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How to Get Xbox One Games For Free (Legally)

I’m sure everybody would like to know how to get Xbox One games for free – and I’m not talking about the games you get with gold every month. I’m talking about the games that people actually care about. However, most would dismiss the idea of getting free Xbox One games, as it just seems unrealistic. If you’re one of these people, I wouldn’t blame you, because I...[Read More]

How to Get EA Access Games For Free

There is a glitch which allows you to get all of the EA Access games for free and in this premium guide, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do it. Simply follow all of the steps below and you can start downloading your favorite EA games within minutes. #1 – Download The EA Access Hub Head onto the Xbox App store and download the EA Access hub.  #2 – Purchase A Month of EA ...[Read More]

Will Battlefield 1 Be on Xbox 360/PS3?

If you’ve been hesitant to upgrade to a next-gen console, I bet you’re wondering will Battlefield 1 be on Xbox 360/PS3. I doubt you’ll have had high hopes anyway. Battlefield 1 will not be featuring on last-gen consoles and don’t expect any shooters coming out in the future to be on last-gen consoles either; their days are gone. Battlefield Hardline may have been on last-ge...[Read More]

Is DOOM Worth It? (2016) – Let’s Take a Closer Look

In this post, I’ll be discussing is DOOM worth it by explaining exactly what the game offers and whether it’s worthy of a place on your shopping list. What Exactly is DOOM? DOOM is pretty much a first-person shooter based on fighting demons in space after you face an invasion from hell. The plot really is as simple as that, and even though the first Doom game was all the way back in 19...[Read More]

How to Play With Friends on The Division

If you’re wondering how to play with friends on The Division, I’ll show you exactly how you can do so in this short guide, following 3 simple steps. How to Invite Friends on The Division Open the menu Head into ‘group management’ Hover over one of your friends’ names and press ‘invite to group’. Alternatively, you can join their group by pressing ‘jo...[Read More]

Elgato Game Capture Review – The Best Capture Card

Elgato Game Capture Review – The Elgato Game Capture is a recording device that allows gamers to record their gameplay so that they can share videos with their friends or create a youtube channel… Whatever they want! However, I’m sure most of you already know that and what you really want to know is whether the Elgato Game Capture is worth getting. I went through exactly the same...[Read More]

Evil Controllers Review – Are They Legal?

Evil Controllers Review – The use of modded controllers in the gaming society is becoming much more common, and as a result, there are many more providers. Today, I will be reviewing a certain brand called “Evil Controllers” and letting you guys know if they’re legal to use, as well as sharing my opinion of whether you should consider purchasing them. What are Evil Controll...[Read More]

How to Improve your Aim and Accuracy in CoD – My Best Tips

  With this guide, I will share with you my best tips for how to improve your aim and accuracy in CoD, as I’m sure you all know, it is a vital aspect of the game and often makes the difference between life and death. Being accurate will make you win so many more gun fights and will make a massive change to your game, so if you think this is an area of which you need to improve upon, I w...[Read More]

Dead Island 2 Preview: Latest News, Information and the Release Date!

Dead Island 2 Preview – Luckily, I have some pretty exciting Dead Island 2 news and information to share with you guys! Although the exact release date isn’t yet known, Dead Island 2 is expected to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC during Spring 2015!   The Trailer – Dead Island 2 Targeting Comedy? Personally, I absolutely love that trailer! I must have watched it near enough ...[Read More]

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