Astro A40 Headset Review 2017- Are They Worth The Money?

Astro A40 headset review 2017- The question that I bet you’re wondering about now is whether the Astro A40’s are worth the money and whether they are worth the large investment. Trust me, before I got them myself, I was thinking the exact same thing. However, since the second I put them on, I knew that I had made a wise choice, as they excelled in nearly every aspect!

Product: Astro A40 Headset ReviewAre Astro A40 Worth the Money

Price: $199 $134!

Cheapest Place to Buy From: Amazon

Compatible With: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC and MP3 devices – Click here for more information

My Rating: 9.2

Are Astro A40’s Worth Buying?: YES

Not Just a Headset – Comes With “Mixamp Pro”

If you have no idea what the “Mixamp Pro” is, it’s the object next to the Astro A40’s in the image above. It may not look like much, but that thing is really what makes the Astro A40 the beast it is, as it allows it to be compatible with nearly all the main gaming consoles, but also anything that has an MP3 port, such as an iPhone!

Therefore, this headset has so many uses and will provide nearly everything you could wish for from a wired headset, thanks to our little friend, “Mixamp Pro.”

Another Cool Feature of the Mixamp Pro – Preset Modes

Furthermore, another way in which the Astro A40’s are designed to be for all purposes is due to the ‘Preset Modes’ on the are astro a40 worth buyingMixamp, which is a button which allows you to toggle between four modes. The button to do this is the one shown on the image to the right. Here are the 4 modes and what they do:

  • Pro Mode Just like the image to the right, Pro Mode can be activated by pressing the button until the light is on the top left. This mode is designed for competitive gaming and allows you to hear game-play, such as grenades and footsteps more easily.
  • Core Mode – Activated when the light is at the top right, Core Mode allows you to hear the game like the developers intended you to hear it, without any emphasis on certain sounds.
  • Media Mode – Activated when the light is at the bottom right, media mode provides the best quality of sound when listening to music or watching movies etc.
  • Sports Mode – Finally, Sports Mode is activated when the light is at the bottom left and is used when playing Sports Games, especially when in stadiums, as it is intended to make you feel like you’re there and so you can feel the atmosphere of the crowd.

Do you now see what I mean when I say that this headset is for everyone, despite what you use it for? You will struggle a lot to find such technology with any other non-Astro headset.

Great Control Over What you Want to Hear

The Mixamp Pro also has two dials, (one large, one small) which control what you can hear through your headset.astro a40 headset review

The small dial allows you to change how much you can hear from the people you’re talking to and the game volume. Turning it right allows you to hear more of the game and less of your friends, whereas turning it left will do the opposite.

On the other hand, the larger dial dictates how loud the overall audio is; by turning the dial right the audio becomes louder and turning it does the opposite. I like to have it somewhere in the middle when gaming, but I tend to turn it down when it’s later in the day so that it doesn’t wake anyone up.

It can also be fun to turn the volume right up now and then, especially when listening to music, however, I must warn you that your ears probably won’t thank you for it.

Finally, the small button with an image of a headset on it allows you to turn surround sound on or off, with the red ring around it meaning on!

How Good is the Quality of the Audio?

At this moment in time, you’re probably thinking that the quality of the audio is most likely going to be great, as there is such a great focus on audio with the Mixamp like I just explained.

Well, I’m glad to say that if this was your prediction, you were totally right! Whether you are listening to music or playing Call of Duty, the audio is great and can be made even better with the preset modes!

In fact, I noticed so much of a difference in the quality of audio since upgrading to these from my Turtle Beach X12’s, that I thought everyone that I was playing with had got new mics, as the quality was that much better. Don’t get me wrong, the Turtle Beach X12 is a great headset for its price, but the Astro A40 is just out of its league. You can check out my Turtle Beach x12 review here.

The headset provides Dolby 7.1 surround sound, which is pretty advanced and high quality for those of you that don’t know. Out of all the features of the Astro A40 headset, critics tend to give the quality of the audio the most credit!

 Comfortable Enough to Sleep in?

Sometimes I use these headphones purely for comfort when I’m not using them for anything else – for example, I’m wearing them as I’m writing this! That may seem a little extreme, but trust me, after you have worn them a few times you’ll see what I mean!

This makes them ideal for longer sessions, such as when watching movies or gaming for a while, as they won’t disturb you at all after you have got used to them.

Whether they are comfortable enough to sleep in, though, I’m not quite sure, but you sure could try!

A Lot of Wires – Nothing is Perfect

Of course, everything has a downside and the amount of wires and cables required to connect the Astro A40’s can be a pain, especially

are astro a40 worth the money

They may end up looking something like this guy…

if you’re connecting them to your console and PC at the same time.

Setting it up isn’t too much of a problem if you read the instructions, but once everything is connected, you’ll often find a jungle of wires surrounding you Mixamp, particularly if you’ve been moving about.

This can be a problem as it makes it much harder to change wires around because you’ll have to go through the process of untangling them all every time. Furthermore, when they’re all tangled they pull on each other and as a result, the wires can come lose from where they’re plugged in from time to time, so your mic could suddenly stop working, or you’ll only be able to hear sound through one ear bud. Annoying things like that.

To prevent this happening, it may be a good idea to get into the habit of keeping things tidy and making sure that the wires are untangled every time you have finished using them.

You could argue that the solution to this for the manufacturers would be to just cut down on a number of wires, but of course, that would mean that the headset wouldn’t have as many features and would bring far more negatives than positives.

Apart from this seemingly unsolvable dilemma, the Astro A40’s aren’t too far from perfect!

A Great Support Service – Ever Have a Problem or Question? Not to Worry!

Although this isn’t a feature directly linked with the headset or Mixamp, the support Astro itself provides is worth mentioning, as there question mark are extensive forums where you will be able to find most answers to your questions, but if you have an issue that you can’t sort with your headset, you can contact them directly and they will reply within 1 business day!

I contacted them once with a question and they replied very quickly with a detailed answer which solved my problem!

Also, for even further assurance, you get a 1-year warranty with your headset so there is no need to worry about it being faulty.

Overview – Worth the Money!

I hope with this review, I have clarified to you whether the Astro A40’s are worth the money, as well as any other questions you had before you read this.

I think that this headset is particularly good due to the fact that it can provide nearly anything you could possibly want from a headset, as it has:

  • Great sound quality
  • Very comfortable padding
  • Advanced audio options
  •  A detachable mic
  • A great support service on the Astro website
  • Compatibility with nearly all consoles and products with MP3 slots!
  • And more…

I would recommend the Astro A40’s to anyone who is wanting to upgrade their headset to the next level, whether it is for listening to music or playing video games, if you are prepared to make the investment!

==>Click Here to Get YOUR Own Pair of Astro A40’s!<==

As Always, if You Have any Questions or Comments, Please Leave Them Below and I Will be More than Happy to Help!



Comfort - 9.2
Audio Quality - 9.5
Microphone Quality - 9.2
Customisation - 8.4
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  1. Wow, I love your review style. It’s so easy to follow and compelling enough to make me want to get one of those. That’s great!

    • Thanks a lot Ulrich, I’m glad you liked the review!

  2. Nice Products on your Website. I must send some friends to your site that are into the Gaming recrreation.

    • I appreciate that Michael! I hope to see you around again!

  3. I think that since the headset has so many great features, it’s worth it for the price. I might have to order this soon because my mom is always asleep during the day. Thanks for the review!

    • Yes, I think exactly the same! If you’re going to use it for gaming and need to keep quiet, just mute your TV and hear the sound through your headset! Looking forwards to seeing you around again soon, Danny.

  4. I want one of these headsets. I use earphones from my I pod at the moment, after reading this review it’s got to be time for an upgrade.

    I like your site, keep those reviews coming.

    • Haha, it’s hard not to want one! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  5. Some would say you’re crazy to purchase these at this price, I’d say you’re paying for an experience.

    I’ve used some headsets before and the words “mind blowing” would be considered a definite understatement. From what I’ve gathered, these badboys seem to fall well into this category.

    Thanks for posting such a great product.

    Best wishes.

    • Yes they certainly would – that’s exactly what I thought before I did my research and got them myself! I would also agree that they would fall into the “mind blowing” category, as you say it! I don’t think there are many better headsets in the market.

      Thanks a lot for your support and I hope to see you around again soon!

  6. Whoa thank you for writing this! The manual that comes with the headphones isn’t very specific and this cleared up a lot of the features for me! Thanks!

    • No problem Jeff, thanks a lot for your comment! I hope you like the headphones!

  7. Hey,
    Thanks for this post it is really helpful.
    What is the button across from mixamp for?

    • I believe that button just toggles whether surround sound is on or not. My advise would be to just keep it on!

  8. Just a question about the mic, how is it? I’ve heard reviews that the mic quality isn’t so great. What is your take on it?

    • Great question Steven,

      The Astro A40 mic is very good considering it’s part of a gaming headset, but there are definitely better microphones out there. However, for the sake of communicating in game clearly and even for YouTube commentaries, it does the job quite nicely!

      However, upon getting it initially, you may notice that the mic sounds horrible. There a couple of settings that I would recommend you change. Go into recording devices and right click on the Astro A40 microphone and select ‘properties’. Then click on the ‘levels’ field. You’ll notice that the bar is all the way at 100; you’ll want to lower this between 30-50, depending on your personal preference! I personally have it on 40.

      Also, I think that it is a good idea to buy a microphone windshield with it (foam that goes on the end of your microphone), as it is not included. The Astro A40 already has a feature integrated into the mic that stops popping sounds etc., but sometimes it can pick up you breathing; therefore a cheap microphone windshield, which will only cost you a couple of dollars, is a good addition to make it better!

      However, if you’re interested in starting a gaming youtube channel and you want the clearest mic possible, then you may want to investigate getting an external mic such as the Blue Snowball, but I use the Astro A40 and it works just fine!

      Hope I helped answer your question,

      • Thanks for the quick reply! This will really help me with choosing to get this headset or not 🙂

  9. Hey,
    I had a question regarding the headset. If I buy it on Amazon, it shows that there is a separate headset for PC/Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. If we buy anyone of those, can we use it for all the devices I mentioned or we have to buy separate headsets each for PS4, PC/Mac and Xbox One.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Regardless of what gaming platform it says the Astro A40 is for, you’ll be able to use any of them on PC/Mac, PS4 and Xbox One as long as you buy the mixamp with it, as this is needed for consoles. However, the only exception is the Astro A40 Xbox One edition, which has a chat adapter and mixamp combined in one. If you buy other versions of the Astro with the intention of using it on the Xbox One, you’ll need a chat adapter with it. Also, the PC/Mac headset is usually sold just by itself, so without the mixamp it won’t work on consoles. It also comes with a mobile cable instead of an inline mute cable. However, if you get a mixamp this will also work on consoles.

      You can pick up an Astro A40 here:

      Hopefully I clarified everything!

  10. Hey would you mind letting me know which web host you’re using?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker
    then most. Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at a fair price?
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

    • Hey Zack, you can check out my hosting provider here. I’ve been really pleased with them and the hosting is very good for the price. Let me know if you have any questions.


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