-inventoryfor each weapon type. If you see ‘2x’ on any of your weapons, this means that you have a duplicate of it, so you should trade it in for scraps.

In fact, I would recommend that you trade in EVERY weapon skin in for scraps except for the legendary ones, so that you get as many scraps as possible to get more legendary skin. Also, this will make it easier to get puzzle pieces!

Also, if you get any legendary skins on guns that you know you’re never going to touch, you might as well trade them in as well.

How Many Puzzle Pieces Have You Received So Far?

Let me know in the comments section how many puzzle pieces¬†you’ve received so far – I’ve only got 1 so far. Which legendary weapon do you want to get the most.

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