How to Use XP Boost on Battlefield 1 (Squad XP Boosts)

XP boosts have been part of Battlefield for some time now, but they work slightly differently in Battlefield 1. Therefore, in this guide I’m going to be showing you exactly how to use XP boost in Battlefield 1 and explain how it is slightly different to before. XP Boosts on BF4 vs BF1 – There’s a Difference On Battlefield 4, you acquired XP boosts from battlepacks and this increa...[Read More]

How to Turn on the Killfeed in Battlefield 1

If you’re wondering how to turn on the killfeed in Battlefield 1, I’ll show you exactly how you can do so in this quick post. It’s a little strange how the game doesn’t include the killfeed by default, as it’s something that is usually included in Battlefield games by default. However, I suspect the developers thought that not having the killfeed on would immerse you ...[Read More]

How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 – It’s Simple

If you’re wondering how to spot enemies on Battlefield 1, in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how. Spotting people is an essential part of the game and you’re putting both yourself and your team at a disadvantage if you’re not doing it. Good job you’re trying to find out how to, eh? This is How to Spot Enemies on Battlefield 1 Here is what you need to do to spot enem...[Read More]

How to Change Fire Mode in Battlefield 1 – The Simple Answer

If you’re wondering how to change fire mode in Battlefield 1, you’ll find everything you need to know inside this short guide. It’s only possible to change the fire rate of some weapons and on some of them it’s pretty pointless to do so – nevertheless, it’s still a useful trick to have in the book. Which Guns Can You Change The Fire Mode On? The only guns in Bat...[Read More]

How to Get Battlepacks and Scraps in Battlefield 1 – All You Need to Know

If you’re wondering how to get scraps in Battlefield 1, we’ve got everything you need to know in this guide. They link directly into how to get battlepacks in Battlefield 1 as well, so all of the information regarding both of them is right here. Here’s how I’ll break this guide down: What are battlepacks? How to get battlepacks How to get scraps Using real money to get batt...[Read More]

How to Unlock Melee Weapons in Battlefield 1

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to unlock melee weapons in Battlefield 1, as this is something that a lot of people are having trouble doing. Truth is, it’s really not that hard at all! It’s well worth changing the melee weapon you use in Battlefield 1, as each of them deal varying amounts of damage and have different attack speeds/strengths, so there’s likely to b...[Read More]

How to Improve Your Aim and Accuracy in Battlefield 1

In this guide, I will show you how to improve your aim and accuracy in Battlefield 1 to help you win as many gun fights as possible. Having a good aim in Battlefield 1 is vital, since the time to kill is slightly longer than in other games such as Call of Duty, meaning that you need to register more of your shots in order to get a kill. Also, the weapons in Battlefield 1 have quite a bit of kick, ...[Read More]

How to Change Your Sensitivity in Battlefield 1

Want to find out how to change your sensitivity in Battlefield 1? Great, because in this short guide I’ll show you the simple steps to follow in order to do so. Personally I found the ADS sensitivity too high, but the regular sensitivity too low; thankfully you can customize both of these, which was very beneficial to me. So let’s get into the steps! 1) Head Into ‘Options’ ...[Read More]



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Blue Yeti Microphone Review – Is it Worth The Money?

In my Blue Yeti Microphone review, I’m going to be explaining exactly why this is my #1 recommended external microphone for YouTube videos. It does come with quite a hefty price tag, but does the Blue Yeti prove that it’s worth the money? Let’s find out. Name: Blue Yeti USB Microphone Price: $112.99 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com My Rating: 9.1 About The Blue Yeti Microphone T...[Read More]

Is Loot Crate Worth it? Let’s Look at What it Offers

In this post, I’ll be discussing is Loot Crate worth it by looking at what it has to offer and comparing it to the price. By the end, you should have a clear idea as to whether any of the Loot Crate services are for you. About Loot Crate – What is It? Loot Crate is a company that sell packages of geek and gaming gear, which mainly consists of collectibles, tech gadgets and more. The tw...[Read More]


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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a WW1 based FPS game and is the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay and gripping game modes, you can't go wrong.

Is The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Worth it? This is What it Offers…

In this post, I’ll be discussing is the Battlefield 1 premium pass worth it by breaking down exactly what it offers. Let’s find out whether what the premium pass offers is worth the increase in price. However one thing to bare in mind is that the first premium expansion content will be released in March, which is absolutely  AGES away from the release of the game – but I imagine ...[Read More]

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